Driver Side Low Beam Works Intermittently 2008-2012 Chevy Malibu

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“Right you too was good league auto repair got wrenching dredit wrenching ross come on on we here sunday sorry for the choppy uh for my frames. I sped it to sixty frames. So be a little bit chop you y all might not see it whatever i don t know who cares so we got a 2008 to 2012. Body style chevy malibu.

I don t know if it s the v6 looks like it knows the regular two four engine danny. I don t matter at this point. The issue is as you can see the customer is complaining about intermittent you know the headlights intermittently working as you can see the passenger side work. But the driver side don t work so if you already know i already got a hit video.

My number one video that s actually my moneymaker for my channel. It me talk louder cuz. We got tools going off and our fans going on. But that s like my moneymaker vid.

So if y all. Watch that how to replace the bulb teach you how to do in a matter of minutes ten minutes whatever how long it takes you to me always take me like 10 minutes to get the headlight bulbs in it s not a problem so as we doing right now is we re gonna hang the front bumper and most of the time it gets beautiful if you got to keep replacing bulbs then more than just looks very likely that you have a problem with your connector probably all burnt up the wires all frayed up or whatever and shit whatever terms. I want to use. But our chevy is known for having shitty ass connectors and they always revise the connectors to always like a thicker gauge and a thicker shielded wire.

But this what we re gonna do right now like i say he s gonna take off this front this lid right here this whatever you call it look how that covers the radiator and once you get that out we re gonna do a little faster way we re gonna leave the right side on but we only gonna untuck the left side. So it s gonna be a little bolt underneath hair. If y all could see this little hole. If you watch my video.

I ll be sure to tag. It and and notes and all of that. But it s a boat up there once you get that boat out of course. You got that boat out there of course you got that boat off there and all i kai said are you gonna do it off the bumper bumper okay i m trying to narrate why my man working and shit won t keep it gucci gonna keep this video under ten minutes to wish your instagram bro wrenching dread check out my man trying to get on the study youtube channel.

I m gonna let him keep thinking about it a lot of is it as anger lies a lot of work man there s a lot of work. But it s another hustle actually we get there one day. So. He s looking for a setup for the both sides it s ten millimeter.

You can get in there with a quarter. If you want power tools you already saw that i use power tools before he using power tools got to get it in at a certain angle. Maybe my gotta turn the tire. There we go yeah.

Sometimes you got to turn the tire that way you won t strip the boat. If you re going in at a weird angle. And let s not like a swivel socket looks like he got it out now. I think i heard it free spin all right so now he got that out so now hunter saab bumper it s ready to be popped out.

They say you don t have to hang the front. It s up to you it doesn t matter whatever take the whole thing off so you could do both sides. I think. It s smart to do both sides hang the bumper down like i said you don t have to take the whole cover off you just hang it down watch.


My video. There s a good video got it done. Oh there are also three sock clips you got to remove on the side. But like i said you watch my video and only if you need to get in detail.

I m gonna keep on saying that shit see how pilling it away and that lifts up right there apart. He s touching with his left hand just lift it up i m going to be like tucked in there up. And just pull back yep and today. If this is in your way micah.

Oh. My gotta get that side too i was able to do on tom s sneak it the back boat down in there on the other side. But you might just be smarter. So it s not a shortcut.

We don t want to break nothing. But if you can get in there to get this boat. It s one i m talking about right here. Dan qu.

You don t have to hang that down so. He cool now he ll have to i want to bend on it too much yeah. He got more than enough room. So that s cool.

So mind you we still got a boat. An offender over there just be careful not to break nothing none of the tabs such as you know shit like this on gm and any other other aftermarket manufacturers they don t make the best plastic material shit for body parts and shit. But they do it anyway and they get away with it so it is what it is so it means second imma drop. The camera and he s gonna find he s gonna find a little tool setup get that boat out right there that s a millimeter bolt.

Let me focus hold on okay. And then there s another one right here and after you get that out like slides forward. I m gonna kind of like tug it out a little bit. But we ll get to that part alright getting set up like i said 10 millimeter.

Power tools always make the job faster. A friend say they say to me you know you like using ratchets. Yes. John helped.

Me a carpal tunnel. Key using doing manual everything that s the last ball. And after that you see you ll be able to talk on the light. Now now it sucks for were like in a slide motion use two hands.

There you go a lot of people have problems popping it out and getting it in and getting a bumper lined up maybe i can help y all. So the light is intermittent. It came back on i should already see let me help come slide. It forward yep sneak it out like just point out there we go now let s check out this connector and look like it was already repaired let me see let s sometimes you talk when they do a wiggle test is it going out looks like it s going not when i m wiggling it so wiggle test is a good test.


We did only most year electrical problems always gonna come down to doing the simple witness to intermittent when you get intermittent that s always gonna be like a loose not always. But sometimes loose connections apparently we got a connection problem so these uh crimp connected connectors probably ain t splice rate. Probably is short and a wire. I should keep sucking on it looks like if i keep messing with this wire goes out so it look like for this problem.

And the connector looks like it was already updated at some point. They just never installed it right because they got this connector got thicker gauge wires. As you can see the original wires for the car. The gauge is not that thick.

But jim was smart and they noticed that they was getting too many problems like this i don t know they re like a recall warranty type shit for this or whatever or call call back. I don t know. But this is a revised connector sticker gauge and i don t think it s jim because you might could get this at like a uh. I don t know the brands that like that fucking advanced auto parts or something like that so what we re gonna do is we re gonna fucking solder.

This shit you got a heat shrink go got heat shrink and i got a nice butane power probe. John if y all. Ever saw me use it. And we re gonna redo.

These fucking connections and get this motherfucking shmoney so y all sit tight. We all. See the wire up first that s the only way you want to get this shitty stick. Like cooking pancakes on a cold.

Pan joan right. Who the fuck do they write alright. I cussed alright gaku to be living in sin. It put an f bomb.

At least oh hold on it s coming off. Now phil mcnasty longer the connection is solid. I don t care like i said. I ain t go to school no soldering do i look like a soldering engineer.

No i m not i get this money. We ve you know how to get this money and you don t ask stupid questions you just get the job done alright get the backside hold on red cloud. All right so we ran into another issue. I guess as i suspected as i said in the beginning of the video got a problem with the connector just depend was a crappy who put everything back together putting the bulb in which the smart thing to do is let me back up for a second because everything is getting choppy put a new bulb in fix the loose connection on the power side as we see cuz.

I confirmed that was a loose connection. It was going in and out. But there was another issues there was multiple issues which is going to be as always when you re dealing with gyms and they had like problems so they said depend. What s all kind of like busted up so as i was trying to like you know repent.

It it was like really bent up and looked kind of like burnt a little bit. But this is a thicker gauge. But for the most part this is plastic and it broke off on the side. So we re gonna go get another one.


And then wanted to get to shit area up and get the shit out of here so we were right back alright. We had to switch to i put my gopro on i somehow we got in and sent my tripod its merit right it looked fucking good actually i like this idea. I might have even fucking wrong with it so uh. We went and went to the store got another connected some go ahead and the side of this it s gonna be a little long.

I do my best to trim it down to the important parts being on youtube. After a while you just hernia inching out. And how to not waste. Time or whatever go ahead and start that with the one with blowing it out so.

Where s my with my solder got it right here away from the paint. So i m taking the paint off and put this back on the junk or this shit coming apart. I just bought this not so long ago living i m gonna party. I got to know how to turn down the media.

So yeah i was a crappy connector. I think with that connector that they did a good job on just the just the material of it. It s just a plastic part of the plastic. Part with the pens and everything that was the shitty part they did good on a wiring part they just got every designer connector so against nobody gets it right.

But this circuit gets really fucking hot because why the headlights constantly fucking run so put this around we re ready to go i ain t good at this i know master. But i m not a make a solid fuckin connection that s why people you know like to come to me and shit you know like it s a job done all right. This is good to be shrinking. And you got your later.

Bro. No. No. Like why y all.

Got laid. Multiple places cuz got a three way connection. Nine for like doing anything extra. If i can make another solid connection again i soldered it so i could do with it i was gonna curse out.

I caught myself. I can do what i want so don t be asking a question of equipment when you get to be a mechanic you get to make your own choices you get to that point between at that point if you watch this video. I m gonna get this on and join us part. I hate with me don t target within a while to get better like i said eat up the wire.

So all right that s good spike s techno. The dead down weston my connection of solid actually joining some more in a bed. We have not gone some more but the new connector. We got it looks it looks way better than the original one kind of smaller not that much smaller engaged.

I think the difference between the two that this one got a different shield and that s all and they got different brands. What brand was that standard you say well which brand was this dormant. Oh yeah. It was a doorman brain get.


Norman 84. 73. Go look that up that s the connected we use i trust doorman. So oh doorman trust.

Me that makes sense all right like the son. Well we gotta get out of here. I can use treinen thought is going away. Like a dead vampire game it s 90.

I think is 190 degrees here possible it s 95 yesterday all right so our connections is good that s much fatigue. Coca reduce the slack. I got something oh like i said is reducing the slave. I could cut the wire and shorten it but but it s my duty job again and any some more wine oh no i just think about stuff like that just don t like you wrapping a gift or something the next weekend.

I gonna make damn who did this right yeah we gotta prepare did this join y all. Follow along you two i don t say all that are you crazy bro bob ken are we in make sure i got my rubber suit on here because they like to come all and we in there so hook up the main connector you ain t gonna be able to see i take off the tripod in a second in one second waiver. So it s on as you can see wiggly connector oh catch. It okay so he wiggling and we bill for the most part so we feel we fixed.

The problem. So we gotta ring. Their winch and dread dread. It rin.

Chan. Has it again. Bro. Wrenching.

Drew. Richard dread. We go get that can i say. It.

Like. When i say you french and read and read it right cuz you got the dress bro. Now you gotta let it down you out let it download on one day. Make that hook them out to be i ve wrench and i m a dreaded.

So you put it together wrench. So you gotta let it down on on one day. It s too hot too hot alright. What the line can t come out and talk we go to repair.

We hire a chalk i hit that subscribe bye hi try the next ” ..

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