Fix Ethernet Doesn t Have A Valid IP Configuration in Windows

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“You guys gonna have a fix it video here for you now i ve just just reinstalled windows 10 and on boot up on getting unidentified in network that no access. This is quite a common theme that can happen and it can be quite daunting for some people assaf or make a video to show you how to resolve the problem. Now you can see here. I m just going to quickly run the troubleshooter and the error message that you re going to see is probably the more better known error message that you ll see here so let this just finish.

And we ll see what the error message. Says you can see ethernet doesn t have a valid ip configuration and not fixed. And no matter. What you try and do inside here is not going to be able to fix it that easy and i ll show some steps that i ll take to try and resolve this problem.

So let s right click on the start button. Here and go to device manager and inside here in network adapters you can see the network driver is installed and it says. It s working ok so this can be quite misleading. Then you can start panic into wondering.

What s going on with your system. So there s going to command prompt and run this as administrator by type in cmd in the search box here once we re in here. We re going to go net sh space windsock and in space. And we re going to the reset.

And just push enter and you can see it s successfully reset the windsock catalog. Now we can do net sh space. Int and then space ip and then reset. And then just give that a reset.

There we go you will need to restart your computer. Just to get those to take effect. So i won t bore you were those parts so i expect you to go and restart your computer. But i m going to just run this before i do that i p.

Config space at forward slash flush dearness. Now. I would restart the computer..


Ok. So just go ahead. And do that once you ve restarted your computer and you come back. We re gonna go down to where the network icon is down on the bottom right right click on this and open up network and internet settings click on change connection properties then click on change adapter options you can see here unidentified network.

What we re gonna do here is click on this go properties and just make sure in the internet. Protocol version 4 click on this one just make sure it says. Obtain an ip address automatically and obtain dns automatically so we re good to go there so i can close these off. That s okay so just go through you little glimmery checks.

Here and just make sure go back to your start button. And open up device manager here. And what you want to do is go to your network. Adapter here.

I try to uninstall this just right click and click uninstall now. I m just gonna uninstall this and then i m gonna do a scan for hardware changes. Now. If you restart your computer.

You may lose the driver. Altogether. And that can happen so it s entirely up to you what you want to do there so in the search box type in cmd and we re going to run. This as administrator and open a command prompt up again and we re going to type in a couple of commands here so the first one.

We re gonna do is i pee config space forward slash release and just release that such as push enter and the next one. We re gonna do is ip. Config and then we re gonna do space. Afford slash renew this may take a bit of time so be patient once that s completed.

We re gonna go over and do another command here. Which is a fluster dns as well so let that do its thing now i just wanted to show you here you can do ip config. Ford..


Slash slash dns or those other commands you don t need to put the space in on windows 10. It does allow you to get away with that so you can use that method as well so what were to do is restart the system here now you re gonna need another pc to download. The driver. Because obviously.

The driver is important because the oddware won t work without a driver so i ve gone onto another computer and downloaded the network driver. I know that this driver for this motherboard is problematic and it never installs properly. When i do a format. So basically i ve had to get the driver on another system and put it onto a flash drive and then put it back onto here.

So what we re gonna do is go ahead and install this driver. Here you may need to disable your antivirus program and then go through the motions here and install the driver. So we re gonna do is let this install bunch of boxes will pop up. Don t worry about that just let those install and once they ve been installed.

We ll need to restart our computer. So just going to let that go ahead and finish off it s quite a hefty install this killer performance suite. It s a that s a bit of a beast. Though for a network driver.

But it seems to have to be installed on this particular board. Which is the x99 motherboard so i m gonna restart the system and i ll be back so once you ve restarted your system on the restart. You may see this pop up here. And that s a good sign.

So. We re gonna say yes. Here and once we ve done this if we do a troubleshoot on the network. Here now let s just go ahead and quickly do this it says no internet now so it s not unidentified.

It just says no internet. So that s a different sign there so what i m gonna do is do a troubleshoot on this just to show you what comes up now. So let s just troubleshoot problems..


Now it won t obviously work just yet. But i just wanted to show you that there be a different he and he says restart your broadband modem and router. So basically that s what he s telling me to do so that s what you want to do next. So basically you want to go ahead.

And do that so you want to shut the pc down and once you ve shut the pc down. So i want to power the pc down then you want to unplug both the router and the modem and then you want to wait about thirty seconds. Once you ve waited about 30 seconds plug in the modem and then let it power on wait till. The lights are solid on the modem and it s fully loaded normally this takes about 60 seconds.

Then you want to plug back in the rooter and then wait about two minutes until it s fully loaded up once that s fully loaded. And it s stable you want to power the pc back on and see. If the problem has been resolved. It s important that you wait for that amount of time just so you give it time to load in and when you boot the pc back up you should have internet access back up and running and this is a very common problem.

And it used to be more problematic in xp in windows seven days and of course when people formatted their system. And they didn t have the restore image on the system. And that got corrupted. They would normally end up with this problem here and that s what gimli would cause no internet access and it s quite easy to fix once you take your time and go through those procedures is pretty straightforward.

Once you ve done all this you can go ahead and start updating all your drivers for your chipset and all your motherboard and that s why it s important sometimes this cd. Motherboard cd used to be a really important role because obviously used to have the cd rom drive and then after cd for the motherboard drivers and back in the earlier days. That was important because it had all your drivers for your network and most people when they formatted their system. The drivers never got installed and of course.

They would have no internet access and if they only had one pc. They wouldn t be able to do anything can a lot of homes. Only had one pc back then and it was quite common so then they would call a pc tech out to go fix their problem. I would go along there with my driver cds with bundles of drivers and installed the network drive.

And bob sure you gotta fix pc. Now faithfully today windows. 10..


Takes a care. A lot of this problem. And it s just the odd machine or the odd board. I ve seen that it doesn t install the network drivers.

But it s quite rare today that when those 10 doesn t take care of this problem. And sometimes. It s just a little issue and the old hidden partition back in the day with the restore partition malware used to mess all that up and stuff like that so it used to be difficult to try to resolve those problems with a broken restore. Partition and then use that just go ahead.

And read install windows with a cd and of course. Once windows is finished installing it would only install windows and all the chipset drivers would be left. Which would be your network drivers and all that sort of stuff. So people used to try to slipstream their drivers into a windows disk and of course when they installed windows it would install all their drivers as well sadly.

That s not a really big part of today. We don t do that too much today but back in the day that s how it used to be anyway. That was a little trip down memory lane. I m gonna in this video.

That s basically how you can resolve this issue. My name is ben brian from brighter computer s k gel. Uk hope this one helps you out if you ve got any other problems and you want to chat about them then pop on their discord server. It s free to join we can chat on there there s a bunch of texts on there that would help you out.

But anyway have a great day and i will see you again for another video real soon thanks again bye for now now. If you haven t subscribed. Yet hit the big red subscribe button on my youtube channel and hit the bill notification bar next to that to be notified when we upload new videos. ” .


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