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“Thanks for stopping by my name is gary and i m steve and we re re gonna talk about system restore files. Today. Now we talked about these in another one point. As far as how to set them and how to make them.

But sometimes you can get a little too many of them and they start taking a extra space right you know if you ever see that your hard drives completely filling up and you don t know where it s going sometimes. It s their system restore files. So what we re going to show you today is how to do a disk cleanup. And it s a special kind of disk cleanup.

Which is going to allow you to remove old restore files. And just leave the most recent one so you still have a chance to go back. If you need it..


But also just clean up some disk space and give yourself some extra room right now before you do this just make sure that your computer is exactly the way you like it right now that you re not going to say. Oh gee. I wish i would ve done that so i can go to a system restore point that i made you know two weeks ago. Because once you do this all those other ones except for your most recent.

One are gonna be gone and so with that in mind take a look at the computer. Okay in order to delete the system restore files from the computer. The first thing. We re gonna want to do is go to start and then click on computer.

It s gonna bring up a list of the drives and in our case. The only drive. We have is the c drive here if you have other drives you can do this for each individual drive..


But for us. It s just the c drive so we re gonna right click on this we re gonna choose properties the first thing that up is the properties for the drive under general we re gonna click on disk cleanup and just as an aside here the disk cleanup is a great feature and we ll probably do another tip on it in the future here to explain all the different things you can do with disk cleanup. But today we re gonna focus just on the just on the restore files. So the first thing to do is to click here where it says clean up system files.

If you are already the administrator in your computer. You may not have to click this but for us. We re not so we re going to click on that and it s going to go through another quick setup. Here and then once it s finished with this then it ll open up the same window.

But this time you have the tab is has more options so we ll click on more options. And as you can see right here. It has the system restore and shadow copies..


We re gonna go ahead and clean up on that and say are you sure you want to delete all. But the most recent restore point. It s just gonna warn you that just because you don t want to delete something you don t want or you that you want to keep in this case. We re going to go ahead and hit delete.

And it s going to go ahead and run through the deletion. The rest of it will go on its own and and that s all you have to do there. You have it that is how to delete excess system restore files. Now if you want to refer back.

We re gonna put the tip right back. Here. We have another tip with a video all about system restore files..


And in that we actually show you how to specify how much harddrive space these system. Restore files are going to take up so that way you know if this doesn t happen to you again right so that way if you re looking at all this stuff. And you re saying. Hey i have all these system restore files.

If you don t ever want your computer to store that many files. This tip that we have right here is going to show you exactly how to do that so make sure you head to the site head to that address and reference that tip today right and if you re if you re watching this video on youtube. We encourage you to stop by our website and just check out our homepage at wwe and if you have any questions for us stop by worldstar comp slash. Ask and ask your question and we ll be happy to answer for you.

Thanks for watching have a great ” ..

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