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google maps lawrence ks This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Custom Google Maps for WordPress. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“This video. I m gonna be showing you how to add a custom google map map to your wordpress website a custom google map is basically a google map but can add your own pins to it you draw a polygon you can add a heat map you can do all sorts of things with it basically let me quickly put it on the screen. That s an example map that i create in this video. It s got a couple of pins on it and it s got a polygon on it so let s take a look hello.

It s alex here from wp eagle. Hope you re all well thanks for watching so as i said in this video. We re gonna be adding a custom google map to a wordpress website. This is a handy thing to do if you need to show off your stores or your office location or all sorts of things really maybe where you ve been on holiday.

If you need a map then a google map is probably a good place to start and this plugin makes it really easy to create that google map and add it to your site now in this video. I m gonna be using a free plugin. But you can upgrade this plug in to a premium version. If you like and the premium version has loads more features.

However the free version kind of does the job if you just after a simple map with a few pins that kind of thing. So i think that s enough chitchat from me let me get on the computer and show you how to set it up let s go the plugin. We re gonna be using today is called wp google maps and said it s available for free over on wordpressorg. I m gonna store it using the plug in installer.

Which is in the dashboard of my website website. I m gonna be using today for this demo is just test wp go comp. Which is just a test site that i ve got to set up with wordpress installed to create videos just like this so unless install the plug in so. Today.

I m gonna go to plugins and add new then up in the search box and type in wp google maps and then click install now this site is running the kingdom theme. But this plugin will work with any theme that you happen to be running on your wordpress site..

Okay. That s installed let s click activate and the plug in is activated over scroll down we can see it s there ready to go so i m gonna click on settings now the first thing we need to do is create an api key over at google. So do that we click on this link. Now.

I ve already got one probably because i ve used this plug in before but let me see if i can create another one so i ve just got a little wizard. So we need to create a project or use an existing one let s create a new project. Continue you ll probably cut any product because so any project. Because if you put it on already go on and the api should be free to use so don t worry about having to pay for it okay.

Let s call this a test site. Api key. Just give it a name that s you know suitable. So we don t want any restrictions on the key.

Let s just click create and here is my api key. So i m copy that s my clipboard by clicking on this little thing here. I will probably blur this key out stop you guys from using it. But yeah.

I ve copied that to my clipboard. So i can go back now to the plug in and click click even pastes under the command v. There control v. Obviously you can right click.

And select paste. If you prefer and click save..

So now we should be good to go so we re all some settings in here that we can play around with if you need to i m not going to bother because it s fine as it is i m just gonna create a map. So we ve got this new section down the left hand side here called maps so i m going to maps and i m gonna skip intro and create a map so there s one already here that we can edit which we might as well because with the free version you can only create one map so if you need multiple maps you re going to need to upgrade to the pro version. But you really want maps enough i have to start a project where i need multiple maps on it upgrade to the pro version and it was why it s not a huge amount of money how much is it let s have a quick look. 3999.

There s a once off or one off buri. So anyway. Let s create a map so let s call it wp igor map. And here we can set our width and height can also adjust this depending on where the map is going to sit on a page.

So sometimes. It s better just to put the map in and have a look how it looks and then come back in and just this you can adjust the zoom levels. So. If you want to just be like the whole world or zoom into a particular country that s fine.

There is a marker on here already which is over in california. We can remove that down here click the little x let s add our own ones. So let s add one for london. I just type in a city like that can have a little animation a little bounce click add marker.

There we go we ll look at the bouncing. That s good. It s had a couple more where else we have paris this time. I have a drop shall we there we go so.

I had some other cool features by the way. Which you approach you can add some like custom stuff and have two icons that sort of thing..

Let s click say map so now if we want to edit any of these markers say london we come down here click on the little pencil thing edit icon and then it s back up here and we can adjust the name of stuff like so advanced markers. They are and the pro version. They allow you to have different images and add a bit more information to the market also you can depend on your requirements. Whether you want to go for the pro version.

If you d like me to do a video on the pro version that s fine. I do have a copy of it so if you d like on end just leave a comment below this video. And if i get enough people saying that you d like to see the very version really on it hey i might even do one anyway. We ll see how it pans out now.

You got some polygons. Let s add a polygon. See what that is so hopefully. It s add and your polygon name let s just call.

It eagle polygon. So let s click on a map. There there and there so we can you know highlight a whole area maybe drag that out like that yeah we can change the color. So this might be good.

If you know you want to have a kind of area covered sort of map for a company that s kind of thing and save that polygon. Let s know got a map with some things and a polygon on it we can add a heat map to no we can t less in the pro version nevermind. Let s have a look along here got some different themes. So you know you can have a red or different colors whatever you like so that s pretty cool you can have directions.

Which again is relevant to probe edge that allows people just to kind of put in their address and then click directions and you ll get a google map directions store locator is handy. If you ve got shops you turn that on and then because your store locator..

The advanced settings you can add a bicycle layer traffic layer public transport layout. All sorts of stuff and then there s some even more advanced settings for the pro version marking listing options so you can have a little table. Below your map again that s a pro version only feature so as it comes. The free version is pretty basic.

But if you just want to have a map on your site with some markers. You know maybe to show off your locations whatever you need then it s very gonna be fine. If you need anything a little bit more advanced then you can have to pay for now. And i sign for the pro version anyway now we should add this map to a page.

So if you just click up here kind of copy the shortcode into your clipboard for you automatically. But going back to my site. I ve already got a page created it s called google map here it is it s just a blank page that i created just before i recorded this video. So if we edit this page and then i can just paste that shortcode into the content area of course.

You can paste the shortcode wherever you like really doesn t necessarily have to be on a page could be in a post could maybe even be in a widget and then if we have a look at the page wow. There s our excellent map with its polygons and it s bouncing markers. So there we go we re all done. I hope you found that useful and you ve now got a google map up and running on your website as i said i may do a pro version video soon especially if you guys request it if you d like to see that please leave a comment below let me know and i ll try my best to make that video as soon as i possibly can if you re not already subscribed to my channel.

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” ..

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