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“Everybody and welcome back to another exciting episode of be playing some game. So i i am and dim. But what you ll notice is i m not starting at beginning of doom. And the only reason is because i started playing it and just to see if it would be good content.

However i made it far enough to a point. Where i didn t want to have to restart. So instead of me doing a playthrough of this game for now. I m just gonna show you the game so just bear with me if you don t know anything about the game.

You know it s doom. It s pretty simple. But i made it a little further i ve got some different types of weapons. I just didn t want to be super boring video you know having you guys have to watch me go through the tutorials and things like that so we re just going to start at here.

I do have however disclaimer a law. I do have the developer mode. Enabled and god mode on in order to properly showcase the game and to show you know different aspects of the game. So after running diagnostics on the active pursuit for this guy stuff is on and can accelerate the upgrade of your arsenal.

By measuring your combat fewer helmets display a tracker nice the facility look at that you access to the turbine room unless. The demonic threat level is brought down inside the foundry. I gotta have security systems cannot be overwritten okay so anyway. I do have god mode on it is from sole purpose of showing you more aspects of the game.

You know tell me dying. All the time do not judge me this is how i play video games. If you do not play video games. This way more power to you.

But i do not care personally. It s just a game get over it anyway. Without further ado doom for the pc. Look at that on the floor.

That s pretty intense let s go now. And i do want to also apologize if they re not a whole lot of talking because when i am running and gunning. I don t really say a whole lot. So.


Enjoy wow. Heavy assault. Rifle. A.

Little. Bit. Gas. Leak.

Detected. Huh. Missed. Missed.

Oh. Hey. You oh yeah. I got another one of those.

I ve been wanting to save these for upgrading my you can upgrade your suit. Oh yeah. My systems decrease. So i wanted to increase total over equipment.

Now hold on no no no no no into it what was it power efficiency dexterity these upgrade speeds a certain actions uh hmm someone i wanted i can t remember let s do this one this oh so that s when you felt okay. That s fine anyway let s go back huh looks a little well funky in here am. I going next up see i like this green. It s kind of like these little green lights here they kind of like a guide without you know coming right out your face.

And saying hey this way stupid you know so it makes you feel good you can i can still collect health. However. I just can t lose. It is this guy doing oh hey can i borrow that i guess look what s up fuck.

Do i need. F4 is there like a imprint scanner or something. Maybe. Maybe.

I m missing..

It. Let s go this way. Oh. Did i need a handprint for something yeah.

It wasn t really paying much attention dude. Hey. Another tactical scope. What s this attached to texaco ooh micro missiles.

Our tactical scope. I ll do the tactical scope. We ll do that one i feel good with tax get that thing yep yep alice any movement. Oh yeah.

I don t have the blue card dad. I like it i love this gun. It s gotta be one of my favorite guns. So far in the end i mean i guess typically oh my god mine crush and ammunition.

This is doom you need ammo alright. I guess i better go follow these little yellow have yellow card to it no it s gonna say i thought i heard that door opening go say i don t remember getting the yellow card ever yeah not quite sure where to go i kind of got turned around in here. Just a little boy went back this way. Oh well.

I was just in here well maybe. I missed something up here maybe go through here. Where do i go away. What the fuck does that mean of ship.

It s stuck and i m kind of lost here. This is a little setting. I got that came out a mall or something climbing gosh aim. This way got that up hands.

And where do i put the hand. What do i put it sir thingy secret. I found a secret. I don t want the secret.

I want to get out of here so i got that this way because..

This is a new way that s there dude. Wait do i need it for a penis. I do. That s what it s for haha.

What did i do ah look at this look guys. I found it go pull that thing. Yeah. Yeah.

I don t need that anymore. Do you whoo. Don t worry too much look out fuck is that thing lucy that was before okay give them what for you know do i have any i do yeah. By the way.

I also have the chainsaw. Yeah sorry about that thanks cool. So that was interesting go mack. Sure.

It s max max. Next out to need it i m a god i m more doom guy than any doom guy. I would say alright so i got in here this looks a little messy. Let s see what is this thing.

It s gotta be something do with this is it not no maybe i just got in here. So do i leave whoops fuck. I m back in this bullshit again get the fuck out so you follow these things. It s behind me this.

Oh motherfucker here we go i got that guy s hand and done with the hand. But come up in this way. I got down in here did all this crap okay. I get what i m doing i understand now exactly what s going on.

So. Let me get out of here and go this way that was for this here. So i gotta clear out all of the threats. That s what i gotta do.

What is this it s kind of like gym..

3. I think something like that similarly happened in doom. 3. So he took him over there i guess anyway let s go back out here fuck that guy right.

I gotta. Know who came through here open back up open back up couch. It so i came out of here that was my first stop now. I m going to stop number two on the road to success.

And it leads this way maybe. I don t even have the blue card yet man where the hell s that blue car shit this way blue card this way i don t think i ve been down here. Oh boy. I ll take that we ll be needing that anymore.

I ve only got 32 ammos left. Oh. I see make sure it work it oh like blew his head right off that s what he deserves weapon upgrade point game well let s do it then well that s cool any faster ones. And i want that one yep.

I need to move faster with this thing. What i need to do i ve got the yellow card. The hell s in here. Oh.

What s up what s a fuck. What has happened okay can i get them thank god. I have god mode on what the fuck was that shit you see that shit what in the fuck. It was all fucking cool till.

Whatever the hell that was just happened holy shit. I don t know that that cannot be for me using the developer mode. The dev console. They can t be from that what the fuck happened well i hope you enjoyed this episode go ahead and like home and subscribe do all that kind of fun stuff.

I don t think i m getting out of here anytime. Fucking soon so i ll try and figure out this mishap. Right here. And then i ll see you in the next video have ” .


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