D-Link Cloud Router DIR-605L – WiFi Router Review

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“There this is ranjit from tech tobi s calm and in this video. We are are going to do the full review of this d link cloud router yes. You it correct cloud router dealings. Likes to call this router.

A cloud router. And the model. Name is di are 6. 0.

5l. And this is the actual router itself. So let s have a closer look at the same and i m also going to talk about what is this cloud function in this router. And this is the deal a cloud router and i have to say it s a very compact router and we have this glossy plastic you get those fingerprints and here we have some lengths and on this side also we have vents and we also have a button foot or wps and going towards the back we have two antennas these are fixed you cannot remove them and these are fighting the antennas and we have four internet ports.

These are 100 mbps lan ports. So you can connect up to four physical computers with the same and we also have one vanport again this is also 100 mbps. Port and here we connect the power adapter. Sadly.

The plug is not designed that great i ll get to that later on and this is the second antenna and again on this side. We have some vents so pretty compact design. And this is how the router looks when it s powered on and as you can see this power adapter cord that i was talking about it juts out like this and these are the two antennas and these are the blinking leds. Let me go with the same this is the power let that light up and this is the lan light.

And when it s connected to the net and as it is activating. It blinks. This is for the wi fi and we have for led leds. For the physical for ethernet connections.

I have two computers connected right now the one i m three that s why they are glowing and whenever. There is activity again it glows over all the very simple design and the router is pretty compact..

And it does not get heated up so now moving to the performance of this router. I have divided this apartment into four zones. A b c. And d.

And a zone is just five feet away from the router and generating all routers in this area performs. Where and there was no exception with this d link router. It performed well and in fact. I got a very good throughput of 57 megabits per second in the zone.

A and zone b. Is where i do all my mining media tested. And there is one physical wall between them and it s about 23 feet away from the router and here also i got very good results. I got the throughput of about 41 megabits per second in the zone b.

And zone c. This is about 33 feet away from the router and they are basically two physical walls between the router and some of the router generally tend to drop out here. And i am happy to say that this d link router. Performed great even in the zone c.

And it got a good throughput of about 40 megabits per second. That is very good for zone c. And in zone d. That is about 50 feet away from the router and we have three physical walls and one door in between them.

I got a throughput of about 8 megabits per second needless to say these are some very good figures. Now you can see this chart where i just post the results with some of the other wi fi routers that have reviewed in and these are the results. 8. Megabits per second higher the number better the results and look at the last column.

It s for our d length. A cloud router and as you can see the results are pretty..

Good when we compare it to other routers in the 24. Gigahertz. 130 megabits range. Now let me show you some of the cloud features of this d.

Link router and to access that on the web. You just need to go to my d. Link comm you can do this with any browser. And just log on to your mydlink account.

I have already made it so i m just going to log in and you get this interface it here it lists all the what do you say my dealing care devices for example. If you are watching my youtube channel. You must have known that i have reviewed this wireless ip cam. That s listed and this is the actually our router itself and here it gives us a brief info about the router.

It s connected this it also shows the data activity. But i feel it s not in real time and you need to constantly hit this refresh button so it s not doesn t make any sense it doesn t give you cumulative data. But the good thing is it shows all the devices that are connected and for example. If you click on this icon.

It shows. The visited history so it shows the sites that you have visited with that device. So if you want to keep track of that that s good and here it ll list all the wireless devices that fail to connect and this will pop up here in the suspected list you can also actually just click here to reboot the router. It s very easy to do the same and also another good thing.

Is that you can go to the settings option and from here. Actually you can change the wi fi password settings. Etc. And also you can enable these notifications.

So. Whenever..

A new device is connected to your router etc. You get an email notification. So these are the cloud features of this d link router. I don t know the practical use of this.

But if you are someone who constantly wants to know what devices are connected to your router. This is ideal for a person like that you also have what you call android app and iphone app for this and i am going to show you the same using an android phone. But for now let me show you it also has the traditional what do you say admin control panel. And i am in the advanced option is also an easy option where you do not have to do anything it sets everything on its own.

But if you go into the advanced option you get a lot of options actually you get advanced per port forwarding rules you get mac filtering you get acl filters traffic control that the sku s. You can actually using this prioritize the traffic. If you won t like you have what you say firewall and also if you go to the advanced wireless settings. Again if you go to the maintenance.

Option. You can do the standard. Things like firmware update check. It also has option for enabling dynamic dns so i feel this admin.

Interface is pretty good on this router. It is great for even advanced user and also for a new voice now i m going to show you the mobile. App that does my dlength on an android phone and using that also you can control this router and we ll be testing the mobile app using android phone this is a galaxy nexus android phone and i m going to launch this my d link light and as you can see it s logging on and here is our d link router. We also have applications for ios so that you can use it for on iphone or ipad.

And again it shows all the devices for example. The four devices that are connected to this router. And you can also go to this drop down and again you the history so that s there you can block. It and you can also reboot the router.

If you would like you can change the wi fi settings for example ssid and security etc. So this is how you can use the mobile app to control this d link cloud router and now we are testing the power efficiency of this router and i have connected it to my power..

Meter and as you can see it s just consuming 18. Watts of power. And i have seen it to go to a max of about 2 watts. This is with two physical computers attached with the internet port and wi fi is also active so this router is very power efficient in my opinion.

So what is my overall conclusion regarding this router regarding the wi fi performance. I was really happy about it. But this cloud feature. I found it to be a bit misleading and does not connect your devices.

That are connected to this router to the cloud ii can t access those files. Etc. Also i sorely miss of the fact. That this router does not have a usb port.

It would have been great if this router had a usb port the only thing. This cloud feature does is that i would like to call it remote access and administration of your router. That s what it does you can certainly block out some devices for example. Let s say you have your child s computer.

And let s say after a certain time you do not want em to access the net on that and you see that he is accessing you can block out that so if you want that kind of functionality that is very good and you can even do remotely from anywhere on the web and even by using your smartphone like an iphone or an android phone so in those aspect. The cloud functionality works great so this is a decent router. I would say 4x price in india it sells for around two thousand nine hundred rupees and in the us. It sells for about 40 us dollars.

I hope you found this review. Helpful that s it for now. This is randy from tech tabasco and i hope to see you in my next video. ” .


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