ELEPHAS 3500 Lux Portable Projector Best budget projector ever!

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” s up guys tech. Meta. Here today today. I got an unboxing of a portable.

Portable. Led projector. Um. This projector was sent to me by somebody.

And they asked to review the products. I did not buy. But this is very cheap yeah. I think is affordable this is about 80 80 pounds under normal style being the last probably on the dollar or just over on the dollar with all the specification.

I think it s very promising. But you know me i speak the truth and regardless even if i get a product for free. I will still have to you know speedy tryna do the tests and i m gonna review this thing i m gonna show you all the functions so let s just go straight into the unboxing let s open it up let s see what it does look like i ve had projector in the past be honest. I didn t like it dude.

That was very cheap project or very cheap graphic is about 40 pounds. And it s not leds just a basic one unfortunately back up. But this is very promising when i look at the specification online. I was like wow maybe he s gonna do everything it says on the on paper.

We didn t know so let s open it one let s see what we have in the box. Okay. This is the actual projector. A does the paperwork so i m just no put it aside.

What else do we have in the box. Okay. We have cables or hdmi cable..


Okay put it outside a remote control oh good the led power cable and the audio and video cable. This is audio video cable to connect your other device what is this this i believe this is if you want to mount it on the tripod or something so practical it does everything in the box. Nothing else not so i put the box away unless. See what the projector does look like so this is the projector.

I know the name is le fast you can see your name le fast. I figured out the company on top you got your controls you gotta. Okay the sauce. The back button the power button and i believe this is the menu you know arvin check.

If i believed in the middle at the back from what i figured i believe this is the speaker yes. This is the speaker at the back is stereo speaker. According to what i read on life stereo speaker on this side. The end is the event.

You know is well ventilated. If it s getting too hot. I think the she be funny so i m not sure. But this is the vent this is the air phone jack the a v memory card usb mic no no this is not yeah.

This is hdmi port sorry i did say micro hdmi and is your vga on this idea is very connect your power cable. Pretty much does everything and at the bottom. Yeah yeah. This is where this goes.

I believe you want a mountain or something like okay what up on the tripod or something i suppose he will walk if you put the tripod and at the bottom you can see it is nothing. I think these holes are for speakers. If i m gonna make a mistake or they just vent holes um. The front this way got lens and it s got cover so i m gonna put it off alright so without wasting too much of our time.

I think i need to test this product. Now. Let s see what this product can do for us you know alright guys..


It s all set up now. I got my laptop connected to the projector. And as you can see cause we they re everywhere right cuz this c was on the screen. I gotta love this light now could have talked of this one too so just let let s see how it does look like you know now i turn off both legs.

You see gonna try a zoom in from i may know a bone of contention. If this consider the fact that a slight look at the look of a laptop you see. And i can still see everything very clay you know on the screen. Everything is still claim know if i have my light arms rams will do not do not turn of the light.

So i want to complete to the darkness. I see whoo look at that man look at that to be honest guys. I m loving this i m loving these have you done something gameplay never play see very quick one doesn t belong that said my dad easy so our final a laptop. You know.

This is like even our presentation. Let s say you gotta pop up this edition. You know what connecting doctors you can see what a laptop there s a usb connector on the back which i m gonna try my usb flash drive a flash drive connecting to these projectors. Unless sis.

What we gonna be getting then i m gonna connect my phone you can track on a or for value each their minds. So i ll try that to grab my phone to protect off so i m gonna be jumping into the flash. Now okay i try to connect our my little flash can see it s not me dis gaem. Issac rebecca peter.

This is usb flash drive a go kart feeling always on you get the fighter. I connected it to the projector. And then explained this light. I d love to have this one to surah taha.

I will look out of it good purposes to be honest. I don t know if you see what i m saying to be honest. I don t know this is very plan..


This is very claim i don t know for that price. I can t believe what i ve seen on the screen. I don t forget to house illusion of noise. You know proud because of the family.

Watching this on the problems be feeling. And you know what when it comes to projector. As you move further back to discriminate largest as i was unfortunately i cannot move any back or like a not before the bar. Because of those being a tv look at this look at this what i did was i assumed in lhasa like this deep.

So let s go to the settings menu does a playlist the info you know on the if for you have your audio track. One or two two two zero one or two so i m going to using what are you now using kingdom. This is louder louder. Which was so this is james franco.

Back you see one attached to subtitle the movie. A subtract obviously still attempt to torture the resolution seas were calm and aesthetics and antitrust apology already come to look slow forward in like a slow motion. See the stasi felt like slow motion. This is this is step forward okay guys get my tables get messier.

Now you can see i try to connect the hdmi to the connector unfortunately she violated our heart it s not compatible with my glossy notes knives are easy to get our screen circulated my subs on days to be together. And what we have here as you see so what i m gonna do now is um. I don t connect the keyboard to be honest allah does duties of those below scalese girls kelly. Sir.

I did you can let me put it some sort of the like while working on this so you know yes of course. This is so that s it back to your video. So why don t we work on a plate in my phone. So let s connect this click on so much you cannot have any keyboard are they on the mouse on the controller now.

This is good that s why i believe this controller waterwater. Right. Now is not for your laptop is not like a flashback..


This is for my phone with the help of some subjects. So it means you have a project or you are able to connect on some subjects with my sonic play. I don t know how the camera will start with this to be honest. I ve created by the provisional app on the computer.

You cannot get an accurate thing. This one i ve seen on tv. So what i ve seen on the world is very to our because right so what does exist. A group of the close youtube.

Unfortunately i couldn t play them what are the player program on saturdays. Most of the games are not supported or transfer oksana. Pada for this is the dead player of the year. As one video detector.

Which avoids and as you can see i don t see the kumquats disconnect. All know what it was about to tell me and here is moment of the truth. You gotta come at least to get honest. I yes you got paid for me.

Yes. Rajesh so. If you ask me what article projector are think of the audacity applique is one of the best panetta review. The biggest price categories of visitors is certified pounds of the 85 mathematical basis to background of knowledge so cut up right what label you can you don t watch.

It it s got was a principle projected good game go for the tribes are three quantities are more to enhance edges. So guys updated up to become thank you guys for watching my videos. News doc. Thank you get to watch my videos.

I ll do our personal time and i will see you what are they eating. ” ..

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