Games Missing On SD Card? How To Fix It NOW – Nintendo 2DS / 3DS

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“Everyone today. We re looking at the nintendo. 2ds. This is the cheaper 80 version.

Version. It s a really good price for these. But they are a little cheap re meant for kids really and this one does have an issue with the sd card slot. So we re gonna be taking a apart today and finding out what is going wrong.

And hopefully fix it so as i take a little while to start up. But the problem that s going on with this one right protection is enabled on the sd card software nasty card cannot be displayed so basically everything on the sd card is not available so let s turn it off and the first thing that you would check if you have this problem is open it up the nasty card slot up and push it to have it come out and you check if it s locked see right now. It is not locked if this little slider was pushed down it would be locked and it would be understandable to get that message on the ds. We re gonna put that aside so now i m gonna charge it anymore sort opening it up now we re going to take it apart and we re gonna see what we can find and hope they fix it now that slot.

We re gonna want to remove all the screws on the back okay so i got those screws out that is why i was pulling the plastic. Very gently..

When i thought i could open it because there s always something hidden that you ve missed and if i pulled any harder. I would uh snap the plastic in half so that s why you only pull very gently okay side plastic just pops off there okay. I want to make sure really careful not to pull that ribbon right there so this is the sd card slot right here. And what we re gonna want to do is there s something in here that got bent probably from putting in the sd card backwards or upside down or something that damaged the little piece of metal that determines.

What are the whether the sd card is in its right protection or or if it s off so all right going to take a closer look at that yeah. I think i m going to just connect this here. So that i can take a better look at what s going on without having to worry about ripping that so now we have this it looks like inside. There is some bounce in this area here look really hard to see because it s a little dark.

But there is a little curvy piece of metal cursed up and then it curves down a little bit. I believe that is the rear edge protection. So what you re gonna want to do is you re going to want to get that part that curves down at the very end through this part from you you re gonna want to bend. It up a little bit.

It s a little difficult okay yeah. That s it it looks like i was able to bend it up a little bit at the end there definitely looks different so i just kind of finally just found you can kind of feel around whatever you use i use these used half of these find tweezers here..

And i just found the curved part and i just moved a little bit forward and flicked up the end part. We re gonna do is we re gonna put this all back. And we re gonna test it out and hopefully. It is them all back to normal flip.

The sd card slot open sure that it s unlocked. Then upside down for some reason. That is the way they decided to make that switch it on let s see what happens. Yeah okay so what i did to it didn t really do anything what i did was i didn t even open it up a second time.

I just opened this little compartment. Which is a very easy way to go you really don t have to take it apart. But i wanted to make sure everything else was okay inside so so i just went ahead. And i got these little tweezers here mmm anything that s very thin and long then you can put in there.

And i just kind of search for it it s all the way on the left side. You ll hear a little flicking sound..

And you flick it up like that you just kind of mess with it and try to bend it as much as you can upward and hopefully that ll work so yes. It s definitely easier than opening it up but as i said before i wanted to check everything else up inside. So let s just plug it in just in case. It doesn t have any power and while it s plugged in definitely.

If you have the battery exposed make sure not to touch the battery well it s plugged in okay. So let s the sd card in upside down. Remember. That s how we get into this problem in the first place.

That s like putting it in the wrong. Way. Hey. Oh.

They re not loaded. Oh..

Wait there you go hey. I got enceladus. Oh. That was specifically on the sd cards.

Although interesting. So it s always the side closest to the touch thing. What is that called oh little stylus. But she s the stylist.

Lot so it s always a side closest to the stylus slot. And there s a little bar you got to bend it and you ll get all your games back so right i hope this helped. Thank you all for watching and i will see you next time bye. ” .


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