How to Backup & Restore Bookmarks in Firefox

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“How s it. Going this is a cd in here from rocky mediacom. In today today s tutorial. I ll be showing you how to backup your bookmarks and restore easily in firefox.

We ll come back as we have seen last time how to create a bookmark toolbar and how to save your bookmarks to come back to them later in today s video. We ll show you another trick. Which is on how to backup and restore this bookmark or all your bookmarks in general so first of all you need to head on to the bars in here click on them next click on bookmarks great head on to the button and select all bookmarks when done now here as you can see we have the different bookmarks that we have save it before what we need to do is to backup them or restore..


We had on to import them back up click on it and select back up here. We have the options to backup directly or you can export bookmarks to html. Which is useful if you are planning to import your bookmarks into another browser. So we will need the html also at the bottom you can import data directly from another browser.

Example you can get from the club. It s firefox. You can import your options bookmarks history passwords metadata from internet explorer or chrome to firefox directly without any other actions or tasks..


We will cancel this we need to backup. So i will select back up well done actually to select where you want to save this file will be a json file on the desktop check. It well done has been created and as you can see it s almost 25. Gigabyte you can just copy.

It and save it into a safe place or into another drive or after formatting your computer. Now we come to restore an old tape storage. Just select restore sometimes here..


We have the firefox browser which saves automatically your bookmarks in order. If any issues appears. Then you have the opportunity or the chance to restore without any problems. So you can select from this one solely select another one so the latest one did for today so mostly every day.

There is a backup. It will select choose file you need to choose file. If you are installing the first fine this browser..


I will not have any saving bookmarks. I will select your bookmark and next you just click on open and the bookmarks will be restored automatically without any efforts and you will restore also your folders and your subcategories. Now with this. We reached the end of our tutorial up unit for the coming ones see you soon thank you for watching if you like this video do consider sharing it click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment below we d love to hear from you and don t forget to subscribe to our channel and the notifications to get the latest tutorials.

But will inspire empower and ” ..

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