How to Add Wi-Fi to your Car

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” s going on guys so today. I m going to be talking about how to to add wi fi to your car in my case. I chose to go with mobile hotspot as you can see the pocket wi fi and i have it mounted down. There i ll go into detail in a minute as to why i chose to go with the pocket wi fi.

But before i do so i want to talk a little bit about why you may want to have a full time dedicated mobile hotspot inside of your car now in my case. I have the black view dashcam mounted in my car with front and rear cameras and this camera. I did a full review on it so you can check it out but just to let you guys know it uses wi fi and it allows me to basically. See what the camera sees from anywhere in the world.

As long as there s a wi fi connection in range. So i had a few options on my car unfortunately is not parked close enough to a wi fi connection at my apartment. So basically. I had to come up with a solution for that nowadays a lot of phones have mobile hotspots.

And so it s not a huge deal you know so if you have an extra phone that you re willing to leave inside of your car with the hotspot connected then that would be an option but in my case i didn t want to leave on samsung galaxy s8 inside of my car full time just to use it as a hotspot so going with the mobile hotspot made sense in my case. So other reasons you may want to have a mobile hotspot dedicated to stay inside of your car is if you have a tablet or anything like that if you have kids you say you have two kids in the back of your car or your vehicle and both of them have ipads. Then basically they ll be able to go ahead and connect to the dedicated hotspot and you don t have to worry about them having to use the hotspot built into your phone and run your data up it s easier to be able to manage a mobile hotspot now this device. I did get through sprint and it does have its own plan.

Basically so you can check sprint out see how much it cause. See what s plan you want to go with or you know whatever the case may be determined on your usage. But it s really a simple way to add wi fi to your car now of course..


It s going to cost you re gonna have to pay for the plan. But they re really not that expensive um one thing i like about the pocket wi fi is that it does have an internal battery once it s only at 1. But once it reaches full capacity. And you don t have to have it plugged in it you can use any usb plug to actually charge this device.

But once you do so and the internal batteries charged. Then you can remove it take it with you anywhere that you go so. As you can see the velcro tape allows me to make this an easy device to take out so if you re concerned about security. Then you know you can be it s not hardwired in or anything.

It s not plugged in at all that s removed from the velcro. But i do get the warning. The batteries two percent please connect to a charger. So i m gonna go ahead and reattach it plug it in just for the sake of this video.

So that i don t lose complete power on it alright. So now i have it plugged back in and as you can see it s charging again it is a touchscreen device on the pocket wi fi. So you can turn mobile on or off you have notifications right there which is actually expired at this point. But essentially it gives you flood warnings different things like that these are actually old but tornado warnings it picks up so it has more than just wi fi capabilities you can also track your data usage from here the billing.

Cycle the current. Session you do have the capability to use 50. Gigahertz..


I have it turned off just because the blackvue doesn t recommend using 5 gigahertz wi fi connections and in your settings. Menu. You have different options you can do to adjust the display. The network emergency alerts.

You can put it in sleep mode. Reset. It it does have a lock screen pin. So that if somebody were to break in your car.

If you left it in there they would need to know the pin to be able to access. It system updates you can change the language web ui on or off so the variety of options that the pocket wi fi has is why i chose to go with it specifically there are cheaper options out there like i said that you can just plug in with a usb. Okay so now let s go ahead and take a look at how i have this connected. So the power magic pro is also something that i talked about in the black view.

Dashcam video. Essentially what this device does is just ensure that your battery. Doesn t get drained. It monitors voltage or you can set it to stay powered for a set amount of time so it kind of acts.

Some in between whatever device you re powering and the battery. And that s important to note. Because it does tie into how i actually have my mobile..


Hotspot connected. Okay. So basically the way that i have this running is you see. The usb cable plugged into the device.

Here i have it running around coming out here. And i actually used a cord that you can pick one of these up for pretty much any electronics store. But it s basically a usb to 12 volt adapter i plugged it in there and then that s going to allow me to tap into the power magic pro. So i went ahead and unplugged.

It just so you can get a better idea. But this is part of the power magic pro and essentially the black view dashcam is meant to plug directly into there. And that s how it feeds its power. So basically what i needed to do was figure out a way to split it okay so using this splitter here as you can see i have the cam are plugged into one of the outlets and the other one is where i plug the pocket wi fi into so let s just go.

Ahead and plug that back in here all right so basically we have both of them plugged into the outlet and then we just take this and then we re going to plug that back into the power magic pro. All right so once that s connected you can see that this started charging up. And you ll probably hear my camera start activating momentarily. But you can see the lights are on already all right so now let me go ahead and tuck.

All these wires away. And we ll wrap this video up all right so we have all that straightened back up and we have the pocket wi fi connected again and as you can see it is charging with the car off the power magic pro right now is monitoring. The battery voltage to make sure that the battery is not going to get drained..


And my dash cam is still on all of this happening with the power to the car completely off as you can see so i don t have to worry about my battery being drained. I have the pocket wi fi here to ensure full time wi fi capability inside of my car and i have the black view dashcam that s the front camera. The rear camera is right up there and so. If you re running this type of setup with this dash cam.

Then you may want to go with connection. The way that i did. It now. I do have to give credit to my friend.

Terrence for helping me figure out the best way to make this happen using the power magic pro because with the pocket wi fi. Although it does have an internal battery it doesn t last forever now if you want one of these and you re not particular about you know you don t have the black view. Dashcam and you don t really have a need to keep it connected full time. Then you can simply use the usb cable or get one of those little adapters like i showed you to make the 12 volt outlet.

Usb capable so anyways hopefully this helps you guys out. If you do have a dashcam or any other device or just were interested in a mobile hotspot and the benefits as to why you may want to go with one so thanks for watching thank you for your support and see you next time ” ..

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