Cord cutting solution using PlayOn, Stablebit Drivepool, and Stablebit Scanner

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“Everyone welcome to the very first episode of perpetual tech. My name is jordan and and today. I would like to talk to you a little bit about my court solution. I have not had cable in my house for several years.

I stream. All of my content from a server. That i have and i acquire that content through a program called play on play. On is a stream recording program.

So it is able to record video streams from sources such as netflix hulu and amazon prime things like that and it is considered a dvr service..

So it s completely legal to to download these and save these and watch them for your own use and of course. You re not allowed to share those or anything like that so how to show you real quick. How the download process works like my name is on prime video here and i m in the tv section. And i ll just download some random show just so you can see how that works click on show here.

And then click record and then that line up in your record. You and once that finish is you know it records it at a one to one rate. It s just recording this dream. That you would be watching so you know this 51 minute tv show here will actually take at least 51 minutes.

You know and maybe a little bit longer if there s ads associated with the service that you re streaming from when julie tacks..

I don t really care for that video. But you get the idea how that works once that finishes. I then transfer it to my server which is this here i m running windows server 2019 on this and i m using a program called stable bit drive pool and this program takes all the drives that i have in my sas. Expander and i can pull those together into one large virtual drive and then that virtual drive.

I can then share with the other systems in my house and stream videos from this server to those nice part about this program is one you can have as much redundancy. As you want you can choose to have individual folders be duplicated across different drives or you can choose not to have any duplication for individual folders. You can see you know some of these i have you know duplicated at least twice and you know some of them are duplicated at least three times and another nice thing about this program is you can have many different size drives working together in the same pool. So you see i have three terabyte drives.

Two terabyte drives..

And you know even a four terabyte drive down here. And there s also like load balancing and and things. Like that that you can do with this. It s a this also comes in a package you can buy it separately or you can buy it with two other programs.

One of those is stable bit scanner stable bit scanner will scan all of your drives as often as you like. But i have it set monthly and it will tell you if the drives are still in good condition or not and if they are not in good condition anymore. And it detects imminent failure or predicts imminent failure. Then the drive full program will be able to take the data off of that drive and move it to a different drive and that way it lowers your risk of loosing data.

So that s just a little bit about my cord cutting solution and how that stuff works this play on program is it actually works very well for recording those streams and if you don t mind ads for some of those services..

You know it s actually it can be pretty cheap to cut your cord with a cable company. So just you know leave comments. You know subscribe if you like this video like it. If you liked it just let me know what you think i would like to continue making videos.

Which is kind of kind of getting out there a little bit and seeing what you guys think about them. I d like to make maybe make more in depth videos regarding these programs and then maybe do something different in the future. We ll see how that plays out ” ..


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