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“Made a fortnight emote and it s in the store. Oh my god i want want to cry. It s just pokey. It s just.

Me nia. No dear dude. Heard pokey man. Came out.

With this moat. Oh. Yeah. I run into a duo phil and i find someone with the emote.

I m gonna peepee poo poo my pant hands okay okay sorry i i made a fortnight emote and it s in the store. Oh my god i want to cry and it s gonna be in a game in a store in a game. There s no skin for now maybe someday. But for now.

I do little dance. This also kicks off the emote royale contest. So if you want your own little dance in fortnight. All you have to do is make one on tik tok and hashtag this and you re entered to do it i believe they did this a year ago or two right literally they approached me for it and then i had to spend a weekend.

A while ago figuring out what i wanted the dance to be and like trying to think of like a a beat and it was it s so awkward cuz. I m like telling them i m like okay i wanted to sound like that that did dude is that not the cutest thing at look at the end with the cell. The end a phone comes out and it selfie. I asked for that specifically and i was like can you please can you please make it can you please make it happen please can you can you please do the thing.

Where my phone comes out would that be possible and they did it they said yes..

It s just pokey. It s just me nia me smiley by the way okay okay. Sorry. Sorry sorry.

Okay. I can play game now no dear dude. I heard pokey man came out with this emote huh. Oh.

My god yeah and then there s like a little phone at the end no way shut up. I ll know i killed ninja look. Yeah. Dude.

Now everyone s gonna say like playing with you i killed him. Please don t please no death give. I just said why d people happy in a fortnight game. We all just do this you know what we can play one more yes.

I think we can just ready up again. It ll work okay dying dying while doing my dance not so nice me and greek playing fortnight pagas hello hello. Yeah. What s up man not much do you want the do you wanna code ok do we talk about mystery of the dancer.

The dance. The dance. I m good honestly shut up. I m good oh ok.

No worries then i ll just keep them to myself..

And give them to chat come back. I m sorry i mean after i should probably try to do like your dance. But i m just say about it like copying. Oh my god do it i tried to make it like simple enough so that people could copy it ok shy ghetto common just give it one quick go.

Yeah. I agree. This is gonna be like this. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly ok.

I can hate my life. You did. Good. You did.

Good. I m so proud it dumped is wake up and look at my dance you like this dump dump dump okay piece dump dump dude that s like this skin you re using it with this so good for it. See. This that s exclusive buddy you like that bit yeah good like that exclusive dance.

May the hookups help your dad don t kill my queen. Where is it how s dad all right take him out dude. So good i mean he got a rocket launcher shields. And a shotgun.

I m disappointing you and i just say no it s fine really i also wasn t able to hide my screen hello please respond i need to do it with the mic hi foggers dude..

You re like the second person. I ve gotten with a mic all day with a pistol ton abode. Oh are you role playing kind of kind of kinky for our first duo. Don t you think nice to meet you right can we land together oh that s a roleplay.

I can do i kind of look like her too. So many people i can t even take my part and pistol. Is also sucked by the way can we go again. Hey um.

What s your name likely real name no no your real person right nice to meet you greg holiday right can i weird flex okay. But i have to do it in games. So it ll have to be you know after we land and stuff okay can i weird flex tonya. I i m a i made this emo lose me see the loss phone at the little selfie.

Yeah. Yeah. I did it are you proud of me. Greg are you proud of me gregory thanks.

They expect if he s a lot she doesn t want me talking the lady. My lady your yeah yeah. It s jelly so cute that you call her my lady or can you like not respond any more now. Oh my god yeah.

She wants to talk to you i m so down true. She doesn t realize she just through your headset yeah she mad at me no she s mad at me cuz. I i have no idea i m broke red flag. I do it s strictly business.

Oh hell yeah..

I will be invoicing you later on oh. My gosh just boom himself nice. No please don t fight me please. Fight.

Each. Other. Oh hey. That was a joke to many people and they re all around oh.

They re literally all around i actually got him it s my freaking smg oh so cute yeah yeah i want to be best friends milady she wants to be your friend i want to be the bestest it s your girlfriend. Actually matter like joking that the first one which one is the first one i feel so weird. That s never happened to me before like a girlfriend. Actually just getting mad at the guy for playing with me.

I wish they would put me me in the game. With me. Imagine. I had a skin and me me with the back fling also my friend uh work was like can t wait to use this in competitive fortnight.

Thank you poke you mean i actually feel like it s gonna be such a good skin to use just to try to tilt someone maybe skin someday. But i m not confirming. Y all. Are gonna have to ask mr.

Epic for that one when it comes to me when it comes to me we re not the same distance oh far from ” ..

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