GoPro Hero 5 Black Hidden Fast Charging Method by using USB C PD !

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“Guys. This is gabriel. I m here to talk to you about gopro and specifically specifically the gopro charging system. So gopro didn t advertise on this about this thing their website.

But i found out that it does have one so i ve used my gopro on my ski trips and taking time lapse. Which was awesome. It has gps in it so i was able to achieve or acquire some data out of it if you see right now the gopro is charging. But if you see the indicator.

It is green and that is weird because i never saw that before and i found out gopro hero. 5. Has usb c. Power delivery.

So i have my anker powerport plus. 5. Usb c. With power delivery for my pixel.

I ve decided to just plug in and see what happens and the battery indicator turned green which i didn t see before because you know if you buy gopro it comes with the usb a 2 usbc cable. This is samsung t3 charger or cable that i m currently using but if you see if you use that kind of cable. It doesn t turn green. But it turns white.

So if you see it is currently white charging symbol us. Miss a to c is white. And here. I have anchor charger.

Usb c. Cable with the 5 volt. 3. Amp.

And if i connect. This..

One this. Is usb c. 2 c. 20 ass 30.

If i connect here it does the same it just turned white and i m currently using a saber into battery. Which is not a gopro battery. I bought two extra for ski trips and it worked pretty well it came with this filthy mud cheap charger. But i recommend not using this because it can fry your battery because there s no regulator for this port.

If you plug a usb c to microusb on this one to charge the battery do not plug anything here. And this one doesn t even accept usb c2c cable. Which is just horrible. Only works with cna c.

2. Or a 2 c. Cable. And then yeah just power goes just flows directly.

So it s very very dangerous. So just buy it for the batteries. Only and after doing a little bit of research their new super charger. That is online for 49.

The one that looks like this with the usb c2a. I found out on the bottom. If you read that on the highlighted it says the fast. Charging usb.

C port chargers. At. 51 ab. Or.

51. Volt..

At. 3m. 55. Volt at 3m and 12.

Volt. At 16. 7m. Which is basically exactly the same spec.

As the usb c. Power delivery for 12 volts. So yeah as a conclusion usb cpd works with the gopro hero. 5.

It is very very neat that gopro has it but it was never talked about on their advertisement. Which they should have because usb cpd is just awesome like i have it for my pixel. Google pixel and it charges really really fast and everybody should know about this because it will charge the gopro fast as possible because is using us pcpd. So yeah.

That s basically it for this video gopro hero. 5 can be charged with usb cpd chargers. And if you want to charge fast get an anchor 5 port or power port plus 5. Usb c.

Because there s 4 port for any other accessories and one for us pcpd. Which is awesome so that s basically it i feel like this video make sure you like it. If you dislike that please dislike it let me know in the comment section. Below.

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