Funai VCR/DVD Recorder Combo w/ Bonus 5 Recordable DVD s with Rachel Boesing

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” s bringing something that is really important in my life. Do you have vhs tapes tapes in your life still did you collect all your favorite series. I m talking the disney movies and sylvester stallone. All the rockies.

All the indiana joneses did you collect them all on vhs tape. And now you re going well. Does that mean i need to rebuy them now on dvd or on some other format. No because we have the solution to watch vhs.

Watch dvd. And in fact do something better than that we re talking about the recorder combo with bonus 5 recordable dvds it s the vcr dvd recorder combo let me say that one more time for easy payments of 48 dollars and 75 cents and shipping and handling on this is free so you re saving 14 47. There so i m getting everything i need all the connectivity and 5. Recordable dvds.

With this it s e 2. 2. 6. 2 3 0.

This is phenomenal. It really is it s a versatile and easy way to as you said rediscover all of those memories that you have on videotape. Because a lot of times. Our players that we had don t work anymore and trying to find one now is not easier way right you re like oh you know what i m moving beyond.


I don t need the vhs player marcus as we move beyond. We move these to the attic. We moved into the basement. We moved them into the boxes or in the stereo cabinet and now we re like you know why i d love to see those again or even better.

I d love to preserve them before this is happening. Because time is the enemy of tape. So this from few niya company has been around over 50 years. They made this because they people need it it s a recorder and a player of both vhs and dvd.

The two most popular video formats of all time rachael and the most important thing is it s simple to use all right. I m gonna ask you a couple questions george can i watch my vhs on this yes can i watch my dvds on this on this side yep can i recall can i transfer. My vhs to my dvd to a dvd yes with one button let s go do it because that s really what you re gonna do you re gonna preserve all those vhs tapes that you have of the graduation the new baby the wedding. The recitals maybe everyday in the backyard.

You were just videotaping you ve got that all on vhs tape. But you don t have a way to watch. It or you don t have a way to preserve it the alternative is maybe ask somebody and you know pay all that money to dub. It which is a lot just for one tape.

The cost and you re irreplaceable memories. And that s the most important thing. I have some clips here this is what it would look like after you made some copies. We re gonna back up and show you exactly how to do that right here.


Very soon. We have the ability to switch between vcr and dvd with just one button. So i m going to turn the dvd off for one second. I m gonna switch over to vcr if you remember you pop your tape in there and then you start it off the v h s.

Tape will start playing and you ll see ironically there s my nephew who will go into college next year with an old vcr you remember those they were the old kind. But the important thing is he s gonna be in college next year. So this tape is almost 19 years old and it s not going to last forever. So how do i preserve that very easily right there you ll see a button that says dubbing.

I m going to press that and then watch what happens on the tv screen okay vcr to dvd. Dubbing. What does dubbing mean it means. I m now copying transferring from the vhs tape to the dvd.

That s in there live right. Now 6 7. 8. 9.

Seconds. As much as you want and now you don t have to worry about that tape that s in the player of my nephew turning into this no longer usable tape. I m just going to stop it became your own dubbing house. Because honestly if you ve ever gone to find out how much it would cost to transfer all your vhs material onto dvd.


It s crazy expensive and now as you see i stopped it for our purposes on air. We re writing to disk right now that memory is now being captured on a dvd. That s not going to deteriorate break unwind or get ruined. Mm hmm.

And that s the thing right so really. When you think about what s going on with your vhs tapes are they in some box up in the attic. Getting moldy. And you don t even know well wouldn t it be great to reintroduce yourself to them be able to play them again.

Maybe you don t even want to transfer them to dvd. Although i highly recommend it because as we mentioned they are deteriorating. But at least you ll be able to play them again because this is a vhs player like why are we so many of us are running out. And trying to brand new collections also of movies that we loved and you already invested hundreds of dollars and got the indiana jones series or the rocky or the godfather series of the disney series you got them all on vhs now how do you keep them well you keep them in shape by if you want to transform to cd to dvd.

You absolutely may or you can just watch it right. And you don t want to pay for them again. So what we saw was the fact that we just transferred that live and we saw. My nephew randy right.

This is exactly what was on hspeed and now. It s on dvd preserved and to your point. It s not just about the members it s about all those collections of movies. So it s an economical way to rejoice all of those old memories you had both ones that were created by hollywood and ones that you created yourself absolutely right and not only that as long as we have this if i ve got a camera.


And i m taking pictures is there a way that i can put my pictures on to dvd. Maybe. That s a great question right here. We didn t even mention this you can also still record to dvd.

If you have a tuner a cable or satellite box. But to your answer your question you can also use this called line in by attaching your video camera through to the dvd player you ll be able to record to your dvd from your camera as well so this is really a very versatile way watch vhs tape. You like that s one watch dvds that s to copy from your vhs 2vd dvd record to dvd from your television programming through it through a tuner love it like a cable or satellite box or from your camcorder. So you have many many ways to use this one touch recording one touch switch.

Very easy to play one player that does multiple things show me all the cables. And what i m gonna get with this one. I ll place my order of course. You re gonna get a player.

You re gonna get the cabling. The audio and visual cables right. There you re gonna get the remote control. And we re even starting you off with five dvds to get you going on them or copying from the vhs tapes to dvd and preserving them for good.

I wanna let you know. This is a feature price of one ninety four ninety eight four months of easy pay of forty eight dollars and seventy five cents. We are sending you a lot of material so ” ..


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