How to Add Shadow to Text in GIMP

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“In today s tutorial. We re looking how to add a shadow layer to your your text in gimp. The first thing. We re going to need is some text.

I m going to go up to the text tool just click here and let s write a shadow tutorial next up because i m a perfectionist. I want that centered to the canvas. So we re gonna go to this useful tool. The alignment tool click that once then click the text and you can just hit this one to align to the center horizontally and this one to align.

It vertically now i m going to right click on the layer itself and hit discard text information. That s just gonna make this an image layer like everything else so you can no longer edit the text make sure you ve got the text how you want it before you press..

That now you can see this layer the size of the layer is only as big as this box outlining. The text right now and it comes right up to the sides of that so that s no good we want the layer to be the size of the image. We re going to go up here to press layer and then layer to image size. Now you can see this outline here is all around the whole image.

That s perfect. The next thing. We re going to do right click the text layer again and then hit this button here alpha to selection. What that does is only select pixels.

Where there is some image information there so right now. It s only selected the text and the next thing..

We re going to go up to select hit grow now this is going to grow the selection. It s gonna add a few pixels on the side let s do 10 pixels for this one. Now you can see our selection has grown a little bit next up we need a new layer so we re gonna go layer new layer you can just press okay here that s fine and now we want to fill in this selection with black color. So let s go to the bucket fill tool let s make our color black and just press anywhere in there let s filled it in nicely.

I m just gonna use the rectangular select tool to deselect that so now that s right. But it s on top we need to move that layer down. So you can just click and drag the layer below the text and that s great okay so we have an outline now so makes that look more like a shadow. We re gonna have to move it using the move tool.

So you can just click any of the pixels in your shadow layer and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move that around it looks pretty good like that so you have a slight shadow. There now this is one style of shadow that you might like or you might want something that looks a little bit less bold in which case..

We can go up to filters and blur followed by gaussian blur. If you press that this is gonna blow your shadow. So you can blare it by a set amount of pixels if you look at the shadow. You can see it s getting more and more blurry as i bring this value up.

I think for this one we ll just have a slight blur. So let s do five point five pixels and press. Ok now. It s looking pretty good.

If the shadow is too dark because it s on a separate layer. We can just change the opacity as i move the opacity slider down you can see the shadow gets weaker..

So you can choose the limit of shadow. You want or if you want to turn it off turn the opacity to zero. But as you can see it stands up much more and a little bit of shadow. Let s leave that there are on 88 great.

And that s it that s how you add a shadow layer to your text in gimp just to show you a few other styles of shadow. You can get with this technique. I ve included some images showing different settings you could use for this if you found the video useful please press the like ” ..


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