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“When you re siting on something like a poster. You re not gonna do a a works cited page or you re not gonna do parenthetical citations like you would an essay. Where you have to parentheses. An author s last name so what people use in professional publications.

Like posters or brochures. Or things. Like that is actually footnotes okay so we re going to show you how to do footnotes and basically. If this was your poster.


You are going to put a number one after your first fact like this and then you ll put a number two after your second fact and how you do that is you just under the home ribbon. You just go right up here. And this little x with the two above. It is the superscript button.

So you just click that and then you type your i guess we re in a two okay so for each. Fact you add a new number so one two three etc and then what you re gonna do is create a box in the bottom. Where you will have your citations that match those okay so for the first fact you re gonna then paste in the citation that goes along with that so i m going to draw another teeny tiny text box and put it right here. And you might think oh.


It s gonna be so small nobody can see it that doesn t really matter okay. The important part is that your citation is there and really the rest of it is about the visuals. Okay so people want to be able to find the citation. If they need it.

But. But it should not be the focus of what you re doing okay so again. I m going to add in the one see how tiny that is that s okay we don t want it to get in the way of our beautiful poster and then i m gonna shut off the one right after it and i m gonna go and copy my source from my easybib. Okay.


So i m just gonna copy this one. If this was my first source. I mean you do ctrl c. And then i m gonna go back to my powerpoint or my publisher and i m gonna do ctrl v oops i know that s right okay so see how tiny it is but the the one is just a little bit higher than the other one okay.

So that s gonna be number your number one and then if you have a number two let s say your second fact comes from the same source. You re gonna put your two in there. You re gonna do home ribbon. Superscript.


Two unsupervised. An abbreviation for a latin word. That means the same okay and then that s all you would do and if the next citation is different you would again do ibid ibid and if it s a new one then you would paste your new your new citation from easybib after the number three all right so that s the quick version of how you create footnotes and notice. Once your box is done you re going to have to kind of adjust the size of it and adjust the size of your other text.

So that it all fits on there and you can see ” ..

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