External IDE CD Drive on a Netbook

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“Welcome to another episode of hack a week. The project that was working on this this last weekend went into overtime. So you know what i ve got a quickie. I m gonna put up this week.

This is a little problem. I solved a couple of weeks ago. And so i figured it would make a good hack that i could share with you and it involves getting the information from a cd rom onto a netbook that doesn t have a cd drive built in now you may say i could just go buy a external cd reader or rewriter for you know anywhere from fifty to a hundred bucks. But that would just be way too easy and there s no hack involved so i got thinking about it a little bit and it didn t take long for the problem solving brain.

I have to come up with this i ve got an old ide drive kicking around which actually survived. The bob pease computer toss. And i ve got also a usb hard drive external box yep and it s got its own power supply. And i thought hey.


It s a ide drive. Why not just try plugging it in to the ide cable and see what happens so let s do that and see what happens okay pretty basic stuff here kind of plug and play really. This is the power supply for this external hard drive box. This is one of those boxes that you can put a ide hard drive into and then just package it back up inside the box like so and screw.

The cover in place and hook up a usb cable and there you go pretty simple. So what i m going to do is connect it up to the dvd rom. I have just plug into the ide cable first and then plug in the power supply socket. We will connect up our power supply.

Here. This is a 5 and 12 volt. Power supply that came with this thing. And i ve used it since in lots of hacks and stuff.


That s why it s got the alligator clips on it it s actually a really handy power supply. So we ll plug that in it s got a ps2 socket. How quaint the power plugged in here make sure we get that plug the right way okay and then we have to connect a usb cable. So here we go usb cable into the controller board.

I suppose i should set that board on something the size of the carpet. Here let s do that plug the other end into the netbook and then let s turn it on if you have power let s try loading up a cd help turn on the power strip. Okay. What s going on what could be wrong all right let s double check everything power strips on power supply is connected.

They re going didn t have the plugin all the way here the old little debunk sound turn up my volume of it so here s the cd that i want to read put that in there. And it s reading. I hear it doing its thing over here to the netbook and yes indeed it looks like it s busy reading found new hardware usb mass storage device. And there it is it opened up the autorun.


Okay. Let s try an audio cd which should work just fine. This is a band i used to play with in hawaii called electric soup let s see if we get audio cds playing here don t think i have itunes on here it ll probably open in windows media player look. It s still trying to read it here doesn t sound too happy there it goes maybe let s open a windows explorer window here see what we got there s the dvd drive it says.

Please insert a disc. So i did not like that burn cd disc for some reason or other could be something is on there i don t know but anyway that solves a problem and i think that s pretty cool. It s really simple and i suppose if i wanted to run this full time. I could just hack out all of this junk here.

The controller board and everything and permanently attach it to this. But there s no need to do that really because that way i can keep using this for other things as well. So that s about it it s not much of a hack. It s a quickie hack dvd cd rom from an old computer connected up to a external hard drive box run it into the netbook.


So if you need to get something on a netbook and you ve got an old ide drive around and an old external hard drive box hook them all up and have fun. I don t see any reason. Why this wouldn t work also with a sata drive and a sata external box. So anyway.

That s about it it s a quickie hack next week. We will have more fun stuff with the parallax components. I m working on the compass module. A little project to have going with that so until then keep on hacking.

” ..

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