Firewalls Virus Protection Malware Is All This Really Needed? Wise Regstry Cleaner

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“Gun people little computer maintenance here. Everybody should have disk cleanup on whatever windows. You you re using you re gonna have that disk cleanup every once in a while should run that work in computer crimes. You re understanding computers a little bit.

I m by no means an expert in a lot of programs. But in some things i am pretty proficient looking for things etc. But your disk cleanup when you run this and in it and it goes through and it starts looking and it does all this some people put it on a schedule. I kind of like to run mine every couple days.

If i do any type of surfing or i buy something i always go back as soon as i buy something online and i do i run a disk cleanup. Because i want to get rid of any tracking and other things that the little cookies that will get on there on what you bought and you know sometimes if you use facebook you ll notice that facebook will start popping up things that you recently searched as ads. So if you search a you know cast iron skillet all of a sudden you ll see cast iron skillet ads popping up on facebook and those because of cookies that they re finding in there. So running disk cleanup will check different things that kind of add up over time and a lot of people don t check all the boxes.

Once the disk cleanup is done. I m gonna go ahead and show you a couple things that you can do so. Once your box pops up and it gives you your your thing on what s a thing you notice. None of these boxes are checked.

But yet. There s a 120 kb to 18 409 meg s six hugs here and thumbnails your thumbnails are all these little things on your on your facebook. Those are gonna be blanked. If you check thumbnails next time it loads and i always do because if you delete things or you add things this is just good computer maintenance.


I check all the boxes because i want to deleting everything in all the boxes. So i always check all the boxes a lot of people don t know what they re checking. But on this disk cleanup here for windows. It s pretty much gonna tell you it s not gonna let you die race.

Something that you really need to now. There s an option on here at the bottom that a lot of people don t use down here. That says clean up system files after i run this and check it i ll run this again and i ll come back. And i ll click that one and that will clean up a lot of your old.

Drivers. A lot of other things in there and again you write the same way. But it checks other it cleans up other things that you don t need so. This says.

If i check. This is going to clear up eleven point seven megabytes it doesn t take long i ll hit okay it ll ask me if i want to confirm delete the files. I ll hit yes and again. I don t run any firewall virus protection.

I don t run into that crap. I don t run windows essentials. Look you know a lot of that is fear mongering a little bit. They want you to renew they want you to get things done.


So i don t run a whole bunch of that there is a program that i would recommend you download that i really like it s called wise cleaner and let s see it says registry cleaner. So why is registry cleaner. This is eight. I think there s a new one i didn t update it because this one works fine for me.

But i wanted to show you what you find your registry. Is where a lot of things are stored every. Time your computer starts up your registry runs. So i m going to go ahead and hit the scan and go ahead and watch this says it as it scans through here on the skin on this wise registry.

It s checking your route class all your hotkey all your things in your register. If you don t know what is checking your registry every time you download a program or you install a program it put registry entries and sometimes if you delete a program. It doesn t delete them from your registry. So what this program does is it checks your registry for all kinds of files that are either conflicting or that s not used or when they find something they check it to make sure that you still have the components to run this if you don t it ll give you an error.

See it already gave me one problem right there found right there and the other ones are saying clean because i run this about once a week. But i haven t ran it a few because i wanted to show you what i find in this one area where it always finds numerous errors right there and that section right there it found 87 errors. That s been as high as 200 and what happens when you click on this if i click on this one problem up here. It s going to give me the problem that i ve found.

And it s saying that in rick. An app. A hot key in dropbox. Because i disabled dropbox.


So it s probably saying that some guy was gonna give me a free of or let me use this program to do videos. And i need to have a dropbox. So i install dropbox so it s given that probably because i deleted it but i want you to look what happens. When i click on these and what kind of things i get on these 82 problems here notice all these chinese characters i don t know where they pick it up because i ll clear this and then i ll go to certain sites.

And i ll go to facebook and youtube and where i upload and i ll check the news and i don t find these but somehow all these chinese sites have loaded some sort of crap on here now somebody s gonna say that s cuz you know i m a firewall that s i m venturing to say that s not because why. But maybe. It is again i disabled my firewall a dip add my virus scan. I don t go to a bunch of junk sites.

I don t click on a lot of links that i don t know what i m doing i don t download stuff i don t have a bunch of kids using this if you got kids they re downloading going to these all chat sites and stuff then you probably need some sort of firewall of our section. I don t use it i ve never been hacked. I m not worried about it i ve got a trojan a couple times. I run one of the free programs avg or malwarebytes and it usually cleans up anything that i find.

But when you run this program first time you re gonna see all these errors on all these chinese things and i don t know what i think i can right click and maybe get details that doesn t really tell me what it is so again all these things if you don t ever run your registry and you don t clean it these things are in here permanently they stay in here disk cleanup does not clean your registry and i mean just in all these errors it ll speed up your computer by running this registry. Checker and get rid of now some of these register things that are in here or maybe legit programs. I delete them anyway it ll reload them if it needs to be reloaded. But all these chinese characters.

I m not a fan of i don t know where they go i don t know why they re on here. I don t know if the nsa is using a chinese characters confused people but running a registry checker if somebody s gonna put some spyware or something on your computer. They re gonna put it in your registry. So and then again all i got to do is after it runs it i just go over here and click clean and it will delete all those and it tells me how much it s cleaned and it s done and then if i was to run scan again you re gonna notice.


I don t have any errors because it cleaned all those up so all of these are gonna say clean with hopefully no errors doesn t take that long to run a first time you run. It you might find out a whole bunch of errors. I leave it a default it clears what it needs to clear it s never messed up my computer. They ve been around for a while wise cleaners is you know i also have a a wise program cleaner that i run that does a little bit thorough land cleaning other than disk cleanup that i run every once in a while but you notice all these are clean and there s nothing to clean up because it ran it and you know it has a system tune up also i ll run that every once awhile.

I ll check all the boxes. It s got a register a defrag. I have defrag it regularly so mine isn t too bad i don t need to do it but good little program wise registry cleaner. I would highly recommend it and check your registry to see fieros chinese characters i ll look for comments in case.

Somebody s a computer whiz and those what those chinese of registry entries. Where they re coming from and how they get there like i said i don t get them when i go to my standard new sites whether sites youtube or facebook. So i m not sure when i pick them up whether i m searching or accidentally click on the ad or i go to sometimes. Some of these pages with a whole bunch of ad pop ups maybe.

That s where they re getting loaded alright in that they re on a little computer maintenance it ll speed up computer to make your computer run better. It also find spyware quicker. It may identify something that shouldn t be there a couple good little programs. All right i ll try to put the download link for the wise registry cleaner in the ” .


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