Creating Borders to a Shape in Photoshop

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“I m. Eric renault. And this is a video for tips worldcom. The free website website for everything photoshop and lightroom in this video.

I ll be cutting out a and giving it a white border. But more specifically making sure that the border fits the shape. There s two i m going to photoshop and see how it s done so here. I ve got my photograph that i m going to add the shape to and i ve got my shape.

Just here now i ve downloaded this shape or the santahat from fotolia and there s more details up on the screen and one word mentioning fotolia you might like to note that there is a text version of this tutorial up on fotolia website on christmas eve 2014..

Hence the santa hat alright this may look a little bit daft. But it does have some practical applications. I m sure right let s get to work now the first thing i need to do is make a selection of the hat. There s a couple of ways.

I can do that i could use the color range let s go there and you can see that i can quite easily make the color range of the white and get somewhere near what i want let s cancel out of that but actually for this what i m going to do is use the quick selection tool. So let s just very quickly select the hat. There we go make sure i ve got every bit. There we are we re all done now to make this selection a little bit bigger you may think i want to go to select and modify and expand and that is certainly one way to do it i can expand this by a number of pixels.

But unfortunately..

It s difficult to tell how many i mean they were set to 30. I could try 30 and but that s maybe a little bit too big and we re not really getting the shape in there at all some of the controls said that there s a better way to do this so with my selection active and i m just like go and grab that little bit more other out there with this legend active and on a selection tool. I can go up to the refine edge button. Now all i have to do to get the white edge.

Here is to take the shift edge and move it all the way up to plus 100. Then take the contrast to 100. Now just move the feather and as i do that you can see my outline appears now this does mean that you have to have a white background to your image of course as i move up you can see this hugging the edge is really nicely there and we can see dynamically how well i m doing and get to about there and say that s about what i need now i can come down to output and choose layer mask. And then click ok.

And there it is all done and dusted and to make this a little bit more like a sticker..

I m going to double click just here to bring up the layer styles give it a little bit of a drop shadow. I ll try and do this as quickly as i can no need to keep your hanging around here. We go let s pin that down. And then it was a bit of satin.

If i change that to white and multiply to screen. And then using this drop down menu choose that one give it a bit more of a random kind of pan. I bring this up because he it has this kind of plasticky feel to it area. And i can take down the opacity of that right there we go and then all i got to do then is transform it ctrl command t.

And put it where i want it as simple as that i m going a few more to this..

But you get the general idea. That s it i m eric bruntlett. Thank you very much for watching don t forget to subscribe to this youtube channel. And to have a good look around at tips grill comm.

There is a whole host of great content. ” ..

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