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“Okay if you re here watching this video. You re like me. And you had had the same problem where the power light on your power supply was orange and was orange. No matter what i watched a million.

Frankly idiotic youtube videos where you had to sort of sit through constant pointless. Rambling and shaky iphone video and sort of listened. Very closely to pick out any valid points. So through watching a million videos like that and picking a little bit out of each one.

I was able to come to the conclusion. That there s actually something more going on rather than what every video is telling you which is to unplug. It and plug it back in like the average person hasn t already tried that so if you re like me. And you unplugged it you plugged it back in you unplugged.

It and plug your kinect and your controller and all your cords and then you let it sit for an hour two hours or two days. And no matter what you do it stays orange. Then hopefully by the end of this video you ll know how to fix it all right. So you actually have to cut these off completely.

And i m using an exacto knife. Here you can use a razor blade. Whatever like if you sort of just cut. The room you get down to a point.

Where there s a little tab. In there that you have to pull out to reveal the actual screw underneath. Don t you get most of that rubber off you take like a flathead. I don t know if this one s gonna be small enough.

And you just sort of gotta get in there good don t worry about being rough with it at this point sort of stick it down in there once you ll feel it pop down. And then there you go so then you see you reveal the screw. There. Which it has a little pin that sticks up it s just like a sort of like a star bit.

But it has a little pin inside of it so you can do it two ways you can take a really small flat head or phillips anything and like a little hammer and you can stick it in there and knock that pin off and just break it off and then you can stick any sort of torx head bit in it or what i ve done. Before also is if you find the perfect size flat head. You can sort of wedge it between the pin and the outer ribs of the torx head. So i m gonna try that first with a small flat head.

I think this one i think you might need a really small one i m not sure. But i already broke it by accident broke the top of it off so that s probably what i ll do is just sir. Just go like that with a flat head corner of it you can break that little thing off in there sort of flip. It over okay.

So i just got a little regular flat head. Here. What i m gonna do is just kind of stick it in there between the the screw and the the head of the screw and the actual little pin that sticks up in the center and then just sort of prying and you ll just keep hearing. That snap like that and eventually you prime it hard enough you ll break it down.

And then i ve also done it where i ve stuck it in there stuck a hammer against it and just sort of bang it down eventually it ll break they re not that strong it ll break enough. Where you can get a torx head in it and i do have a bunch of just regular different bits and things. But one of these will probably work just like a universal one you can be a pain in the ass..


But once you get it out of there it s worth it get this damn xbox here. I think i got it out okay. So this little bit here is what i m gonna use it is a t10 torx ten. It fits right in there now that i knock that little pin down.

And i have this screwdriver here. Which just puts bits in the end of it you don t have this stuff go to walmart. It s all very cheap as you can see that screw is turning out of there now so you just sort of repeat. The process with with each one take the little rubber grommet off not this pin out of the center.

And then you ll feel it once that torx bit sticks down in there far enough. And it ll come out and this set. Here. You want if you have one of these universal sets or you want to just buy one of these it has a t10 right there and t10 is what you need so i m going to repeat.

The process on the other three and then i ll come back okay. So i got all four screws out one of the things that one dimension. Too is when you re banging those center pins out make sure you don t don t worry about being too rough with them at this point. I mean you got a use of course you got a really bang them in later.

Because one thing. I ve realized is that some of them you just pry on it back and forth a couple times and boom. It pops out real easy other ones. I really fight yeah.

And that s when you got to take a little hammer and a little screwdriver and sort of hit out on the bang. Them out of there so don t be afraid to be rough with them so i got all the screws out i m gonna pop it open for the first time this first time i ve ever seen the inside of one of these and might just be the same for you all right so you got the two shells. Okay. So i can already see.

There is definitely some dust in here. There s a big ball right there some in there. I don t know if it s enough to really affect anything. But you just kind of want to look around and see if anything looks different if i compare these three resistors.

I guess to this resistor. I can tell a difference and okay so if we re looking at it from this angle right here. You ll see you have these three resistors up top right here. And then you have one that sits by itself now if you look at it from laying flat.

These three resistors. See how flat they are across the top and then you come down and look at this one i can get the camera to focus on it see how it s pushed up there. It s actually bulged up you can see it really well and just look at it so i m gonna say it s little things like that that usually with it when it comes to this kind of electronics. Little things like that are what you re looking for i m gonna say that that resistor is probably bad and also the thing that it s gonna make that stand out right away set.

I watched another video where a guy had the same exact problem with this one resistor and all he did was um excuse. Me all he did was take it out he started it and started a new one in now soldering. If you re not a good solder like i am it can be a challenge. The other thing that you have to do here is if you don t have a soldering iron go to walmart you can get one with solder get the iron with the starter probably for ten dollars.

So it s definitely good investment to have but there s this shield on the back. It s soldered. There and there you have to desolder those to get to the underside of this to be able to replace this resistor..


So like i said. I m going through this the same as you guys are so if i m not sure where you get the resistor. Quite honestly maybe a hardware store would have them in the electrical section. I m not sure radioshack would probably have it i m going to first look through some of my old power supplies and stuff that i have to see if i could find one that looks the same i know that the polarity on these matters.

There is a negative and positive side to the board you have to put these in the right way but i ll explain all that once i figure it out okay so on the xbox one power supply if you see right there that s 1500 uf that s what you want to look for on your resistor. As long as you re within. That you re okay. I think that s 16 right there means volts.

So you also want to be aware of that so i m going to use this xbox 360 power supply to see if i can salvage a resistor out of it this comes. Apart the same way as the xbox one except for it s easier. Because there is a phillips head screwdriver in there so you just pop these little rubber feet off. They come right off stick a flathead in there pry it up it s a little you stick it right in the center.

You can pry out right there it comes out. I m just gonna take these screws out these philips head screws. I ll pop it open and hopefully. There s a resistor in there that ll work it doesn t look like up there s some resistors in there this is from a 360 that is totally junk.

So i also actually have the 360 itself as well so if i can t find the resistor in here. I m gonna move over to the 360 console itself and look inside of there for a resistor. So let s see if i can take this off fifty eight. If you don t know how to solder you re supposed to have a little like a let s take a little air pump and it sucks these old solder off the joint.

But there s other ways around it as well i ll show you that s the time. I don t use anything i just sort of get the solder off of there when it s hot. I am not a professional by any means when it comes to soldering. I just rarely do it and i just get by the best i can so underneath this weird plate here.

I can see that there s some resistors in there. So it looks like this stupid plate is soldered to the board. Let s try and do is stick a screwdriver in that gap right there. And then sort of pry on it as i heat up the solder on the backside to pull out the little pin show you here in a second.

Just like that these other larger ones with 2200 uf. At 16 volt. That s perfect so i see right there is two joints for one of the larger ones and see right where my finger is they re sort of behind this little black thing here these two guys right sorry these two guys right here so might be kind of hard to get on camera. But i m gonna try and heat them both up and then pull it out trying to get on those hot.

It s a lot harder to do without the little solder sucker. But if you just kind of heat. Them both and just keep tugging eventually they ll both pull through there i got it have this wire wheel. Here that s good for cleaning the solder off the tip of the soldering iron.

So if i can sort of heat. This solder up a little bit one stick it in this wire wheel pull it off of there. But as you can see here we got 2200 uf 16. Volts all right so i got the xbox one power supply out.

I m gonna try and take this shield off on the backside of it by just applying a little heat to the joint and pulling up on it like i did with the other one should be fairly simple one thing you do want to take note of is the way things sort of look before you pull them off so in other words. This could be it could matter if it s directional. So there s a little dot little hole right there so i m going to remember that that goes on the side where the cord can unplug..


So. There we have the board take a look at the board and see if i see anything anything that looks burnt or anything like that it looks fairly good. The problem with the other xbox360 that i got was and i m. This is what i was told is that when the xbox would get hot it would overheat obviously.

But it would the soldering joints would run so if you have just individual joints. The solder once the board heated up it would melt and then it would run to another joint. Which would connect those two joints and then calls a short. So that was a big problem with the other xbox.

It doesn t look like that s happened on here anywhere. I don t see any like burned spots everything looks alright. The only thing like i said that looked any different was this one little guy right here okay. I see and if you look at this this is the resistor that went bad or that i m suspecting went bad and has this little white side with the little boxes.

This one actually has the same sort of white side with boxes too so i ll just put it in that orientation. So let s see if i can use the same method to desolder like i said you don t want the solder to run this little guys being a pain in the ass. What is the deal oh i see duh it s this clump of glue right here deal with that first there we go all right you know you can see the leads. We re bent over too bent to the side so it s got to make sure the holes are both clear of solder.

So we can stick this new lead back through make sure we stick it in the same direction. That it was guessing just like that if i should even worry about dropping more solder on there it s already some solder in there that s where i ve got myself into trouble before by using too much solder. Know what i m just gonna try and bend those leads over hopefully as they were and hopefully that does the trick give them a little better of a connection. Okay so i got the resistor soldered in here best.

I could like i said. I m not great at soldering. I got these two guys soldered in here on either end. Which was fairly easy you just put your soldering iron.

In there heat. It up and then push that through and then it ll solder and stick to it same with that in because there s a lot of solder on these two joints. So you could sort of use that solder and same thing. I did with the resistor.

I just tried to reuse the solder that was there and you know it s it s it s not super tight. But it s in there so and then like i said you want to make sure this i don t know if it matters. But the little black hole and the guard here goes on these end where you can where you would plug it into the wall. I m gonna put this back together and then i think what i m gonna do because i m using you know a different resistor that i don t know if it s the right one.

It s definitely not the you know recommended one obviously. But i don t know you know if it ll even work quite honestly i m hoping it will but so i think what i m gonna do for this is take it outside on my back porch. I have a outlet. So i m just gonna plug it in on the outlet out there so that way if it does decide to explode or something on the initial powerup doesn t explode in my house which i don t suspect it s going to explode.

But i m also not an electrician nor am. I an xbox technician. I m just someone who s really irritated about i went through about five xbox 360s. I ve only had one xbox born.

I got the xbox one around christmas when it first came out you can buy it anywhere. I actually bought it from a dude that worked at best buy sold it to me out in the parking. Lot..


So i haven t had any problems with it up until recently and apparently everybody is now starting to have problems with them with the power cord. If you go online and look. It s a super common thing so. But yeah you just want to kind of a pain in the ass.

You want to make sure everything s sort of lined up in there and it ll you ll see you ll know when it s snapped back together correctly okay. So i m just gonna put this box back together. You want to make sure that everything is lined up properly before you start screwing these back in yeah. It s all back together new resistors in so let s go take it outside and give it a try all right so i got the power supply outside hi.

I m les gonna use regular extension cord and plug it in here first into the extension cord and then i m gonna plug the extension cord into the wall and hope the damn thing doesn t catch fire or something so there it s lit up and looks like it s an orange light up there we go look at that man. I m too good white light okay so as you can see the xbox is off. I m gonna turn it on and make sure everything works there we go i m going to controller on and you can see let s go to an app as you can see everything is working normally there we go alright ok so i m doing a little update. This is a week later after repairing the power brick myself.

It s it s full 7 days since i repaired it i ve been using the xbox everyday pretty much all day. I leave it on all the time just because i forget about it you can see the xbox still everything s functioning normally the power brick light it s still white. I haven t had a single issue at all so the way i look at it is most people are going to have an old xbox360. Most people are gonna have just because those things were such pieces of crap.

So if you re like me. You have an old one lying around or an xbox 360 power brick or maybe. Even you know in an original xbox power brick or a ps3 power cord. You know all these different sort of electronics are going to have resistors in them so as long as you can find something in 16 volts.

A resistor in 16 volts with a. Similar i would go more personally than the i think it was 1600 uf on the side long as you can find something in that range with the same 16 volts. You want to make sure. It s the same 16 volts.

You can pretty much use any resistor as long as you orient. It the right side up way on the board. Like i said. I haven t had any issues if in the future.

If i do have an issue. I ll definitely post and show what happened and how i fix that as well. But for now for most people. This is a simple cheap possibly free.

If you own a soldering iron. And the tools to do it way to fix the orange light on the power brick. If you ve gone through all the other bs steps of unplugging and plugging it back in so. If you liked the video hit the like button.

If you have any comments questions concerns comment down below let me know what you think and remember to subscribe. I ll be posting lots more in the very near future you ” ..

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