Dizaul Waterproof Solar Charger Power Bank 5000 mAh

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“In this video. I m going to be taking a look at this dies. Off off solar panel battery pack. So this was provided to me by the distributor.

But re not compensating me for this video and they re not reviewing this before i post. It if we re interested in this i ll put a link to this on amazon. If you use that link it helps me out a little bit doesn t cost you anything extra so it says it s suitable for charging iphones ipads android phones gps devices cameras etc super waterproof and dustproof strong shockproof and drop resistant built in full lithium polymer battery was charges via a powerful 12 watt micro crystalline solar panel environmentally friendly silica gel and abs plus pc polycarbonate materials and rubber paint surface process emergency led torch torches flashlight in the us but other countries called torch says hidden dual micro usb charging ports comes with a carabiner ok so i ll open that up so we have instruction manual here it says we have a solar charger. A hook micro usb cable and the mini flexible usb light.

Says. It has on off switch. It says blue led indicators show. Battery charging status and battery power.

Display green blue led indicator shows solar charging status and battery power status micro input. For charging the solar chargers built in battery. So you can charge this by plugging it into like a wall adapter it says usb one output for charging electronic devices usb one sealed cap the solar panel usb 2 sealed cap just b 2 output for charging electronic devices and the led. Flashlight the battery capacity is.

500 milliamp. Hours at 37..

Volts. The input is 5 volts dc. At 1 amp. The solar panel is 120 milliamp hours the output is 5 volts.

Dc at 24. Amps max. The product size is 142 by 75 by thirteen point six millimeters operating temperature is 0 to 45 c. I m not sure what that is an f off top.

My head over voltage over current and short circuit protection and then this is the led status indicator charging status indicator it says place the solar charger under sunlight the green led indicator will keep on when the solar charger is being charged under sunlight. When the solar charger is fully charged led indicator will automatically turn off. Please. Kindly note.

That is comparatively slow for the solar charger to recharge itself via solar power due to the limited surface of the solar panel. Only has one hundred and twenty milliamp input solar panel. It takes thirty five hours to make the solar power bank. Fully charged under direct sunlight.

So solar charging is only for emergencies. So if you took this camping you could probably leave this on your picnic table during the day..

And it would just probably keep it topped off orgy might as well charge it before you leave and then if you charge it a little bit to keep it topped off hopefully you re not having to charge it from full so says charging the solar panel from an external power source you plug it in that s pretty straightforward you check the gauge you can charge usb devices. Okay. So i m gonna get into this now. So.

Here s the battery pack. This says usb here. So this is where you can plug something in there s where you can plug something else in and then we have the micro usb over here. We can press this button.

We see we have three bars so this is kind of a hard plastic coating here and this is more of a rubberized coating. I mean you can see it kind of flop in here we can plug our gift in here led light that s kind of handy. It used to be a joke. The idea of a solar flashlights used to be kind of a joke.

Because you know you can t power a flashlight with a solar panel. It d be more efficient than just using the light sources charging it. But with now lithium batteries. You can store that sunlight.

More easily. And with led light..

It s more efficient. It s actually a legitimate thing to do to make a solar powered light so i ll plug this phone in here. So we can show it charging. There.

We have the charger on so this has the torture flashlight on it here. And you can double click the power button to turn that on so it s not a super bright light. But in an emergency and you could use that and then you click it to turn it off and then here s the carabiner it comes with so that would clip onto here like so and you could clip that to the side of your bag. So you could clip this to your bag to charge.

It the downside is you really want this facing directly into the sun for the most optimum charging. So you probably want to clip. This to your bag facing the sun. If you stop to take a break just when you set your bag down position this so it s positioning towards the sun as good as you can get it well it still connect to the bag.

Then when you get up and move you can um you could just leave it connected you i wouldn t put this on your bag. And expect it to get the best charge just hanging kind of like say horizontal down when the sun is in the sky. So i don t have the sun. I do have this 300 watt halogen light.

So i ll turn this on and this would melt this if i left this here all day or started on fire. But you can see here barely you can see the green light on there so now it s charging this this is the most inefficient way to do this this thing takes a ton of energy..

But for demonstration purposes. You can see that it does work. It s charging. It has that green light.

Another thing about this is it s very lightweight. I mean. This is let s see yeah i mean i think it s less weight than this cell phone here so it s it s not a lot to wait to carry around i like that aspect of it and this would fit in the pocket. Very easily to a guy s pocket unfortunately women s pockets are tiny half the time which is kind of terrible.

I wish i could change that but i m not a into textiles or anything so so that s the dyes all solar charger battery pack. If you have any questions about this please leave in the comments if you like this video. Please click like if you haven t subscribed to my channel. And appreciate.

If you could do that and thanks for watching until next time ” ..

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