Final Fantasy X-2 How to beat Shinra in Sphere Break

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“Guys i have a gift for you that is going to help you defeat shinra shinra easily without any mad skills. I have developed a chart that you can easily and all you have to do is input. Those numbers in order now in this chart. I made them based on multiples of certain numbers.

Let s start with an example. The first number is based on multiple of two here. And i have to solve this based on multiple of two and i m going to use four coins for each one. So if you look at my chart.


I have a list of numbers for multiple of two when using. When you use the chart do not use any other numbers only use the lowest numbers of multiples that they provided even though my chart has multiple of six and eight don t use those chart for this because this first break is based on multiple of two so here s a list of multiple of two s and i m gonna base these on the coins on the outer regions. Which are the silver coins for multiple twos. The silver coins.

Have one two three five and seven and eight looking at the chart. I can select any of the bold numbers for example. I want to get rid of number eight on the list so on the chart. I will start with five to eight three has listed now it s very important to always go by the numbers in order.


Because if you start the numbers in the wrong order for example. If you start with two plus eight. There you go you just made a ten and which is multiple two and you just messed up your account. If you follow the orders of the number.

I provide it it ll prevent that from happening. Let s do another example now they just gave us a multiple of nine now from the nine list. I can use silver coins. Four five and eight from my chart list.


I m gonna go ahead and use the number of five to silver because i have three fives in there in a chart. It is listed as five plus two plus seven plus five. And there you go you just scored an echo times. One and coin count of four now that you re understanding the pattern.

Watch me as i easily defeat. Shinra and spear break. There you go guys. I just defeated general within seven turns.


No math requires you just have to follow the chart in order. And you ll win an industry break all right good luck. And do your best and the winner of the first fair break tournament is hi summoner yuna presenting the reward is our sponsors lauren loney davidic. Thank you ” .


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