Cropping and Fitting Graphics in InDesign

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“I m chad and this is a sample video tutorial from my online indesign course course that has over 13 hours of helpful instruction in this complete guide to indesign ll design. A poster. A lookbook. An annual report and much more as you master indesign check out the link in the description for more information.

Thanks alright welcome back in this lesson. We re going to go over cropping and fitting graphics in the image frame. So some special considerations. When we re doing that so.

Again. The frame is not the same as the image itself so i m gonna zoom in right over here and you ll see right here if i click and drag over with the selection tool. The black arrow. I ll see there s more of the photo here there s this person over here is in the photo as well that we need to include so.

How can we do that well a couple things. If i double click you ll see this orange line over here. Well. What is that well that s actually the edge of the entire photo.

So if i click a double click again now i m selecting just the image frame with the image inside it if i double click. Now i see where the actual photo is so this image frame is much smaller than the actual size of the image here so for example. If i double click back over here and click and drag. We ll see it has all that area so there couple things we can do we can click and drag the edge of this or replace it so that the image frame is right along the edge of the photo and then we can just manually resize it and we ll do that in a later lesson in this section.

But for this let s just do some fitting options so what we can do up at the top. If you have a window maximized a bit..

I ll just bring this over so we can see a couple more options. If we hover over this there s phil frame proportionately fit content. Proportionately and then there s fit content to frame fit frame to content and then center content. So centering it obviously we ll just center it right and then if we fit content to frame.

What that will do is it will take the content and distort it if it s not the same with a height ratio and fit it inside that frame. So i ll click that and show you what i mean so it s a little bit distorted. Because the original photo is more lay keep oriented the width is larger than the height so i m gonna hit edit undo to undo that and then this one fit frame to content it just takes the frame and then takes the image the content in this example and just matches it up to the original image size. So we don t want that because that will just cover up the entire spread the other one fit content.

Proportionately and then fit frame proportionally. What that does is you ll see if i do fill framed proportionately. We ve got a little bit more content in there. But it does a pretty good job.

See there s a little bit more in there without having to crop out too much so i ll undo go back a couple steps here and the other one fit content proportional. If i click that what that does is it makes sure all the image is inside and showing. But we ve got some empty area so this area up here in this area down. Here.

Because the width is larger than the height in this original photo and this is closer to being a perfect square. It s not quite a perfect square. I don t think. But the image frame is closer to square shaped.

Then we ve got some blank space at the top and the bottom. So if it s really important to have the entire photo included in there then we would want to use that second one and then adjust the image frame as needed now if it s not a big deal if we crop out part of the edge..

Then we can click that first one which is phil frame proportionally. We can also adjust this not just on the top on the control panel. If we have our window. Large enough on there we can also go to object fitting and then we have the same options right here.

Phil frame proportionally fit fit content proportionately fit frame to content fit constant frame and center content. These are the same exact ones that we just went over up there so for example. If i did fit content proportionally. It would do the same thing.

So i ll click on this next. One. And i ll go to object fitting and for this one. I ll do you fit frame proportionately and i m going to click this one and click that one so they re both selected at the same time.

I held shift in between those two so as long as we hold shift and click and click then we can select both of those and then object fitting and then phil frame proportionally all right now these are all fit in there. But we can still adjust them notice how it turns into that hand when we go over the middle. What that means is we re then moving the image inside the frame. So if i move that over a little bit to the right.

We re over to the left like so we could do that if we want to move the objects around then again we got a click and drag somewhere around here not on the edge. Which is where we can crop or resize. Not in the middle. Where we re moving that image inside the frame around in the frame.

So i can double click and see the original photo. I can double click again or hit escape..

And then it will go back to just selecting the frame. So this is the content grabber in the middle. It used to an earlier versions of indesign have kind of a doughnut shape in the middle. If we use the direct selection tool.

There s a white arrow. It s always acting in that way with the hand there so if i click and drag with the white arrow at any time it s going to be moving that image inside the frame. But if we use the black arrow. The selection tool then i can move it around resize the edge and so on and if i hover in the middle acts as if i m using the white air of the direct selection tool speaking of which if we did use the white arrow and i just click on a corner here we can click and drag and really make a custom shape.

If we wanted we ll be dealing with shapes later now if we don t want that to do that if you want to move these around if you have that black hair selected. And you just get tired of that hand showing up where it s moving around as a shortcut you d rather it be where hey if i want to move that around in the frame. All i would do is use the direct selection tool and if i want to move it around on the page. I can use a selection tool and turn that option off where it moves it around in the frame.

If we re directly in the middle. We can do that we just get a view and then extras and then hide content grabber and what that does is now if i hover in the middle. It doesn t add that content grabber option. And we can also go to object fitting and then besides these top 5 options you can also clear the frame fitting options.

If we don t want the frame fitting to be applied. We can also go to frame fitting options and for there we ve got some of those options. But then we also can tell it to align from a specific area. So if it s filling frame proportionally is it going to be centered or work from the left or the right.

And you can see it right here. I have preview checked it s a little bit different effect..

So if you have it here. It s keeping that left edge in if you keep it over here. It keeps the right edge in and by default. It s in the middle.

So if you like one more than the other we can select that and then click ok. And one more tip besides clicking and holding with the content grabber where we can actually see the original image inside that image frame. We can also use the selection tool and just go to the corner here and double click. And that will expand out the image frame.

So that matches that image matching the size that we ve got to adjust it to so. I press ctrl or command z to undo that just to show you that as an option alright. Thanks and we ll see in the next lesson. Hi.

I m chad. And this is a sample video tutorial from my online indesign course that has over 13 hours of helpful instruction in this complete guide to indesign. You ll design a poster. A lookbook.

An annual report and much more as you master indesign check out the link in the description for more ” ..

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