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“Back i m around with tecna flux and today. We re gonna be covering the the fit bot app. Now i know that s very different from what we normally over on this channel. Which is usually related to tv and and sedentary type lifestyles.

But we re gonna talk about something that s gonna benefit you in the long run and get you ready for that beachbody because you know we all we all want that beachbody even if we say we re gonna do it every year. And it never happens so let s get into the application and we ll go over everything. And i ll explain to you why i think. It s probably one of the greatest applications for somebody who either can have access to a gym or has limited access so let s go in so.

As you can see this is the front of the first page right obviously when you re first logging into this application. It s gonna take some information from you it s gonna ask you about whether you re beginner intermediate or advanced and based off of that it s gonna give you different workout workout. Recommendations so as you can see here it gives you your your body skeleton. So you ve got the front of your body.

You have the back of your body. And as you work out different quadrants will start to go into a deeper red or a light pink depending on the string. You ve put on your body. So for the sake of an example let s go into fresh muscle groups and i m gonna change one of these just so you can get an idea of what i m what i m talking about so let s just say we re gonna edit it and we ll say oh we worked out that much you know 38 percent here.

Let s just change a bunch of these so you can get an idea of how this helps now obviously you can see that i haven t used this application in a while now plan to get back into this but of course. You know how things go once you fall off the wagon. You really fall off hard okay. So now that we ve saved this you can look back at it.

And you see so you have encouraged ins red regions. And this kind of tells you how worn down your muscles are and how much time they need to recover. And this kind of gives us an idea and a lot of is it late and it s not a 100 accurate..


But it gives us an idea of how much time we need between workouts of each particular muscle and we can look at the back side as well so and in this case. It ll say that there are zero fresh muscle groups. And that s okay so i just means. Though.

It s a good day off or in and eventually it ll say you have some fresh muscle groups and usually if once you re reaching about 70 plus. Percent. That means you re ready to go again. Now that is great because it gives you an idea of what you can do so.

What you should rest. What you should do and so on and so forth now if we go over to the workouts. And this is the amazing part about it is it will suggest workouts based on the muscle groups that you want to work out. But even one step further than that you can go into your gym.

And you can select your equipment. So if you re somebody who doesn t have a lot of equipment at home you can put in the different equipment. That you do have and it ll. Only suggest workouts based on what you have and that s amazing.

Because a lot of the times with these different workout apps. You got to go look for specific workouts. And then sometimes you might not have the exact equipment you need and then it kind of just it makes it more of a chase. And it s not very fine tuned to the point.

Where you can just go in and do your workout. So once you ve selected everything that you know you have so you ll go you ll see okay my available equipment in this case. This is the equipment that i have in our buildings..


Downstairs gym. It s not much you got some dumbbells you know flat bench you can make that flat bench incline preacher curl bench all these different types of things so you get the ibm and then you see your fitness goal and you can choose like what is your fitness. Goal and in a lot of cases people want to tone muscle and lose weight. And then you have your workout duration typically.

I mean it depends everyone s different. But the average answer is usually one hour and then if you re somebody who just wants to do bodyweight exercise you can take that off and it ll only give you that there s circuits and supersets. Which is a little more advanced. If you re somebody who does work out often and then there s cardio recommendations fitness experience i would consider myself intermediate.

But if you do change that to beginner for example then it ll give you workouts that are more aimed towards somebody who is just starting out so they re easier to do and you can exclude exercises and then muscle recovery percentage. So you get the idea and then there s the training splits. Which are basically different methods of working out different muscle groups and you can decide what you want to do there. I mean so that s kind of just giving you idea of what it s like when you go into the your gym menu so in this case.

This is what it s suggesting to me based on the workouts. That i ve done and and what muscle groups are ready to work out on what aren t technically it says there s zero fresh muscle groups. But that doesn t mean i can t work out anything right like a lot of times people will go they ll do you know bench press and then you know two days later they still have a little bit of soreness. But you can still go ahead.

And do that again. I mean typically you should be doing it working out each muscle group two times a week. I mean that s the rule of thumb. So you go in and let s just start a workout to get an idea of what that s like so we ll start our workout and this is where the really really neat things about this this app come out so you ll go and obviously you can add exercises if you want to move exercises you can so if you hold on it ll show you an example so that s what if you don t know what it is right and it ll say what you need and that s what makes it very intuitive so you ll go in you ll say okay.

I m gonna do five reps. Obviously. These are just these are random numbers..


And then once you start using it very often so then it ll generate more accurate numbers. So you have your sets you can add warm up sets. If you or if you don t you don t have to so let s say in this case that i i do all these will log all the cents right and then we can go forward on to the next one and so on and so forth. So what are the neat things about this this application is that when you go into these these workouts and you do them right you see that it actually keeps a record of your best and your worst and and it shows you on a graph and at the end of each workout.

It ll tell you hey you beat your score on most volume or you ll beat your score on most repetitions and that kind of gives you motivation and unless you know hey you re making progress because a lot of times. When we go into a gym. We just kind of wing. It we don t really think about the long term of it we re just thinking hey we just want to go in to lift some weights and go home.

But the reality is if you re not planning you re not really making progress and you re not seeing that progress. But of course when you re when you re blogging. It you re visually seeing that hey you know this week. I lifted i bench pressed 10 more pounds than last week.

And that definitely gives you incentive to first of all want to keep logging and want to keep working out so that s where that works out really well no pun intended so anyway. We ll back out of this now or even in this case. Say you only end up doing one workout right we ll go finish workout. Right and you can sync to all these different things it ll say how much volume you did how many calories you burned how many exercises you did the duration of your workout.

All these things are vital to calculating things and i know a little log workout and there you go. And i will say hey you what did i do here dumbbell bench. Press. Projected 1 rep.

Max record so that means. That s pretty good it ll show you what like where you re going progress wise. So if you want to see more records you re just gonna swipe you can see more so anyway..


And then you can share if you re into doing that and of course it ll show you a log of like all the workouts. You ve done so of course like i said i used to use this app. A lot and i fell off the wagon as a lot of people do when they re heading to the gym. So that s log that s workout.

That s the recovery page and of course it ll show you how many days. It s been since your last workout. Which gives a good idea of how long you re waiting between honestly. This application is probably the best the absolute best for versatility for for detail for keeping records.

It s just it s definitely the best application in terms of fitness. And this is probably the best way to go at whether you re beginner your commedia or your advanced. And i m not getting paid to say any of this this is actually a genuine opinion. And this is so come from someone who s who does use and who has done 90 workouts on there obviously the one that we just log doesn t count so i don t know you guys should check it out it is on android.

It s on apple. It s on pretty well i think any smartphone you can get it you should definitely check it out and maybe work towards your goals of fitness this summer. And and get that beachbody you guys have been working for and to end or not working for depending on your situation. Thank you guys for watching we do plan to do a lot more videos coming forward.

And i will probably be doing two to three a week. Covering different things between tech videos and applications all sorts of different stuff. And you know hopefully you guys enjoy that if you guys have any questions about the app or if you have any recommendations or any things you want me to review or any of us to review please let us know in the comments below and i look forward to speaking with you guys soon ” ..


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