DBPOWER DVD Player Review with Swivel Screen, 2 Hours Battery Life – Amazon

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“It s me bozo vasu today. I am coming to you with a dvd player player that looks like a laptop. But it s not a laptop. It s light s so airy and fluffy.

I can hold it with with just two fingers. If i wanted to this is not a heavy duty macbook pro. No guys. This is in fact a wonderful cornucopia.

A library of entertainment for your materialistic minions or children who need are in desperate need of entertainment. When you are on long road trips as we were these last few days. This is phenomenal because not only can you open it up like a laptop with a generous screen. But you can also break it like this and flip it around and all sorts of different directions.

I m so excited about this you have no idea not only does it have a built in battery. Which i did not think it would because it is so light and airy and i was really expecting something like a macbook pro 15 inch. Which are very very solid like bulletproof armor. But no this thing.

Lasted a good hour of dora. The explora. I don t know why i called dora the explora maybe it s spanish dora. The explora that makes a lot of sense.

But anyway back to the db power mp3 player. See see it even inverts like that how cool is that. And you can even hold it like that i would not suggest using this on an airplane. Because the slightest.


Little jostle will make the dvd in there. Not work and then all of your little children results. Will start screaming at you saying. Daddy daddy.

Why isn t the dvd not playing. And so you can open up the dvd it like so and you can put it in there and you ll see it spinning around like so. But you guys know how dvd players work you re probably wondering about putting. It a little sd card on the side or usb drive a flash drive.

Oh we re getting fancy now. I would not suggest the sd card. Because i have tried over and over again to get the sd card to work. And it does not even though.

I did get formatted to fat that s f80 yes format. All drives to fat and i m actually going to show you i m going to plug this on in like so a little flash drive. And this is why i take a one star off because the sd card port. Did not quite work.

However. The flash drive does so we put that in and then we turn it on like so and then we observe maybe we take a little nap as we re waiting because after all this is sort of old outdated technology. And you can tell as it s starting to startup. That it is not the greatest of resolutions.

There s even some spelling mistakes as we re going through here. Oh hey look. It s automatically starting to play a video that i have loaded on the flash drive this video. However is in mpeg 2.


No one uses mpeg videos. Anymore and if you do you re from 1998. And you re a time traveler and i am so pleased that you were watching this video. If you are a time traveler.

Let s check out the remote control. So we re going to go to the next track. And we re going to go ahead and by the way. It s right there.

Oh wait. It s already starting to play one. After the other look at us. This is div x.

As in div x. And you can look up all sorts of fantastic movies all over the internet that are in since x formats. Just be sure is in avi that s right abi. But it does read the divx codec format.

So it s starting to play right there look at that it s a pirated movie that i downloaded somewhere and i just put right here on the flash drive oh it s a horrible pirated movie. Though let s go ahead and try to turn the volume down. Which you can do so right over. Here.

Let s take a look at some of these things right here. So this is volume down volume up skip fors get back. And you can also turn off the display which i happen to like you know why you d want to drop the display. But we re going to go ahead and turn that back on you can go into setup.


And you can go through all of the little displays turn off the screen saver last memory that means that it starts playing where you last left off isn t that handy. But we re going to go ahead and turn off the setup. Because you don t care about that and we can mute it right there using the mute button. Which is very handy if you re screaming at your children to turn off the dvd player because you have something important to say we re going to get chicken mcnuggets children put it on mute.

But we re going to unmute it because you don t care about that mute off and if we were to go over here. There s another little handy dial. That is skip forward skip back. And as you can see now.

It is in fast motion. Oh how fast can it go times 4 times 8 times 16 times. This is unstoppable times. 32.

We re basically going to just go to the end of the movie. Which we did well oh wait now it starts over well you don t want to ruin the ending for you so. We re going to go ahead and push pause. Pause pause.

Pause. Can t figure out pause. Lets divert to or reverse. That divert sorry about that let s revert to the actual remote controls.

There it is and the little sensor is right down. There and you do have to point it right at the sensor. If you point it anywhere else will not actually sense the remote control hey i paused it absolutely that i paused it whether there s an angry lady on the screen overall. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.


Because it s somewhat outdated technology is a dvd player and guys there s a lot of bugs to this the little mug. The little sd port didn t quite work with all the different sd cards that i popped into there and it s kind of loud when the dvd starts playing you can hear that word going. But you know what it s also super cheap it s under 100 and it was fantastic battery life and it absolutely saved our road trip let s talk ports. We ve got an earphone port oh handy be sure to get a splitter if you have more than one child.

So that they can both listen as they re watching the movie. And they also have an av out yes. They do provide you also folks once their friends and tables and everything in nonsense. Yeah you can plug this into your car.

Which we did. And it worked phenomenally and then it turned out that i had accidentally unplugged it from here and yet it kept playing i actually did not know that there was an internal battery in here because it s so lightweight. I didn t think there was but it kept playing for a good hour. I was so happy when it finally died well i wasn t happy when it died.

But i was happy that there was an internal battery and in case. You re wondering these are what the av out is and there s also an av in so these are interchangeable. So yeah theoretically you could hook up your on ps2 to these guys. And then this would go into the end and then you could play it on here as if you re you know playing it using this as a tv.

You can also export so you can plug it into the out port and this could go into you could use this as a dvd player and you could plug this into a larger tv or something like that on this side is absolutely nothing overall fantastic four out of five stars highly recommended fantastic price guys every every family should have this it s lightweight it s versatile it it s got a big screen. Guys this is the dvd player to have if you are an amazoncom. Fanatic. I would be shocked and appalled if you did not have this dvd player right here.

It even smells like unicorn dust. My name is bobby ellie ford to testing and ” ..

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