[EVENT FREE ROBLOX FAST & FURIOUS ITEMS – Hat, Drone, Helmet, Glasses & Headphones *ALL FREE*

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” s up guys and welcome back to in theory place. We ve got some free free items here to let you know about in roblox as a part of the and furious spy racers promotion it is a show that is on netflix and there s five free items we re gonna take a look at these we re gonna show you what they look like and we re also going to give you links in the description for all these items guys. These are completely free as a part of a promotion. You don t have to answer any questions.

They also like a few weeks ago they did this thing where you could actually download some cars into something and then they ve created some games and they re featuring a couple different games here that actually have those cars that people have used in development. So that s pretty cool the items. We re gonna be able to get here it looks like we ve got a pair of headphones. We ve got a racing helmet.

We ve got a drone that s really cool some sunglasses. And this hat. So let s take a look at these a little bit closer there s a trailer that they released there and it s on their youtube channel. You can watch this here on the roblox site as well these items right here is what we re gonna take a look at first one here is leila s racing helmet.

We re also gonna try all these on so you can see what they look some of them fit pretty well some of them really don t again. All these are free and i ve got the links to these in the description. So first time right there layla s helmet. I like the way it sits nice little color there.

But this size doesn t look quite right now this one right here pc principal s mess. I mean these belong to tony odie s ar glasses right here for tony toretto s world..

Okay of course all these mentioned the whole fast and furious movie next item you can get here for free. Again. All you have to do just click on get and then get now and you re gonna get it they are free items this one here is frostys drone. This is a really cool one now you re gonna see how i ve got it set up with a particular item that i ve got and this is a shoulder item not a gear item my gear item which is a band hammer sort of gets in the way we re gonna show you when we try this on but i like where this is positioned and the fact that you can have this where you re walking around anywhere in a game.

You ve got a little drone that s following you around so. I think. There s going to become an item that i m probably gonna want to wear. So imma have to get rid of one of my other items at the point and cisco s headphones right there i assume cisco ronaldo.

The character in the in the show not cisco the phones cuz there s phones let s just go on them. But they re just kind of like laying there on the shoulder. Doesn t look like they ve actually got them on the head. Now over here.

We ve got echoes hat as well a nice little simple hat mesh. There s some typical hats. That we ve got in here a little cactus in the front. I think that s a cactus if it s something else then let me know.

But this is echoes. I m not sure..

It says. Don echo. Pearl from the tv show now. Here.

This is what layla s helmet. Actually looks like on my avatar. I don t think it s positioned quite right i think it needs to go down just a little bit. But who knows actually you know people s chin s usually stick out a little bit more.

It s just the fact that our character has no chin makes the whole thing just look a little bit silly. So that is that is the helmet. We try on now these are the the glasses tony s ar glasses. I don t know if they re like ar for like alternate reality.

So oh augmented reality glasses sweet. I want a pair of those it s like google glasses. But then if they kept going with those glasses. So those fit pretty good actually they cover up the eyes pretty well this one here.

Frosty s drone. You might be wondering like where is the drone it ran into my banhammer..

It s up here it s floating up in this little space. But it crashed into my bad hammer and now it s stuck on it so it s not gonna game. Though it s not like i have the band hammer the ban hammers gear item so the drone will be floating around and it is a shoulder item. So that is kind of cool.

It s like you got this high tech. Little drone that s gonna be following you around everywhere you go i like it and then this one right here. Cisco s headphones a little bit oversized. It looks like so a little big a little bit too big on the size.

I think that if they made it just a little bit smaller. It would fit well and i think i ve got an average height and size for my character and i can t imagine how weird they would look on certain arthro packages. I think they would be way oversized. So some people might go around with some floating headphones.

If you re wondering what those are that s probably it the last item. We re trying on here is echos hat. Now it looks like echoes pat is actually positioned back a little bit too far so. See there s a bit of a gap.

There in the back. And you can see right there part of my head kind of like collides with the mesh just looking from the front looks kind of normal..

But i would say yeah. This one s a little bit too large as far as it how it was sized and positioned a little bit too far back so some of these hopefully maybe they ll reach up load. These they can always do that guys they can change the position re upload them and put them where they belong. But that s the way they look when you re actually wearing all of these items so again these guys are free.

I ve got the link in the description for these if you guys are new here make sure you subscribe. If the notification bell because i always like to keep you guys notified it about all the free stuff happening in roblox and of course. We know about an egg hunts coming in april. It s it s been revealed they look for some game developers and i m gonna make videos showing you how to get all of those prizes for the egg hunt.

So that will be awesome make sure you got the notification belt on so i can keep you guys notified about all that stuff. And the latest and greatest in roblox news on the platform. Thank you so much for watching. And we will talk to you guys.

” ..

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