Facebook password reset without Email And Number 100 % Working

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“Friends today. I will tell you some tricks about the facebook. So first of all all we may up in the account. And you can easily reset your password or account settings.

Without any email or id or mobile. Number so the today s or i am telling you very important things so must be watch my video first of all i telling you if you have any account and its was a hacked or your passwords cannot be matched. So you can first a follow searching your name and after then i will be reset your password you only following the my rules and steps you can very easily do it for evolve. So first of all i telling you i have a some id.

But it s a can t be opened today. I will telling you and this is my ig and it can be put so if you are forget. It s a no problem if you have already another accounts you can be open. So i telling you it s and not be messed password in front of you ok.

It s not defined so no problem. If you have any other accounts you can be open and after then first of all you can t be log in and find telling you step by steps now you can such okay. It s my account so it s a telling you how to get it my net wallah slower so very really sorry for that so friends this is your id. It s a very important ok if you are annoying.

So first of all you can be copied okay. So now i am copied it and now i am logout because it s doing all things are a step by steps so and it s keep secrets don t we ask everyone okay so now you first of all forget click on the forgot password. And when you collect the forget password then again you here you can be searched email phone username and et cie..


This is also you can be called it s a user id for through from the facebook. Okay now i am i searched it okay now it s my account so now i am telling you did how you opened. It okay. So there are the two options for through the email and second is through the number.

But i cannot be accept together. So now i am a again login and put any one password. Okay okay. Now i am put it watched.

It and same condition when this options in front of you then then you collect control. Sree source. Open. The resource of the pets.

Okay. Oh. No again i ma click. It it s open html and these all pages.

I will telling you now so again name click for and spot options. Now it s open in front of your friends and friend. First of all you can do promise don t be asked travel went because then every one person s dying..


It s also hacked your account. So it s depend on you so. Now you have a click on the facebook. Okay when you click on the facebook.

There is the option for the body and you can check you can be market and after then click. There is step by steps body. Then second step you click on the body. There s option for the body.

And now. This is the up kind in front of you there is some tricky words. So friend. Now.

Now this you can be such okay. Now you can be click on the body box click on the marks. Okay and after then after then it s all selected you can be default. It okay and and and and and finally these all things are okay now you against again click your password.

Any password you can put okay again okay. Now your password is saved and france a few friends so must be watched it again you can we find it there is option actor okay. These are slits after then again you can be click ok..


In a problem. Now you take feedback message. Okay. Then there s option for your id.

There s option for the id. Okay. I am. Such it takes some time for sorry for waiting.

Okay. Fantasia option for the find ctrl f. When you press ctrl f. There s you can be searched e id e id.

Okay finder the option for the eid and there s this l. The passwords so in front of you this is the passwords in front of you and you can be easily get the passwords. Okay now i am a control. And okay.

It s a pest in front of you okay it means it is a pest copied okay now i am a pest on there in front of you must be watched. It and you can give me a suggestion about my video. If you re like our dislikes..


Not problem. But must be give me a position through the comment and if you want be have we have any help need to help so i want to be provide you must be can take me through the comment and now i so france in front of you i am a pest. Okay. And there s also i am a copy from where and now i am a login in front of you must be watched and if you like my video.

So must be give me a suggestion and must be subscribed me. And now. I am a collect one two three go let s watch okay friends in front of you it s opened. So fran.

What do you think about my video. And it s really amazing and must be shared with your friends. And i hope you are enjoying and you are watching my video and finally if you have a need any any informations. I will be provide you so thanks for watching my video and lastly finally again requests you must be subscribed my video.

It s my profile and i hacked it and front of you so thank you for watching bye bye. ” ..

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