Fix S9 S9+ Fingerprint Sensor Stops Working

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“You buy an att branded s9 plus this is something that you need to watch watch out for because it may seem like your fingerprint scanner is not working. But probably is so when i was setting it up you know you go through all the steps and you know set up your fingerprints and you know everything was pretty much like normal. And it would verify that your finger principle working. Then i would go you know turn off the screen.

I go put my finger on the fingerprint sensor and you know you just be tapping away and like nothing would happen. And i was like what is that all about and i you know did some research online guys are saying you know delete the fingerprints free adam. Don t don t do the the swiping gesture to add your fingerprint. There the old school tap tap tap tap tap on the fingerprint sensor and add it that way.

So. I did that it s a turn off the fingerprint gestures on the on the screen..

There s some different things you can do with the s9 plus. They said the gesture is messed with the fingerprint scanner. I turned all that off i mean i messed around with it messed around with it and if the screen was off. I could not get the phone to wake up with the fingerprint sensor and i mean i ve been messing with these phones for a long time.

And anymore. Like you know the five t here. It s boom. It s lightning fast and that s what i ve been used to i thought something s wrong with the phone.

So i ended up calling up samsung. They didn t know they just told me..

If it s broke and return it they didn t offer any kind of replacement. They re like just reorder. It well when i selected to return the phone. It canceled the order that i had for the dex pad.

Which has not been shipped yet and it kind of you know that really kind of ticked me off like i didn t want it for for free if i wasn t going to keep the phone. But at the same time. I just wanted a replacement phone. I wanted to send this one back and back in the werk after that happened i can t mess around that can t mess around with it and i ended up finding out how to fix it so here s the fix and i actually found this out from i don t remember some random website online.

But the dude had the same trouble i did and he he went right to the solution so you re gonna come into settings and you re gonna search for and it s already here in my history you gonna search for secure lock settings okay find that that s for your pen okay now i have no way to really verify this. But what the you forum was saying online is it on the 18 t..

Firmware. You see this up here. Where it says secure lock time right now mine says screen will be locked instantly with the power key power key or screen timeout. You tap this that is not the default.

The default is ten minutes okay. The screen will be locked. After 10 minutes of inactivity. So that s what it looks like when the phone comes from samsung.

So then you turn this off and you go to hit the you hit the fingerprint sensor back here and this thing will not wake up and the reason. I knew you know after i submitted the return request the reason..

I knew that something had to be a software. Thing was because i would get frustrated and i set the phone down. And i d go back to my five teen and i come back and pick up this phone and i d hit the fingerprint sensor and it would unlock. But it would only do it once and i couldn t figure out what was going on and you know that setting is so buried in there that i honestly don t know if i would have found it without that that site so if if this is you if you bought one of these phones and you re like dude.

What is wrong with the fingerprint sensors. The odds are good it s probably nothing you just come in here. When you set that thing to instantly and then turn off the screen. And then it says you hit the fingerprint sensor.

It s on that s it ” ..

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