Everything About the Mushroom in Minecraft: Why Mushrooms are REALLY Important (Life on Minecraft)

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“Morning good afternoon good evening and good night penny. What time you re watching this this next episode from me ever manse in the life on minecraft series. We are a swamp sometimes things happen in a swamp that perhaps don t happen in some other biomes life on minecraft isn t just all about animals sometimes other organisms become important too and we re in this one because it is one of the areas that we can find something that doesn t grow everywhere. That has some very very important and special qualities.

So yes. We are looking for fungus mushrooms have been in the minecraft game right since the very start no point no point to a that s pre alpha. They grow in areas that are twelve or less light level. But they re very very clever even at nighttime.

You can t plant them down. Unless. The area that they re planted in will have a light level of twelve or less during the day. Very clever fungus.

I also naturally appear in mushroom farm rooms within the woodland mansions. However if you ve got podzol or mycelium. You can place them no matter. What the light level is you can also put both types in flowerpots and again the light level does not matter they spawn naturally in swamps and tiger and mushroom biomes and they also spawn in the nether.

They re also really really good at spreading themselves around if the chunk meets. The necessary conditions for light levels. And is in the right biome or area. A mushroom has a one in eight chance of spawning.

If it is a red mushroom and a one in four chance of spawning. If it is a brown mushroom and then it looks around itself..

If there are fewer than five mushrooms in a three by nine by nine area then it will grow. If there are five or more in that area then it won t spread any further. There are two varieties of mushrooms. There is the common brown mushroom.

And there is the little red mushroom that does not include the wild giant mushrooms. We ll talk about in just a moment they are two of only three organisms that will spawn naturally in both the overworld and the nether. The other one is the chicken giant mushrooms red and brown varieties can appear in dark forest and also swamps sometimes. But they are in massive numbers on the very rare biome that is the mushroom fields mushrooms.

Naturally generate as the red variant. However you can make a brown. One if you ve got a channeling trident in a thunderstorm and you fire it at a mushroom. The lightning hits it and turns it brown that poor little feller.

He s got a little bit singed. Let s make another one. It s just too good you ll notice that this one behind because it was close to the first one also turned brown. Now mushrooms are a very interesting creature.

They re just like a cow in many respects so if you get a bucket and right click on them you get a bucket of milk that is quite normal. However if you get a bowl and you milk them you get the whole of mushroom stew. Which is a really good food. However if you just want some mushrooms you can share a mushroom.

With your shears and they become a normal cow. Giving you five of the mushroom color of the cow..

Whether it is brown or white these poor two fellows healer that know what s going on they used to be mushroomy. Now they re not your curd brown mushrooms. Give out an almost imperceptible light level of one if i bring up my f. Scree.

Sink. Screen. You can see here that we have a block light level of zero. If i place a mushroom.

There that block has turned to one remove the mushroom back to zero red mushrooms. However have no such light level. However you can create a giant mushroom in any biome you want you just need to make sure the conditions are correct. So we have got a light level of at less than 12.

Therefore that mushroom can be planted. If you get bo meal and you treat them bathroom. With bo meal. It will grow into a giant and it doesn t matter.

Where you are this is a really good way of creating a mushroom film you combine out these huge mushrooms. Very quickly with an axe and if you do you get red or brown mushrooms drops depending on the variety of mushroom that it is so this one huge mushroom here has given me 16 nope no i ve missed some 19 red mushrooms. I can then plant one of those back in and regrow it again it s a really good way of getting lots of mushrooms. However if you ve got an axe with silk touch on it you can do something a little more interesting.

Because you can gather the actual mushroom blocks themselves. And they can be used for either building materials or other compostable items..

And you get a different block for the stalk you ll notice. However you don t get any mushrooms. I m in my little base with my campfire and i want to make myself some food now. What s great about mushrooms is they are a part of some really useful recipes first off let s take out a spider eye.

Some sugar and a mushroom that s going to give us a fermented spider i fermented spider eyes are quite an important part of potion making don t eat it though don t taste very nice next up. We ve got one of each mushroom and a bowl. If i put one of each those mushrooms there and the bowl underneath that gives us mushroom soup. Now a bowl of mushrooms drew when you eat it will restore six of your food bars.

That it s a significant food stuff. That s two food bars better than cooked beef. However if you come in and take these ingredients and pop them into your crafting grid. Just like this rabbit at the top bowler bottom potato in the middle carrot on the left.

And then either mushroom. Doesn t matter. Which one on the right you get rabbit stew. A rabbit soup will restore.

Ten of your hunger bar. Now you could eat the separate angry and restore 13 of them. But actually it s a lot easier for storage for rabbits jus. There is one really interesting food that we haven t talked about yet.

If you take one of each mushroom and a bowl and different flower types you can make something else. That s very interesting put the mushrooms in like this grid..

And then perhaps take an alien and pop. It there we have got a bulb of suspicious stew now it s suspicious because it can have some strange effects. Now there are many different effects that you can get from suspicious apart from regenerating. 6.

Bars of hunger for example. The allium will give you fire resistance for 4 seconds. The oxide daisy will give you regeneration for 8 seconds. The poppy will give you night vision for 5 seconds and the wither will give you the wither effect for 8 seconds.

But i wonder what the a sea of blue. It is gonna do should we have a look. I am a little bit hungry after all hang on i ve gone blind. I ve gone blind whew.

Thank goodness that blindness only ousted eight seconds. So many applications for this wild and wacky fungus in minecraft next. Time you wander past the humble mushroom. Just remember this video and think how many different things you can do with it.

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