Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Extreme Graphics, Part 11: Suspended from the Mage s Guild Oops (in 1080p)

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“Everybody well this is just kind of a like random footage and just working on on a few quests in oblivion. I met fort what s its name let s out where we are yeah fort bulwark. And the reason. I m here is that i was suspended from the mages guild.

So i have to go around and collect a bunch of flowers. So i just killed this lady. I m like four levels up. So i kind of had to be careful not to fall over the edge.

And she had some stuff going on up there see i looted her her junk. Which is right over here and there s two different types of plants i need to collect and i thought i d just show you if you ever get suspended from the mages guild. This is the way to do it. Here.

I can just drop down here. No whoops yeah. So this is crazy conjurer that i killed anyway. These are the plants one of the two plants if you get suspended for the first time they are yeah.

Here s some more out here. So let s find out what they call. Yeah. Red wart right see so just go around and like every plant has its own flower and you can collect like i need to collect 20 of them and gobble gobble gobble go see and then somehow i increased some i probably increased my athletic skills for going around collect picking flowers any others yeah those okay and then i ll show you the other yeah.

This is the other plant that they need to collect dragon tongue plant and the idea is you have to collect 20 of each of these and then you ll be reinstated into the guild. But until you do then you have to keep going around and find them. And this that is the best place to find them in black wood. And then at fort bulwark.

And there s a there should be at least 20 of each plant right around here. Okay. So i m gonna go back. And get reinstated into the mages guild.


And there we are at the arcane university and i m here because i have to go back to this guy. I ll show you his name in a second. He s the one who made me go around and collect 20 of those red words have you returned with the material. Which was surgically okay.

Yet given recommendations by all the necessary individuals. Yeah. Safe keep working. So i still have some recommendations.

Yet. Let s see what he has to sell his prices in all yeah. I don t think i have enough magica for any of his spells okay. I said now i was actually working on the bruma recommendation from the mages guild and bruma when i accidentally stole something so let s let s head back over there now by the way.

I just turned my map markers on for just a just a little while just so i could find that damn fort to collect those ingredients. But i m gonna turn all these back off now so we re going back up to bruma and here we are in bruma and now we head over to the mages guild. Which is right over here and i think it s early in the morning so people should still be up. But i don t know we ll see and here s the quest that i was on before i stole something by accident rumor recommendation.

So voland are wanted me to pull a prank on the ji an. Who s the who s the head of the the mages guild here so i think he s still sleeping. But the reason he wanted me to pull up rank is that i m trying to find this guy who accidentally made himself invisible. And that s what she wants to know about she s trying to find the guy that made himself invisible and his name was just scars.

And if i can and voland ro is the only one who can really help me with that see there he is right there. He s invisible. See don t look you ll ruin everything. He s screwed up a spell or something and then this is the guy.

Yeah valen ro. This is the guy who will tell measure to speak with you if i pull the prank with him she won t figure this out weeks. It s times like this i enjoy what i do okay so it was a good idea. What was funny under how long she ll spend trying to figure out where she put it down.


And so i have to meet him by a certain room at 10 o clock tonight. So just go around and check its filters. Anything exciting in these rooms. Hi selena.

What can i do for you oh miss carr. I like you and all. But i really don t want to get in the middle of this it was an honor and your skull. What to have their fun at 5 00.

So i think he s the only one who can help valen are oh. Now why would he go and sleep on that bed. He was just sleeping a minute ago in his own bed idiot okay anything fun in here. What s in y all.

Okay and back up here. Let s just go up here and then we ll wait until about yeah. It s still morning. See you can see outside the windows pretty cool.

Huh and then we ll wait until 10. O clock. At night. And then talk to bolin our.

Oh. Okay. There we go. It s past 10 o clock.

So we go into the living quarters right to talk to bolin ro and he ll help us find your scarf. He s invisible now ready to find your sky. Yes. Let s find him just watch you ll see hello.


There. I hear you ve been looking for me. Yes. Please don t be mad.

We were just having some fun lord in our position over us. When she barely knows anything about magic every now and then we like to trick her we figured. It was time to move on to a new prank this one was getting boring anyway so you can tell her you found me okay. Great alright.

Let s go and tell her okay. There s just oh. No that s that s elina. Oh.

Where is she damn her. I can never seem to find her okay so maybe she s in here. Oh no i actually have to go upstairs. She went back upstairs okay.

That s all right and she is right where damnit maybe. She s in here no she s not there she is in here this is what i stole by accident. I picked up a crystal ball. And then everyone went shit crazy on me oh she s up way upstairs.

Okay yeah. This is her office. There she is any luck finding just car yes found him did you yeah i suppose that s good you ll have to forgive me i seem to have misplaced something hmm yes. Well let s never mind that and don t you forget about me once you ve finished your training.

I m sure we can help each other and i shall give me the recommendation yay. I ve got her recommendation so listen now we can get the hell out of bruma. I think i ve only got like three more recommendations and then i can gain access to the arcane university and by the way. That s why i m looking for these recommendations eventually you get a recommendation from every one of the mages guild and we let s switch back to that quests really quick.


Where is it yeah. There and then you just go and get a recommendation from each guild in each city. I need to go to bravo. Yet and lay owen.

I know i haven t done leia win. And i ve done anvil and skinned rod yeah. So there s just two left that s good and then i can go back and then i ll gain access to the arcane university. Yeah okay so i m just going to keep working on that quest which is to join the mages guild.

I ll go to leyland next. And that s where i m headed now now by the way i get a lot of messages on youtube from people wondering if i m going to be doing a skyrim walkthrough well of course. I m going to be doing a big skyrim walkthrough in fact. It s going to be my biggest locker ever so remember starting on 1111 shortly after midnight.

I ll start pumping out videos and it ll be skyrim for the pc and 1080p high definition. So don t miss my walkthrough that s going to come up in just a few weeks. And i ll keep producing these oblivion videos with extreme graphics. Because everyone likes these two.

So. Whoops. Oh brower okay. And there s another one huh.

Oh goes through yourself. And let s just end here come on get out of the way buddy and we ll see you in the next video. So subscribe to my channel and you ll get these in your inbox and add a comment and share it with your friends and we ll see you next ” ..


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