Hacking Sonic Mania 101 – Using Cheat Engine and Finding Values

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“Guys codename gama here and today i m gonna show you how to do memory memory searching and how to use cheat engine a bit. We re gonna find some that you can play with yourself. And if you have cheat engine. Installed then you re good to go go ahead and open.

It up start sonic mania. And you should be at the screen. Roughly. What it looks like on your screen right now if not you need to install cheat engine.

And i have a video on that and you ll find that in the description once you have she doesn t open we re gonna click the little computer up here and we re just like sonic mania. We re not going to load the cheat table if it asks because we re gonna make a new one. So. There s plenty of things we could search for in sonic mania.

Basically everything is a value let s start with race. So let s get one now. We re gonna go back to cheat engine. And we re going to search one get kill this time we re gonna search three and you can see we have a few options here so we re gonna add a few of these the green means.

It s a static value and black means. It s going to change every time the game starts so if you can find a green one networks. Then you re gonna want to stick with that green one so let s change this value here and we ll change that to five and two let s go ahead and get another ring and it did change you know it says ten in that today. So that s obviously not about a week value we wanted we change this to sixty six our rings changed instantly that means that that s our ring.

Though we have a nice rings and if we check this box here here in this that means that now if we get hurt or if we get more rings or if that value changes..

Then we re gonna get then that s going to replace that value well now we can get hurt as much as we want and it s just fine. However what if we didn t want to do that if we want to do something else so let s find out let s right click and find out what writes to this address and that s going to bring this window up here. Now i wish i could kind of leave this open. Where you guys can see it.

But i m going to go ahead and get hurt if you can see we ve lost all of our rating. So if i go back to cheat engine. They gave us two instructions now this is giving a little bit more on the event side. But basically it says move asi.

Which is right here that memory address and we re actually going to take note of that address because it s important esi plus. C4. Which is gonna be our rings. So if we add c.

4. To this base address here that gives us her rings. And it s moving zero into that which resets our ring value. And then there s also this other instruction that ran ten times and as you can see we have ten rings that adds our rings so if we didn t want this to go off if we can click replace and what name do you want to give this code let s do don t these rings.

We can click stop and close if we go to advanced options. There s our code right here so now if we get hit see how we didn t lose our rings. We didn t lose our rings. And this isn t chuck now if we want to do a turn this we can right click and restore with original code and now if we get hit again we ve lost our rings again so that s a little bit of an advanced thing.

But at least you know you know how you can stop certain things from happening..

Obviously you can just lock. It and it ll be fine. Most people can handle how to do this now what if we want to find our player position first we want to click on new skin and we re gonna change this value to two buttons and then we don t know what the value is so we re gonna do unknown initial value and click first scan now if we move our character this way that s going to be less than if we move it this way because the game works on an access system and almost done all games do this so now if we go increase value because we moved forward now we move back a little bit. We write again and decreased again and we re gonna keep doing this until we run out of results or we narrow it down probably to a thousand or less and now that we re here.

We re gonna go forward again and now we re going to go increased. So we have 300 and i didn t fall when we did the increase that much so we re gonna start with these green ones and let s go ahead and lock a few of these values and now we re gonna move and see how our screen is jittering that means one of these is the camera value so if we go back and check each. One. So we can call this camera.

X. Let s try these other ones. Now see how at sonic and tails. Can t move so let s see which ones.

Which will uncheck that one and i can move the tails camp. Which means that one of these is for tails x value so player 2x player 1x and those are our coordinates. But what if we want to find the wi fi obviously we could do the same thing we could go back and we can jump up here and go increased go down here a decrease and that will get us the same results and we can go through them the same way so we don t know what these are let s go to them or we can go right click. And we can browse this memory region and if we right click.

We can display type and we want to bite decimal. So here s our x value. And then we have some interesting ones here at a six this is 844 so let s add this and let s add a few of these actually so if i go back to cheat engine. And i wish i could show you this while it s moving but if i lock that and i jump then our y value doesn t move usually in most games values that are related will be right next to each other so in this case.

We have our x value..

And we have our y value. There s also a lot of other stuff here because you could see every time that the red. It changes that means that the game is updating a value which could be related to things for the player. It could be b s clanny.

So let s add this one that s changing and let s see what that does we re going to lock. It and as you can see sonic s kind of jumping up and down that means that value is related probably to a sprites so since it s not really useful you will name it spur right okay okay. And we ll name this player y player. One one and now we can rearrange this now here is a nine to write and the y is a nine six so since we have the x or player one for player two we re going to copy and then paste and we re going to address this address by four.

We re going to go up two and then the next one is going to be our y value. That s basically the same jump from here to here as this is to this so if we go here. That s going to be our y value. Let s lock this and if we go in see houses continuously quells now that s because we found his value without actually searching for it we could do pretty much the same thing all over the place.

Let s do the camera real quick. We re gonna browse this memory region. We have this one here which is our x that s going to be our y because it s pretty much obviously our y. If we lock this and we ll change this to 1.

It drags our camera out so what if we wanted to manipulate this pull this down camera. Why so the game is obviously trained updated and right to it. But if we do that trick familiar what rights to this address. We can see it s right esi.


Esi is the base for the camera. Which is another important value we can make know that or not but we can replace and as you can see the game stops writing to it so what if we wanted to adjust this value now. We can right click set hotkeys create copy and we ll go. 9.

Decrease value with 1 6. Increase value with 1 and this basically makes a hotkey that changes when we press it so if we press. 6. See how it s slowly moving down.

There we go and now we can control that camera access. So that s cool right you know let s go back here. Close. That now if we wanted to undo that we got a dense options.

And we change this back to restore and now it s back to normal. We uncheck this so yeah now you guys know a little bit more about sheet engine. How it works how to set hotkeys and hopefully you know you guys can search for values yourselves and how easy it is to find stuff. I hope i was explanatory enough thank you guys for watching have yourselves an awesome date don t forget to check out my patreon for my cheat table downloads and everything else i ll see you next time ” .


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