Excel, Office: Adding, editing, and removing legends lynda.com

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“Most charts should contain legends nto help explain what chart elements refer to you need need to know how to nremove a legend how to add a legend on those that don t have them nand edit or reposition legends. Within a chart as well pretty easy stuff here and you can achieve nthese objectives. A couple of different ways in this chart. There is a legend on the right hand nside and that s just fine.

That s the default location. I think that s where we are used to seeing na legend. However if we select this chart and go to nthe layout tab..


We can choose the option legend and instead of showing it on nthe right show it on top sometimes nthat looks better personal choice of course on the left. And without going nthrough every single one of these you get the idea you might notice the last two here overlay legend at right certainly not a ngood choice here overlay on the left. Maybe more. So no matter where the legend does end up you ncan click and drag it we could have done that from the beginning nbefore even going into the menu.

But you can click and drag this usually just click on it drag a border put nit wherever you want and if you want to leave it. There that s nfine. A good follow up on this would be to give nit..


A background color zip out to the to the format tab perhaps choose one of these noptions pop a color on it there we go. And if you have to see. Those ahead of time nyou can certainly do this. 00.

01. 13415. Drag it around and explore nwhat those might look like so easy to handle if the legend is larger..


If it encompasses nmore entries than this one sometimes what you will want to do to possibly is resize nthis. If we had four entries there it might do this nor stack them up two by two and so on so you can resize the legend as well and you can certainly get rid of a legend njust by clicking on it and pressing delete again most of the time you probably do want na legend. But there are certain pie charts when you might have applied data labels neven bar charts or the label that contains all of the information that nthe legend might so it s easily added and if we simply want to add legend right nafter. We create a chart.

It s not a bad idea to go to the ndesign tab and choose one of the chart layout options that has legends in it nand at the same time pick up on the titles. As well many of these have legends on the right hand nside after you get used to this nparticular feature. You will recognize some of that have the legend on the bottom ntoo for example..


This one. So you see different options there different nways to control the placement of ” ..

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