How I use my Surface Pro to Project Wirelessly

surface pro 4 miracast This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How I use my Surface Pro to Project Wirelessly. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“There welcome to be a surface pro today s surface. Pro tip is connecting to to a tv or projector wirelessly when i need to deliver some training or run presentation. I could connect my surface to a projector with an adapter or dongle like this one here plugs into hdmi plugs into the surface down the bottom or i could do the whole thing wirelessly using a device like this. The device that i use is based on a wireless standard called miracast now there s lots of different wireless display technologies on the market.

You might have heard of technologies like airplay from apple and chromecast from google. While those two are proprietary offerings. Miracast is an open standard meaning. That it can be used by anybody because of that it s built into windows 10 and android devices and you ll often find that it s built right into modern projectors and tvs.

If it s not built in though we can get a small device like the one that i have and plug that directly into the tv or projector. Using the hdmi port on the back and in this case. I use a usb port just to get some power for the device. There once i ve plugged that device in and set up the projector.


I then go to my surface. I m going to swipe in from the right and in the action center down on the bottom right here you ll see an item called connect we ll click on connect and you ll see a list of devices that we can connect to including any miracast devices that it sees another quicker way to get to that connect menu is to press windows k on your keyboard click on your miracast device and windows will automatically connect to it using miracast is just like using a wireless hdmi cable. It ll not only pass pictures through to the projector or the tv. It ll also pass sound through and if the device supports it it can even have touch from the remote screen or projector.

Sent back to control. Your pc windows also treats that miracast device. As a second screen attached to the device. So initially it ll replicate the screen that you have on your surface on the projector or tv.

But if you wanted to you could treat that second screen as an extended desktop now powerpoint. Does this automatically so if i were to run up a powerpoint presentation now and i was to go into presentation mode. You ll notice that powerpoint automatically switches to use presenter view on my surface so that i can see my slide notes and on the external screen. I ll see the actual slide show to disconnect simply go back into the connect menu click on the device and click on disconnect.


It s a good idea to remember to disconnect your projector because using wi fi. You could be projecting wirelessly. For up to a hundred feet away from the device for our australian viewers. I ll put some links into the description below where you can check out and purchase some of those miracast devices for international viewers check out the links below.

And see if you can find an equivalent product in your local market. If you found this tip. Helpful remember to give us the thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more surface pro tips. area of it very nice.

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