Digital to Paper: Saving and Printing Evernote Notebooks

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“There i m sue elvis and this is another evernote workshop video. So i m m wondering how are you getting on with my videos. The first few have all about the basics setting up our evernote notebooks may be not very exciting. But i m hoping that we are going to get on to something more creative start enjoying putting our journals together and in anticipation of that i m going to jump ahead.

Today instead of doing a basics video. I m going to make a video about an aspect of evernote that quite a few people have expressed interest in and that is saving our evernote notebooks to our computers and printing them into paper documents. Yes sometimes we are a bit wary of digital records we might like to have something physical in our hands. So in case.

You are wondering about this aspect of evernote perhaps you re not quite sure if you want to use evernote because of this reason. I am going to do this video next because it might convince you that yes you can keep digital records and also have paper ones and then you might be encouraged to keep going with this evernote workshop. Well that s the idea. I hope you will be encouraged now.

There s one thing we need on our computers. Before we are able to save our evernote notebooks. And that is a pdf print driver. I have a software snagit on my computer.

It s a program that i bought it does a few interesting things i use it all the time. With my blogging and also i do use it when i m putting together my evernote notebooks. I m actually using snagit right at this moment to record this screencast tutorial yes. It takes videos of everything that s on screen.

It also takes screenshots and i can annotate those screenshots. If you ve been following along with my blog posts ago with this series. You will have seen some screenshots with arrows and other things on them pointing out all the features that we re talking about well. I made them using snagit and this is the print driver that i used to save my notes to my computer.

But if you don t want to buy a program like snagit you can use something like foxit pdf reader. Which is free to download from the internet. I downloaded it to my computer. I just tried it out i didn t really need it because i already have snagit.

But i just wanted to prove that it can work and it does there s some other things that we need to do before we print. Our notebooks well we re not actually going to print them we re going to choose a virtual printer. The snagit or the fuck s it and we re going to turn our notebooks into pdf documents. Save them on our computers and of course pdf documents can be printed so you might just want to keep pdf documents on your computer store them on maybe an external hard drive as evidence of your journals or you might want to actually go the last stage and print them if you are printing you might like to think about how often you save your notebooks and print them onto paper.

Because if you re going to do a terms worth or a year s worth you could be using up an awful lot of paper. Because we re going to be creating a lot of evernote notes. I think you will be surprised. How many learning experiences that we can capture within our evernote notebooks.

I ve got lots of ideas to share with you well so we re going to be capturing lots of family memories. And then if you re keeping along with your diary. If you re going to write a diary everyday you also might want to print as well. So how often would i print.

An evernote notebook well i think maybe of every week. It s worth actually thinking about it maybe every couple of weeks depending on how many notes you have if you look at my notebooks down here on the left panel. A lot of them have 50 or more notes 45. 54.

57. 37. Some are smaller 22. But yes the notes can add up now i ve got a notebook here on screen.

It is the notebook for week 3 of jim one of this year the week began on the 13th of february and i m just gonna go through it quickly. I m not actually going to print. This one..


But i just want to go through a few things because before we get our we ve got to get our documents ready for printing. Maybe we don t want to print them exactly as they are for example. If you ve clipped articles and youtube videos from the internet you might want to clean them up a little just looking for something that has a little bitch there s one there this is article that was clipped from the shmoop site. I think and at the bottom of it it tells us a little bit of information.

People who shmoop this also schmoops all these other things and we might not want to print that that s a little bit of rubbish at the end of our note. Even though we might want this summary of the moon stone chapter. 12 summary. There might be something that we want to capture in our notebooks.

But we certainly won t want all these so we might like to just you know delete all that beforehand. There s more come in there. But i m not going to go and delete everything i m just i just want to show you an example another thing. We might want to think about is our font size is the font big enough for printing will it look good on paper.

Do our notes all have the same default font. If we have imported notes from the internet. They might have a different font. But we can change that font over here we can choose using f1 select.

We just highlighted. We can change the font of any article. We like change the font size as well we might want to have our font consistent through the whole document. Now there s one other very important thing that we need to do before we start printing and that is look at our images.

Now. I had to play around with it earlier. I import all my images as huge files. I have a premium account and my monthly upload allowance is big and so it does allow me to import big images also the note allowance each note.

Only allows you to put so much information into it if you have a free basic account your limit for each note is small. But mine because i have a premium account. I can put more within my note. I can put quite a few large photos in a note before that allowance is used up so.

I ve got a few photos in this one and as you can see they re quite big except for the first one because what i ve done with the first one is i ve changed its size and the reason. I ve done that is because when we re printing notes with images in them. If the images are too big. The image will be spread over a number of pages well just get a little bit on each page and it will be very unsightly.

We certainly won t be able to see this nice image well actually we might be able to see that one because i ve made that one smaller and how i did that was i just went through my note. I clicked onto it and then i just drag a corner down until. I thought the image was about the right size now. What is the race says well i don t really know i did google and i didn t get a numeric value.

I think it will depend on a bit of experimentation. Just have a go see what you you know make them small export your notebooks you re not going to print them straight away you re going to save them as pdf documents. If it doesn t work out you can delete that document you haven t wasted any paper go back. Do you notebooks make your images a little bit smaller.

So yes images now once we have prepared all our images now notice. We ve got the right funds. We ve got our images the right size. We ve removed all the excess words and other rubbish that we don t really want in a printed document then we re ready to print out an ibook or to send it to our computer and save it as a pdf document.

Now what i ve done is i m not going to miss about with this notebook because i ve done a lot of missing about with my notebooks. And i got myself into a bit of trouble. Yesterday. Experimenting and i nearly lost a notebook.

So what i m going to do is i m going to go to this sample notes for printing document. There one notebook and i ve put some sample notes in it i ve just copied them over from other notebooks. Just chosen..


Each notes that i m going to use so. There s one with a cover image of a book that gemma rose was reading out loud to me. There s a camp nano l novel writing month. Nanowrimo report from sophie that was her word count her stats.

When she wrote a novel last november a blog post of sophie s and i actually have already made that image a little bit smaller than what it was in the original document. A camp nanowrimo bit of information. A photo that i put in with a little bit of information about that photo and again. I have made that photos smaller.

What also i could do is i could center that photo. If i weren t put it in the center. It does look better when we print them another similar one there i could center that as well there s a graph that sophie made about her calorie of 1000. Calorie workouts.

Yes she kept some stats about her exercise for the week and at the bottom just a link from youtube and depends you might want to keep the comments. You might not it. Depends whether this is a video a personal video and this is a personal video and these comments. We might want to keep those because they re relevant to our family.

But if it was somebody else s video. We might want to remove all the last part of these note all right. Although notes here. What i m gonna do next is i m going to select them all they re all put over here in a bundle.

And this is a nice feature. I m going to go to create table of contents. Note and look what that does that makes a list of all those notes like an index as if there s a table of contents. It tells us what s in our notebook and if we have printed or if we re preparing to print a week s worth of notes.

We could go up here and we could put in it could be week 1 term. 1 2017. Our table of contents and then we would know exactly what our kids were doing in that week of the term of this year. Now this looks pretty boring doesn t english history.

It s all all the titles. Added you with the key learning areas and as i ve said in a previous video. I chose those titles. Though they re boring for the purposes of homeschool registration.

Because our ap or a authorized person from the education department can see that my girl s been doing english history maths creative arts. If i dared is small notes that have been science geography history as you can see from going through those notes. The pretty unschooling. It s things that my girls have been doing out of interest.

But i have translated them into the right key learning areas now you might want to do this way. If you feel that that s beneficial for registration purposes. If i was just doing a family journal. I would write something very different as my title.

I would choose some more imaginative words and then when i had my table of contents. It would look so much more interesting. The titles would probably capture my attention. So that s something you can think about as well.

Well. Now we have nine notes now it s time to get on to making a pdf document well before we do that there s one more thing. We could do and it s an option we could if i just choose all those again you will see over here. It says merge.

We could merge all those notes into one note and then print them as one note. Why would we want to do this well. I guess it would save paper..


Because each note would follow on from the next one. Without a page break sometimes a note might get divided in half between pages and you might not like that you might just think. It s worth the paper to allow space between notes and i m not gonna merge. These notes and show you how i m going to do this because i did this earlier and i have discovered that once you merge you notes.

It is impossible to unmerge them or at least. I haven t found a way of doing it i did go over to edit and click undo and a nice set here for half an hour and nothing happened so then again i had to put this in the trash. And i had to find all these notes again luckily. It was just a sample notebook so i wouldn t suggest that you go and mess about with your proper notebooks.

If you do want to experiment. I would suggest that you copy them into a sample notebook and then play around with them. So. I m going to prove plain as separate notes.

I not going to match them. And this is what we do next. We right click onto one of these notes go down to print. Nodes and then we re going to select a printer it s really a virtual printer.

I go through what i could use i could use the foxit reader pdf printer. That s the free option that i told you about earlier in this video. You can download that but i m going to use snagit 13. Which is the paid software that i ve been using and which i am using at this moment very moment to make this video once it shows them that i could go to preferences.

We can choose how many pages. We want per sheet of paper. I m just gonna leave it as one page per sheet. But you might like to do two for whatever you like you can condense your pages.

Or your notes into less pages. Again a bit of experimentation is probably needed to see where the images fit in i m not going to change that i m just going to print. It we just wait and then in a moment when snagit has finished doing this or the foxit pdf print driver. That has done it will that the document will be ready for saving now.

Jumping ahead here. I waited a couple of minutes. And a snagit put that document together for me. And then these naked editor opened and i was able to save that document as a pdf.

I just clicked on save as pdf and then save it to my computer. I can t show you that bit because the snagit screen capture won t work on the snagit editor. I guess it is trying to film itself. But i can t show you the document so if i open that up down here.

I will show you what we ended up. With and here we are week 1 term. 1 2017 table of contents. There s our notes.

We go through each note has the title. Which are the key learning areas they re the ones. I ve put there. But you could make it any title that you like it was show you the notebook of the notebook was my sample notes for printing.

But if i had done a weekly notebook it might say week 1 term. 1 2017. There. The notebook was created at this date and time.

And there s the tags associated with the note that url is the one that s associated with this blog post that sophie wrote. You can see there that i have made that image the right size. It looks pretty good on that page and the font is about the right size as well so you could do this..


But foxes. If you don t have snagit. It s what advantage just make it though i ve had from the fact i couldn t film. It is that i could edit this pdf document well before i saved it as a pdf document is opened in the snagit editor and i was able to do a little bit more editing of it and i couldn t eliminate anything.

But i could annotate it and what would i like to do for the annotation. What will i show you what i did do i took away our email address from the document. Because i knew that this is gonna go on youtube. And i don t want my email address on youtube.

So i could did that in this snagit editor. Then i stayed the document as a pdf and now because this is the pdf. I can print. It well i have to do go over there press that print file and i ve got my document that i can print onto paper and put into a father maybe pass around show people.

It s what our kids have been doing or maybe. Just keep as a family record. Now of course you might think that you could make this better. And you can i just shown you this quickly.

But you know i could have centered that picture. There i could change my fonts made them different oh. There s lots of things i could do to make this look better yeah. I m gonna send at that picture.

There it just takes a little bit of experimenting see what you like what will will work out better. I actually have a pdf document that i saved on foxit cuz. I did it twice. I did that while i wasn t filming this video.

So i might be able to open that up and show you that as well so here s the same document. But this time. I made it using box it looks pretty much the same if we go over here. You can see we can print that as well.

So now. I have a notebook on my computer saved as a pdf of course you could probably if you ve got to compete ef converter. You could probably do some more with this document. But at the very least you can now print it onto paper.

So there we have we have turned and evernote notebook into a pdf file ready for printing our digital records have potentially become a physical paper document. So what do you think about that do you like the idea of having our notes as digital records. Which we can store on our computers or on an external hard drive or even just in the cloud. But we can also have them as paper documents.

This method of record keeping allows us to do two different things. Because of course. If we had only been doing paper records writing everything on paper. We wouldn t have the digital versions as well.

So this might be an advantage of maybe keeping homeschooling records or family journals or even a personal diary. Using evernote not a paper book talking of paper books. I ve got an idea about how we can put our paper records into our evernote notebooks. But that s for another video.

So i hope you found this one useful. And if you have been sitting on the fence. Wondering whether you re going to use evernote because of the issue of not wanting just digital records. I hope that you have been reassured and you re going to follow along with the rest of my evernote workshop.

So until next time i don t know what we ll be talking about but i m sure that we ll be learning. ” ..

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