Converting MPO files to the more useful JPS/JPG file format

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“I m going to demonstrate how to convert npo files to a format that can can be used in whirligig or other programs for player showing 3d files first off explanation of mpo files. Npo files ar a file format that was produced to allow stereo images to be captured on cameras and then used in applications that can has that compatibly for that format what it actually contains is two jpeg files two seperate jpeg files. But combined into the one file now most programs won t play that what they ll actually do if i clean up one of these in xm via. Who sold simply show you one image and that s because they re.

Two separate files. And just show you the first file within that within that two stack. So i m going to go to a website which i ve got bookmarked here and will also be available in the description. So this is a program that somebody s created and this allows it to be converted without without reducing the quality and it sets them to side by side jps files.

Now jps is a jpeg file that is in stereo. So you could actually change it to j p. J. Jpg.

And it would just work as a standard jpeg file..

So i m going to download the actual package. Which i ve already downloaded once open up inside. You ll get a collection of files here with a guide as well as some information about the actual creator. I m going to create a folder here and just click all it mpo versa and drag these files from the zip file into the empty code converter.

I m going to duplicate that one day show this one down and up here. And you ll see in here. We have some an exe file a batch file another exe file txt file. Which is got information about a guide from that about the extra player and not taken that a guide that tells you stuff whatever and also link to the blog.

Now if i drag now the way the actual instructions work is they simply take to drag and drop onto the np home to jps patch file. So if i drag this and drop. It onto here you might get this and now this is simply because it s running a batch file which can be harmful in this case. It s not so i m just going to click more information click run anyway and it processes.

It and they go you go jps..

So the moment. My exome view doesn t recognize this i m going to do is right click open with always find the app xampp you open it up and as you can see it is now a side by side image 7k by 2k and if i was to change data to take a jpg. Like so then you ll see that it actually shows a thumbnail of that file. And you can open up with whatever file that opens up jpegs so i m going to do just a couple more examples.

I throw that one in there throw that in there throw that in there and the others. A few in there now and i m going to view these in whirligig like i say that well it does playback jps files. But they also add jpf styles will also be available on other formats as well. And i think other vr players to support jps and if not they often more support jpeg.

So you just need to change that file format. So this is a clean installation of well a gig. I m going to click on here to see drive up mpo and you can see the ones that i ve converters listed. So i m going to just open up with jps directly and hopefully you can see there if i click the cinema.

You can see there that it s displaying a side by side image..

Which case. I just change the depth to two side by side and now i put the headset on that will display 3d image. Now something. Which this actually is important to note.

Is that it actually shows you an inverted 3d image and the reason for that is that it converts it for hit reset. It converts it to a side by side right left image not a left right image. So if i want it as if i want to view that in whirligig as right left image. I can simply click on the settings and go to swap eyes click off and that is now showing me a 3d image.

I ll just show you with a jpeg so i ve got some geese coming towards me as you can see i advocate as i pointed out you can t actually see that because obviously. It s a 3d image. But just to demonstrate something else they go to vr support don t we ask for kf 11. And reduce the size so this is non vr now i can quickly go to keyboard.

I m going is you find kind of glyph in there finally click up so i can now set that as an anaglyph playback..

So if i had a pair of a negative glasses. I d be able to see there s a 3d image and the scale app. Has and this pieces can see within 3d. So just another little feature that non vr people can use we re looking for and that s the demonstration.

I hope that s useful if you have any questions about it just simply send me an email through my website ww well ugb. Xyz or you can leave comments on the youtube video. I hope if i useful and i hope you enjoy using one again like i say this actually can be used with any other 3d. ” .


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