How To Add a Watermark in PowerPoint (Draft or Confidential Stamp)

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“This is camille from nuts and bolts speed ntraining and this is a short tutorial tutorial for two ways to add a watermark or a nconfidential stamp in your powerpoint and i m not just going to show you ndifferent ways to add a watermark to your presentation. I m also going to show you na few troubleshooting tips nto make sure that they appear properly when nand. How you want them. And the first thing that you need to do nbefore.

You even think about putting a stamp in your presentation is you need nto ask yourself. A couple key questions and the first question you nwant to always ask yourself is do i want this stamp to appear on every nsingle slide in my presentation or just on one or a few that will determine where nexactly you place it and the second question you nwant to ask yourself is do i want to be able to edit nthe stamp down the road make changes to it without having nto start all over from scratch. So let s go ahead. And start.

Adding our nstamp to our powerpoint presentation. And i will answer each one of these nquestions as we go along and show you the different ways to approach it so here in powerpoint. I have a presentation here that i want nto add a watermark too in the background. That is behind all of my content and to do that we need to go into the slide master.

There are a couple ways to go into the nslide master. And we show you some of the hidden shortcuts for how to do that in nour video that you can see here up on the screen uh so check that out if you nwant to see how to do that otherwise the normal way to get to the slide. Nmaster is to go to the view tab click on the view tab select slide master. You ll jump right into this slide.

Master. Narea. Here. And you ll know that you are there by the slide master tab here that s open uh now.

The question that we nfirst asked ourselves do we want the stamp to appear on all nslides or on just a few or one slide will determine where exactly we go nonce. We re in the slide master view. So if you want your stamp to appear nonly on one particular slide. Then you need to just make sure that nyou re down here in one of the child layouts rather than the parent layout.

Which is the very top one so if you know that you nwant to have your stamp for example appear. Only on this type of content slide. Then just stay here stay exactly here with this uh selected otherwise you can click nthrough and select go to the exact place nthat you want to be in if you want to have the stamp nappear on multiple slides. You ll have to do this again for neach.

One of these slide layouts now if you want your stamp appear on nevery single one of your sides. I highly recommend that you come up here nto. The parent slide because that will dictate what appears on all of your nslides. And you only have to worry about it in one single location nrather than multiple okay so once you know that nyou re in the right place you can start.

Adding. Your nwatermark or your stamp. And there are two ways to do this you can do this by adding ntext or by adding an image and i ll show you how to do both let s start with text so to add text to your side you will go up to the insert tab select textbox and just drag it in okay. I m going to type in the word draft and then i m going to nmake this a larger size let s see what 36 looks like uh maybe i ll make it a bit bigger 46.

Then what i m gonna do nis. I m going to center. So control e to center the text to the middle. Then i m going to change nthe color of the text.

I m gonna make it a lighter gray. I want to make sure nthat. It s not too stark so i can still see the ncontent in the slides..


So maybe i ll choose this color um. Then what i m gonna do is i m actually ngoing to orient this to the side and let s just say actually that for nthis one we ll make it a lot bigger. So i m just going to grow this text. We ll just assume that we re going nto.

Have one word here as our stamp drag it and place. It roughly here you can align. It with your nalignment tools. If you like now.

The last step to make sure that nyou do is to send this to the back. So we want it to be behind nthe two placeholders here. So i m going to go to the arrange ntool and select send to back send to back here. We ll make it go all the way to nthe back.

Now because we have a um. A background shape here we ll need to actually send this one nalso to the back so it goes. Even further behind so send to back and there you nhave it layered perfectly okay so that s how to add text to nyour presentation as a watermark and to do the same thing with a picture let me just go ahead and ndelete this draft text. Um.

You can paste in any npicture that you like i actually want to have my logo as the as the watermark here so i m going to copy and paste. It in so i get a duplicate of it i m going to grow it make it very large place it around here. Then i m going to angle nit about this like so. And then i m actually going to change nthe coloring of this image directly from the picture tools format tab select color and i m going to pick this wash nout effect so it kind of fades in you can also choose i like this uh.

This one here the light gray background. Two color light um. And the same thing that we re going to we did before we re going to do again. We re going to send it to the back.

But this time a faster way is to also select the nslide background and send to back and together. They ll go nall the way to the back let s do that again send to back so. Now you have your two placeholders nthat. Are sitting above your background and your watermark and now if we go into the normal view.

We close out of the slide master view. You ll see that the logo is behind every. None of these slides. And you ll see that is correctly placed behind the content.

So remember our first question was do we want this uh. Do we want the watermark to appear non every single slide or just a few we ve already answered that the next question was do we want this stamp or nwatermark to be editable. So if i go back to the slide master view. You ll notice that um.

The stamp along with the text that we nhad placed earlier is still selectable here and you can make continue to make edits to it you could change the color you could do anything you want to it so it s still editable what if you actually don t want a ncustomer or a client or a user of this template to be able to edit the stamp or nthe watermark or you want to make sure that nobody accidentally moves it nbecause that always happens in some situations. So there is a way to do nthat and let me show you and the way to do that is to actually nplace the stamp or the background image um as a slide background so to do that we re going to right click select format background and you can do this by the way also in one of these parent nlayouts if you only child layouts. If you only want it to nappear on certain slides. Um.

You ll notice here that currently nthe background is just a solid fill. It s just white um. What we re going to want nto have is to have the um..


The stamp as the as the background. So there are a couple of ways to do this one of the ways to do this is to select nall. The content that you want to have appear on the slide background nand copy it to your clipboard let me show you exactly how nthat looks in my situation. I have two elements here that i d nlike to keep in the background.

So i m going to select my nwatermark and holding shift. I m also going to select these two nbackground elements and i m going to do is i m gonna hit control c to copy them i copied them now they re on my clipboard. If i go to format background and change nthe background from solid fill to picture or texture fill. I get the option here to select clipboard.

I m going to select clipboard it doesn t look like anything has changed. But if i zoom out here really quickly select. My watermark and my background. Nelements and move them off to the side.

You ll notice that they have been pasted nin and they are now technically the um background of my slide nand. I cannot edit them i cannot click on anything nthat s here in the background which makes it great if you want to make sure that nnobody can change anything about um. Something like a confidential stamp or na logo. That s on the background of your slide.

Now you can go back into your background. Nand change it to a different look. But you can t actually edit it now nthat. It s here in the background.

Now you can do this with text the same thing applies um. One thing to note if you don t have a background element nlike. I did that you selected along with everything what i recommend doing because let me show you what nhappens if you only select uh select your logo. I m going to hit control nc to copy my logo.

I m going to format. The background select clipboard you ll notice that the entire logo this image. Here is stretched nto fit to fit the entire slide. And you get no background color.

Which is possibly not nwhat you want to have so. What i would recommend ndoing is to insert a rectangle have it be at the. Size nof the entire slide uh make sure that. 75 by 1333.

If you re in 16 by 9 format. Then format it however you like maybe you want it to be white uh and then drag your logo on top nof. It to make sure it s on top. We need to bring it to the front and then i m going to nposition.

It however. I like select them both hit control c to copy go back to format your nbackground clipboard. Now if i move these off to the side. It should be positioned correctly.

So there you have it those are um. That s one way to using the clipboard paste in your watermark into the slide nbackground that it s not editable now another way to do nthat is to actually save uh save your watermark as an image. So let me show you really nquickly how to do that as well so you can select everything you nwant to have in your watermark in this case..


I want to have the background nelement and my logo. So i will select all three nelements than i will right click them and nselect save as picture. Um. And then you can rename nit to whatever you like let s just call it watermark for now hit save and then when you go to nformat your slide background instead of choosing clipboard you can choose file and then go and nfind your image in this case.

Watermark. Insert. And it will be pasted nin as a slide background. It works.

Exactly the nsame way as a clipboard you can t edit it or do nanything different to it. However it does mean that you have a copy of it nsaved on your computer somewhere that you could potentially edit down the road. Now you may also be asking yourself. Well what if i want this logo to nappear more than just once or what if i have let s just say i have some draft ntext that i want to have appear uh multiple times throughout this nslide instead of just one time well let me show you how i nwould go about doing that um.

The first thing. I would do is i would nmake all these edits and you can do it two ways you can either do it manually yourself uh let me just shorten this by nduplicating control d and then placing placing multiple versions of the text nor of the logo onto your slide. Whoops and you can do this all manually and nthen go through the processes that i just walked you through another way to do. It is actually to use nthe slide.

Background options that we have tile a tile as pattern. So what you can do is actually um let s make an image. So i m going to resize this uh. I m going to position this as such and nresize this rectangle here and let me just make sure that um the text fits in perfectly.

So i m going to zoom in make sure that there is no edge. I m going to align these align. Nto center and align to middle now that this is all perfectly positioned nwhat. I m gonna do is i m going to select both hit control c on my keyboard to copy them and then i m going to nformat the background let me actually zoom out nso that we see it properly now that it s copied onto my clipboard.

If i format the slide nbackground to clipboard you ll notice that this ndraft gets pasted in um. That s not exactly what i want so. What i m gonna do is i m just going nto select. This little option here that says tile picture as texture.

And then this image is actually going to nbe duplicated. Multiple times throughout the presentation and you can actually nadjust the offsets here. If you want to make them a bit smaller. So maybe you actually want to make them n50 make sure you do it to both so it doesn t warp 50.

That nactually makes it smaller you ll notice. There is little nbit of a gap between these so feel free to play around with those nwith. The sizing of your rectangle or with the offsets. I m just going to control z to undo that so it goes back to 100 it.

s not control z ing. Nlet s just do it manually 100 . And that s exactly. The nsize that you created the image of duplicated across your slide.

And you can obviously ndo the same thing with uh with your image. If you now go back to the normal view. You ll notice that your slide uh..


We ve got all this that we ve nadded so we can delete this uh back in the in the back in the slide master view. But you ll notice that your slide. Um has the draft in the background. Duplicated nacross and you cannot make any edits to it now the last thing to point out here if you go through all of these slides.

You may notice that one slide such as nthis. One doesn t actually have your watermark appearing on it. Even though you placed the watermark on nthe parent slide in your slide master uh. It looks like it s going nacross all of them.

Except oh. And this one is also not displaying it so this might happen to you and none thing to keep in mind is uh is your the way that your template and nyour slide. Masters are set up so if i go to the view tab select slide master. You ll notice that this nlayout.

Actually is uh is different uh. These two both of them are different from the none set up here in the parent slide. And that is because um this slide these both of them have this little nfeature here that s been selected that is hide background graphics. So if i uncheck this you ll notice if i move this that the draft draft text appears again so let me hit control z to undo so this is a feature that you want nto keep in mind that that may happen the both of these slides have this selected nand.

The reason that it has the selected is that it you want that this layout to look different you don t want it to have the nfooters in the logo. Perhaps so that means that anything nyou put here in the background. Uh will actually be null ninvoided on this slide. So that s just something to keep in mind nfor those slides.

And why your watermark may not appear another thing to keep in mind is uh when you re here back in the normal view you can always override your nwatermark by changing the background. The slide background again so for example in this situation. If i format the background nfor this particular slide. I m currently it s set to what i you know what i set on the slide master.

But you can actually just go back to a nsolid fill. And it won t affect the slide master. And it won t effect any of the nother slides in your presentation. And that s just one of the few ways nthat things that you edit in your slide.

Master can affect the nthings in the normal view and uh. If you need troubleshooting help with nhaving your slide numbers appear properly. Even if you ve been using npowerpoint for decades. There are some funky little features that nhappen and commands that are selected that affect how your slide numbers appear check out this video here on how to ntroubleshoot all of your side numbers in powerpoint.

So that was two ways to add a nwatermark or a confidential stamp uh to your powerpoint presentations and if you want to learn more about how nto create custom powerpoint themes and custom powerpoint. Templates check out my playlist here on youtube nwhere. I talk about the exact steps that i take to build a custom npowerpoint template from scratch. If you found this video.

Helpful or if nyou have any questions about what i covered or any questions nabout powerpoint whatsoever please type them into the discussion narea down below and we will answer any questions that you have if you thought this video was helpful please give it a thumbs up down below and subscribe to our youtube nchannel. So you can hear about the latest tips and tricks that we nshare about powerpoint thanks so much for watching this is camille with nuts nand bolts speed training. ” ..


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