ELEGIANT USB Powered Sound Bar Speaker

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” s up youtube is danny back with another video. Today i m opening the allegiant allegiant sound. Bar it s a 20. Channel multimedia speaker system basically it s a bar for your pc or whatever actually this has be free pc best what about a foursome it connects via three and a half millimeter stereo headset jack and it has an anti noise you need to unique to technology.

I think that s a typo it s uh it s a uni qut ii. I think that s a typo. I m pretty sure it s not work anyway. Let s open it up and see what sounds like so gonna take us.

I got a lot i got it on amazon. It was during a flash sale so like i paid like 20 bucks..

I think the retail price is 30. It s inexpensive. But it looks clean it i could tell it look nice so we ll see we ll see looks may not be everything you know so it s like we ve got usb connections and three and a half millimeter connections as well just comes out of the styrofoam here. If i can get it out is in there quite tight okay also comes with a user manual that i will not use and it is wrapped in plastic.

So just gonna open it out real quick and as usual. I would like this down below. If you want one for yourself as well so alright there you go the the build quality seems fine. Honestly.

It s very light which is nice. However mine came with a hair all of those no focus or not yeah..

It s hard to see somebody s hair from the factory that s kind of gross anyway. Okay met though other than the free dna. It looks to be pretty solid. So it looks like a powers via usb and then you can just plug in a microphone.

It looks like or a headphone jack so and then there the knob turning on and off so i m good what i m going to go ahead is learn how to speak english first second. I m gonna go and hook. This up to the pc and we ll give it a listen see what it sounds like i don t expect it being language. You know room shaking loud or anything like that.

But it should be should have a decent sound. I m a big so we ll figure it out and yeah stay tuned alright so i ve got it all hooked up..

I actually decided just to hook. It up to my phone just to make it easier. So i m just gonna play this africa. Vaporwave and hopefully.

I don t give it hopefully. I don t get hit with copyright. So i ll go ahead and link when i play below just to be on the safe side. I ll put a disclaimer all other stuff being here.

We go over here s the knob you can turn it up and down. It s down when turn it up obviously a little bit of bass to it not too bad..

And we have copyrights so let. Me finds a little bit different just go type in royalty free hip hop beats. Find something here as you can hear it doesn t sound bad at all really nice again it is powered by usb you just plug it. But this is audio microphone.

Very simple very nice i like it a lot now they recommended again sound bar from alicia. I will link it it s an amazon check it out thanks for watching guys. And i ll see you all in the next video ste. Very nice very nice to me all right see you guys later ” .


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