How To Block And Unblock Numbers On The iPhone – iPhone Tips

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“Everyone welcome back this is dan from d h. Tv and today. I ve got got a very quick tip for you on how to block annoying. Contacts or callers are calling you on your iphone.

So the first thing you want to do is open up your phone application here and you want to make sure you re on the recent tab. Now you can see i ve got a few calls that have come in over the days and at the top you can see i ve had one calling me over and over from a very random number which i don t know so traditionally we would just ignore these calls. But you can block them and stop those calls from coming through what you want to do is tap the eye beside the caller you then want to scroll all the way down. You can see there s a section here that says block.

This caller now if we tap on that it s going to prompt us and it ll let us know that you will not receive phone calls messages or facetime from people on the block list. So go ahead and tap block and now this contact is blocked. Now there is an unblock this caller feature here and you d be able to unblock a contact. So.

If you had a friend who is just annoying you you could block them. If you re in a meeting. Or something and then unblock them later on just by going into your contact list and unblocking them. But if you have a random number which you thought was random and maybe you didn t know it was actually a doctor s office or something that was trying to call you back the way you would unblock those random numbers is to go into your settings tab.

You would then scroll down to your phone section. Here and then you ve got your blocked list..

Now this will be your section. Where you can unblock any contacts or any numbers you ve blocked in the past. And how you unblock them is pretty simple you just basically swipe across and tap unblock. And it ll automatically unblock that number so that s pretty much how you block and unblock contacts with the iphone.

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