Galaxy Note 10 S-Pen Not Working? Reset S-Pen

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“Is going on guys. Greg wells tv. If you ve been having issues with your your galaxy note 10 and i m gonna walk you through a fix now you your s pen can do all kinds of stuff. And it could be as little as maybe you just can t write on your screen.

And you know that s not working or maybe. When you can t launch your camera. You know by long pressing the button. That s not working or cycling through certain menus.

When you do that the air gestures whatever it is i m gonna show you effects so what you want to do is hit the home button next you want to plug your s pen back into your phone..

Make sure. It s in there make sure it snaps in then what you want to do next is swipe down from the top go into that little gear on the top right. Which is gonna be settings. Then you want to go down until you see advanced features.

Then you want to click on s. Pen next you want to tap on air actions and then after that hit the three dots in the very top right. And hit reset s. Pen.

And remember before you hit that make sure that your pen is inside of your phone to hit reset s..

Pen. And it says connecting to your s. Pen this may take a. While.

So it s basically doing just kind of resetting. It realigning it and i did a video for this for the note. 9. And it s changed ever so slightly to getting there such why i decided to redo.

It with the galaxy note..

10. And then once it done it just automatically brings you back to the main air actions page. And that s when you know. It has been reset.

And at that point take it out and see if you can you know do whatever you re trying to do before try to create that note. If you couldn t create the note try to launch the camera by long pressing the button on the pen and just if stuff works in there if it didn t before hopefully that will fix your issue. If it doesn t let us know in the comments down below. If you did have a fix otherwise it should it should work out like i said last time.

I made this video for the note..

9. It fixed a lot of people s issues with their galaxy note. 9. And hopefully it will do the same with your note 10.

So thanks for watching guys i will see you down the road. ” ..

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