Disable Wifi and Set Access Code on AT&T Router

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“Mr. Rummage. This is patrick stone and i was trying to make this video. So so you d have some way to get a walkthrough of setting up your at router so that it disables the wi fi.

What you re seeing on my screen is the log into the box. So the first question is probably like how you get here the answer to that is if you go to any web browser and in the url type in this. Number right here 1921681254. And press enter.

It should take you here to be sure of that number you can look on the side of your router. And it has like a little thing like this right here for advanced device. Configuration goto. Gotta.

Yada yada and the number hasn t changed in years you can see something this way since 2015 for sure. But i m pretty sure it goes much further back than that speaking of things on the side of your modem. You ll also probably need this device access code. That s like the admin code to change router settings.

You re probably gonna want to change this. My guess is if henry figures out how to make things work..

Then he s gonna figure out how to change this access code or get into the router using this access code. So i m also going to show you how to take this access code to log into the router and then change. The access code to something that you ve got and that he can t change. Let s see we got next okay.

So here s the the basic interface and the first thing you want to look at is this wi fi stuff. And so. If you look at the basic interface. The wi fi link is right here.

We click on this wi fi link. And that should take us in there. It s loading up. There.

We go i ve been on this page. Before normally it ll drop you at the top and you can see it takes you to the settings tab. And then the sub tab. Called lan and then within the land sub tab this time tab called wi fi for this what you re.

Looking. At is you want this wi fi interface you can just click on this guy right here..

And just say disabled and that should turn the whole thing off there. It is right there on mine. And i m pretty sure that turns everything off if just setting that one to disabled. Doesn t turn everything off you can simply go to each individual.

One and just click disabled like this is my user network for 24. Gigahertz. And there s the guest network. Right there same thing that i guess network is disabled by default and here s the 5 gigahertz radio.

You can do the same thing disable that as well and then the guest network should be disabled again and so once you try to make these changes you re gonna want to go down to the bottom here and click save when you click save it s gonna probably prompt you for the password and let me see if i can just do this so i can show you what s going on let s see i m gonna click disable and on the 24 gigahertz interface and then i m gonna scroll down here and i m gonna click save yeah there it is it says device access code required please enter the device access code click submit now this is where you go to the satya modem router. Whatever you call the device and you punch in this little string of numbers and characters now. I ve already set mine to a different one so i just punched mine in here. And that should take you back in there and once once it refreshes.

It should basically have that setting that you had asked for turned on or off so in my case. Configuration successful disabled and then it says modifying the settings can impact the ability of devices to access your wireless network. Well. That s exactly what we want and i m going to turn my back on just because you know i do want my wireless to be on and then the next thing would be then of course after disabling the wireless from this guy is that you then want to make sure this guy is locked down and secure.

So you want to know where to go and change. The access code and that s just another click from the main page..

So i m going to scroll back here. I m gonna go back to home waiting on the guy. Sorry for the moments of wait here the delay. Almost there there we go so let s see here let me.

See what i can find troubleshoot wi fi. It s none of these here. We re gonna have probably like the settings then so my mistake on that so you re just gonna jump to settings. Let s see here here.

We go right here. System information tab under the settings tab and the second tab over missed. Information is access code. You click on that you type in the current access code.

And then click the button for use a custom access code. And then you put in whatever password. You want it does have some requirements. 8 characters must consist of characters from at least to the following alpha decimal and special and then you confirm it and then if you want to throw a hint in there you can throw a hint in there too click save and your access code should be changed as well so that s how to get your at t box with the wi fi off and the access code secured.

Now for the next thing. That s getting the time machine airport utility set up and this is actually i guess it time capsules..

What you had right time capsule. Giving the time capsule set up. I think you d already tried that and when you went to go and look for the mac address and the airport utility. You said it that the xbox or the playstation.

4. I can which one henry had didn t show up here well obviously it would not because it was connected to the at t device and not to the time capsule with the at t box turned off harry s gonna have to go and man did i may have made a name mistake there if i did i apologize for that harry s gonna have to go in his console and connect to the time capsules network. Once harry connects the time capsules network. Then his device his console should show up in this wireless client list at which point in time you ll be able to grab it and then you ll be able to set up the access times like this thing showing.

So yeah. That s all in theory. How it should work out and if it doesn t then we ll just get on the phone and we ll solve this thing in the worst case scenario. I ll come over to your place.

And we ll work on it together and maybe even before that we could do like a google hangout and we could screen share and i can see what s gone you re in things any way you look at it we ll figure out some way to get this thing solved and get it set up the way you want it set up so that everything works well so sorry for the long delay. And i hope that this video helps out some take care. ” ..


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