Destiny: Exotic Engram Farming Glitch

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“What s up guys. Rebecca miller destiny video and we re going to be doing. Doing. Today is a bit of a glitch that someone showed me while i was a strike and they should they said that you can keep on getting exotics from this that if you farm three of coins.

You can you can get a bunch of exotics from this and so yeah. I just want to show you that guys that this glitch that they showed me. And so yeah. This is going to be it so.

What you want to do first is go to the moon. And you can see these two strikes here. I believe it was the bottom one you have to go to the summoning pits. And it is going to be you can really do either one even either the the normal mode or the really easy ten.

I m going to do the ten just to kind of show you so yeah. What you want to do is just start that up so what you need to do from from starting straight. You need to make your way to about here. Where you re about to fight phogoth.

The boss in this in the summoning pit. So you just got to kill these guys right here just casually do it so that you know there s no one really disturb you no adds to kind of kill you in case..

You do this so once you ve killed them you just want it ll tell you to go through this door. So you what you want to do is go through it. But don t turn right don t go through that little hallway as that is you need to stay here and get the checkpoint. Which it should say circle of bones if it doesn t just walk very slightly into that hallway.

But then immediately back out yeah. Once you ve done that you just need a run back. I i m doing this in patrol. Just to kind of show you so once you re here.

You know clear out all the ads. So that no one kills you but once you re once you re here in that in there in the in the strike. You just got to go over to the end of this little circle bit. And then you got a look at that rock now that rock is going to be kind of the starting point.

So i started to strike up with some my friends and i made my way to this little rock here. What you want to do is just jump up to it if you see that little lamp just got to go over to a jump onto it i d use bones of a ow and it s much easier to do what i m doing yeah. Just follow what i m doing just knife over here to this little doorway jump up again and then you should be on top. It s pretty easy.

It s not that hard should take you a couple tries alright. So then you want to jump up to here..

And then you just kind of go on to the right. And then there should be this little hole that you can crouch through now you re going to fall. You re pretty much out of the map right now so yeah you just want to keep falling. Where i go so yeah you re going to be outside the map you can see this little red.

It i don t know what that is but there s gonna be this little glitch spot thing. I don t know what that is but it s just a texture that went wrong and so yeah you just want to keep following my spot. Until you make your way to kind of the boss room. Which is over here.

Which you will be technically out of and it is essential that you went into that little room where i was just standing on top of and got back out because if you haven t it ll start. The boss immediately and so yeah so you ll see the boss. You won t be able to actually get into it because there s a bit of an invisible wall you just want to walk off to it walk up to it and then as you re walking up you should be able to jump to the left onto those rocks up there and then once you re up. There you just want to jump down into the actual boss area make sure to like knifer jump or something so that you don t die.

Yeah. Now you re actually in the boss room. But without any ads or any like or anything else. It s just the boss and he s just sitting there chained up so to get the actual exotics and you can get things other than exotics.

But to get the actual rocks you will need three of coins and so if you don t have that you can get that from sur for on the weekends. And so ya see he is chained up there are no ads and you can just kill him..

And he will never break free and so sadly i while i was doing this my friend did have to leave and so it was just a two man strike. But then someone joined which does kind of mess. It up the guy joined into here into this boss from which indeed did start it. And so yeah.

That was a big problem. But if you do it with your friends. And it s like a three men you guys can all go in together and then you just kind of kill him. And then yeah you will get you ll get a drop you might not get the chest.

But you will get an exotic drop and so to kind of restart it all you have to do is go to the edge. Where i jumped off of and just kill yourself. And it s as simple as that the boss should restart. You should spawn in the circle of bones right outside the door to this.

And then from there. You can just do the out of matt glitch. Again and then you should be able to go into here. Again.

And then kill them again and again and again to get as many exotics as you want it s fairly simple. I really the only really hard part is maybe getting a three man group not many of my friends play destiny..

And i m pretty much the only one or me and regal zeggen that really played this game seriously. And so you will need three people so yeah. That s pretty much the only hard part. But once you re on this it does give you a lot of i did it with the group.

I was talking about in the strike. I got five exotics from only doing this a couple of times it took me half an hour to get five exotic engrams obviously. But yeah that is it so like i said i d you just got to kill him and then you just got to kill yourself. And then he should be able to restart and and that s it yeah.

There the guy joins that that kind of messes it up. But either way you just got to kill him like i said jump off. And it should restart do the thing be able to jump english again and then you re good and just keep doing it as many times as you want so yeah. That is it thanks for watching quick video.

I should have a bit of a live stream. Maybe tomorrow. And so yeah thanks for watching. And i ll see ” .


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