Final Fantasy 7 Part 146 – Catastrophe, Final Heaven, and Omnislash.

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“Right our next stop is carell once again to get barrett s catastrophe. It s s final in a break. I think we just go into this house right here. It s this house maybe not don t worry old timer.

I think ride. It s one of these houses here. There s an old lady in it this one maybe stupid weekend. Oh all right sir so we get barrett s catastrophe.

And that s a fur as final limit breaks goes. It s probably the best next time they slash and tifa s obviously because unlike like all creation and cosmo memory. It doesn t have a set amount of damage a cat you break. It s quick barrett here four seconds actually i don t reach them.

Yet there it still has warning every more than the break from before you can really okay we need to do that big guy sorry okay next. We have this chief of than the brake. Which is fairly easy as well let s go back to nibble heineman player piano stay away from all the locals weird people upsy daisy okay i ll go for it. I remember no i don t regular mozart.

I forgot there we go i need those buttons. Okay. Let me. Let me see i have it written down here.

It is dou dou rea. Me what is t where s t. How come i can t press it curr let me try this again hold on doh ray me t..


Law. Where s law. No it s like the i m going extremely. Slow.

They ll rape. A so. What is so oh yeah. X.

So. Far. Doh. Ray doe.

And i think. That s it. What jill are you talking about hold on a second all right there we go i guess i went too slow for it last time. People what s happened to our town was it all an illusion or just a dream.

No it was neither i remember trying to get the people out of the flames. But not having the strength burn with anger. I went to kill oh wait. I went to the reactor to kill suffer off who the hell is that i think it s design god.

But he was nowhere to be found and said i found you collapsed inside. I felt saving you is far more important than going after sephiroth there are several others that were still alive inside. But i was the only able to save you jesus christ as i was coming out of the reactor shinra troops were just arriving..


I recall. A scientist named hojo was in charge. He ordered the troops to gather up everyone still alive for the experiment. Ah.

So we see where zack and cloud got into this experiment. Thing. I didn t know what type of experiment. He was talking about but i wasn t about to let him have my dearest student yep.

This is thank god putting you on my back. I headed down the mountain to the village. I use the cure spell on you many times. Okay start the head from midgar to look for a doctor for you i didn t like that city.

But my cure spells weren t helping. I decided to go to midgard to find a doctor. I could trust i m worried about you. But i can t settle down in one place for very long.

Have you recovered. Fully are you well and this guy. Who writes a lot i wonder how many years pass since then i just got into town again oh. But i can t believe it the whole town is back to normal.

Except for the strange beings with black clothes all around reunion ding ding ding town rinks reeks of shinra but i won t go after them you may think i m running from them. But it s just that i don t want anything to do with shin or anymore feels like time is running out. I m sure you ll find this letter and this gift for you should come in handy..


I can t even jump anymore. But i hope you continue to sharpen your skills. And remember what i taught you oh thanks and gone now we get the final heaven. The chief is very far away from the luna break.

Actually oh alright alright alright alright save it for later champ yep. You still have to get her all her three level limit breaks and then we ll give her the final heaven. After that. But the only limit break that we have left.

I believe is clouds omni slash. And it does take the longest to get so i m gonna start to get that in the next video. I mean um well i ll put it in this video. But i ll splice the clips together so we have to go to the gold saucer and win the battle square a whole bunch of times.

I ll see you there alright folks here we are the battle square. Where we re gonna get clouds on these slash materia you have to have ten gp to register for the battle square. And we re gonna have a cloud participate of course and you have to do a bunch of time so i ll just show this this one time there s lots of things you get in the battle square action. I m planning to get all of them because if you get all the items in here.

If you get the final attack. Materia you have to get every single item available in the battle square and then you ll be able to re enter the special battle square. Where at the end of that you get the final attack materia. So i m not going to show that good it s pretty repetitive.

But i ll just tell you guys right now horse and title another spot image broadcasters. I think that confuses me edward damn. I don t know these guys have been flogged smells don t do it bastard this bitch is starting to annoy me trying to go for that stupid frog..


One thing final five sevens not short of it is extremely long animations for their spelling come on boys is that the best you got i m 11 double slash of course. If i lost my van lost my mp materia oh man that s gonna be tough gonna cast a ranger by myself try another betta those guys suck oh man. I could kill that sort of matter. Thank you running out of time here in my video.

You guys are taking up way too much time on there we go of course magic s done that is a big ass go. It s a meteor anus biatch and we did now you can t leave the battle square. Unless you lose all your points look at that you get a ton. Though fisher.

Awesome so you have to have a ton of gp before you come in here. So to get to the special battle swear you buy all these and the rednecks page and all right stuff. And we re looking for omni slashers. 3200 and we re gonna get.

W. Sauna. And probably a championship belt to screw it so i m just gonna work on that and i ll see you guys in the next video. When i get it alright folks.

I finally got enough to get omni slash cuz. I m gonna go ahead and get it. And it s not too hard so cloud a henry final and break now most excellent. We ll see it later when i have a chance to a fight out here and that s it for all the limit breaks.

We got every single one thank you guys for watching in the next one the next video. I don t know what we re gonna do we ll see we ll see what ” ..

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