Everything You Need To Know About ENDERMEN In Minecraft!

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“A. Neutral three. Block. Tool.

Mob introduced in. Minecraft. Beta. 18.

The nature of enderman. Enderman. Was inspired by the famous fictional supernatural character..


The slender man who was said you saw him it was already too late the iconic tall dark. Slender figure was reflected in their design enderman deal two hearts of damage on easy difficulty. Three and a half hearts are normal and a whopping five hearts of damage on hard. They also have twenty hearts of health making enderman.

One of the most strongest mobs in the game. They can spawn anywhere on solid blocks in the overworld in areas with a light level of seven or less in packs of one to four on their homeworld. More commonly known as the end they flood. The barren landscape spawning in groups of four enderman will not attack you if you get close to them.

However if you look directly at their bodies head or upper legs from less than sixty five blocks away. They ll be provoked to attack you and they ll begin teleporting towards you until they engage you can melee combat after you kill an enderman they have a chance to drop an ender pearl you can also find ender pearls located in chests found in various generated structures in the overworld ender pearls can also be used for teleporting just like enderman. However you have to throw the pail and wherever..


It lands is where you ll be instantly teleported to keep in mind. However this will consume the ender pearl and your two and a half hearts of instant damage armor with protection or feather falling enhancements will reduce this damage. They also have a small chance of spawning. An endermite after use ender pearls.

When combined with blaze powder can create an eye of ender eye of enders can be used to track strongholds by throwing them. But this time instead of being launched through the air. They will flow towards a strong halt. However they do tend to explode sometimes when the eye of ender stops moving in a direction or floats towards the ground instead of flowing upwards.

That indicates a stronghold is directly below the surface. Which you can beam down through the earth to discover. Once you find the stronghold you may run into an end portal..


Which sends you to the end to use the portal. You ll need a total of twelve eye of enders to be placed in each of the twelve end portal blocks eye of enders can also be used to craft an ender chest. When combined with eight blocks of obsidian. The biggest thing to note about enderman which most people already know is that they can teleport a few things can trigger enderman to teleport one of them being water and rain if they ever come into contact with one of these they will teleport away until they find a safe location for themselves enderman may also attempt to teleport away after they have endured several hits from a player and sometimes they can simply get lazy.

So they do it to get around they mostly do this a day. So they can find a dark spot for them to settle. There is a way to stop them from teleporting. However at daytime.

If they re standing on sole sand. They will not attempt to teleport unless they take damage enderman can also pick up certain blocks at their own desire which can be quite annoying sometimes when they do this they will tend to teleport away and place down the block somewhere else. Killing..


An enderman that s holding a block. Unfortunately won t make them drop it well that concludes this episode. I hope you found that informative. I actually chose to do this episode on enderman before other mobs purely because of the amount of requests so if there s a mob or item.

You wish to know more about be sure to let me know in the comments. My name is mr. Cooby and as always thanks for stopping by but before i end the video its trivia time once again. It s possible to look directly at enderman without provoking them to ” .


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