GOD MODE. how to become invincible to enemies and never die again in ghost recon wildlands#glitch

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“Place on my know. What s going on guys expectant and today. I m bringing bringing you guys a new video. So before getting to the video please subscribe to channel.

And give this video a thumbs up if they helped you out you know i mean. It s just the rich we found out just messing around so check it out and let me know what you think alright. So here you want to go to a specific location on the map. It s i think towards the top left corner of the map.

That s where you want to be it s pretty straight forward. It s not it s not that difficult. This is this is exactly where you want to be on the map right here. And now right here on the map.

Leg was the edge of it there s going to be a building right there. And that s what you want to be that s where you want to be at you know initially i did an in game recording. But it was messed up for some reason. So that s why i decided or voiceover and sit so.

This is where you want to be on the map. Okay. It s pretty straightforward all you want to do is come to this location. The exact location.

I m in and you should be able to like make yourself become invincible and bulletproof at the same time so it s pretty much a god mode glitch. Okay now this might work out when the online version comes out i do not know yet. But there s a possibility that this might work and this we can do this anywhere on the map you just gotta find the right spot all right. It s not it s not limited to this very spot.

I mean right now you can do it anywhere on the map. Okay so uh yeah. That s pretty much it don t forget to subscribe to the channel and leave a thumbs up on this video and you know we busting my ass gender benders in getting you guys you know i know i know it s ellie. I know the grind and shout out all those using different ten subscribers.

We up to 104 105. I think i m not even sure. But uh go ahead and subscribe guys like everyday appreciate it and yes..


So basically what you want to do is you know you wouldn t over here well like crawl under the spot. He doesn t have to be this very spot. But this is the first part you can try and once you call another spot you just want to sam oh. Like you know to get back up just keep spamming.

Oh. And eventually. He s going to get up and when he gets up you re in there. It s pretty much simple so basically just he stands up and he stands up on the next floor it s some weird shit.

But yeah yeah so like your bullets and everything works you can shoot outside you can call of course you can do whatever. But do not throw up your name or c4. Because once you do that it s going to fuck you up like shredder that s just gonna blow up in your face like boom. You know so you don t want to do.

None of that but you can thank people to this location. And you just see on the inside and let it loose. You know just keep firing at them and just it works they can shoot you they can see you i m going to bring out another video like this works in a single player and multiplayer alright. So i have another video how it works in multiplayer.

But it works through the city much the same layer. But you have a partner actually instead of an af. But it works also on multiplayer so it s foolproof. We work you re not getting banned for this.

It is not a glitch. So those who are saying or who listed it as a glitch. Let me assure you this is no glitch. It is just for fun just messing around we almost memory so if it s fun you know going out and finding stuff like this it s pretty interesting in my opinion and uh that s pretty much it my all you want to do is go to that location.

Those like lay down on the floor time go to stand back up and you re going to kind of right in there. You see you can shoot out of it that there s nothing holding you and to get out what you want to do is the angles. Like you know how a wall meets at a spot you want to run towards those spots. Where the walls and they actually run towards it long enough it will let you back out sometimes.

He just talks you out the first time you try it all the time it takes a good minute before you like in my coffee back out. But what you all you got to do is just run towards an angle. I can see you see where my neck perfectly location like right behind the windows right by the windows..


You might let you out there right by the corner of the pillar. It might let you out there sometimes in the seattle different spots. I can see i m trying to go up by there it s not letting me out and let me out on the other side. So one of those spots will work.

Oh shit. I gotta get back in this add that i think i m gonna make it yep like that so basically that s the thing right you just want to run for the walls. I need to let you out if you don t let you out you just keep trying and eventually is going to let you let s go back out and the best way to do this this get the timing and everything right before you try to beat the soldiers in your position. So that you don t whatever like in here.

I know he came out he found me because that s so simple. So yeah. You don t want that alright. You don t want that what you want to do is just take them when they come close if you kill them that s the location again for those of you who didn t get it the first time this is where we re at and i can t recall what the mission is hold for the lot of exactly where you want to be on the map.

So when you go there it s on the top left. I think it s uh modeling. Mission is don t need to tell me the truth. But you see where it is on the map like you not sure it ll be the first time.

And if you didn t see just you know go back a couple steps need to get back to it. And i look at it all over again your mom those pretty much. It s pretty straightforward that it s simple straightforward you can use it as an xp glitch. You can just use this my farm and just stay.

In that spot. And kill them this is just fun man. Just no just having fun with this woman just having fun with it you know like i got a mom. I got more clips on it so i m going to let this right out you go into it.

And yeah. It s straightforward. It s not hard to do you can come to this location book this only did not work easily be like it s research for my business. Allegiance was so far we found i mean sometimes sometimes when you go under the stairs and you keep signing old.

He doesn t let you signed up right away. Sometimes it like it takes a minute for the work is that happen. This keeps fine is going to work..


But if if it keeps on happening this leave a message in the comment section and i will get back to you hops and iowa. Okay the most time is going to take me to get back to use an hour. We wouldn t take more than an hour for me to go back in alright. So yeah just let me know in the comment section.

If adversity can worked okay because i ve been doing it in it this is like city this pretty straight for generally taking a second the part. I find a little challenging is when i m trying to leave the building it kind of penalizing. He keeps all for a good minute before he can actually get up eventually. He gets up so it s a foolish to do if you just looking to have fun with your friends doing little hide and seek or whatever is really to fuckabish.

This is pretty simple please give it redo some like you know let it get out there so that my channel to get out there you know and uh. I don t know how many views we re gonna amount to on this video. But uh your opinions are really helpful you know we knew which one together with you going so you can give your opinion in the comment section. What i should do better with or which one i really appreciate it all right.

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It s probably forearms or chest. It does if it depends we ll see depending on what you guys want to see. But thanks for watching guys i ll see you guys in the next video. ” .


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