How to build self discipline

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” s not a sprint and it s not even a marathon. It s more like like an ultra marathon and you do it every day laughter. This is a requested. I was asked all i have been asked several times was for some reason to talk about self discipline.

And i m going to try to give you three steps towards gaining self discipline to become a self disciplined person and the first one is actually more more it s more of a condition for self discipline. And it s self confidence. I think that you need to have some self confidence in order to become self discipline to become a disciplined person. I can t tell you how to become self confident well i can.

But that is a very wide subject so i won t get into that in this video. Let s just say that you already have some self confidence. Now the next step towards gaining to becoming a self discipline person is to have goals. Sorry.

I had to move the camera because of the backlight out here in the woods. It s not a studio this well..

It is it s the world s largest studio in a way. But the the second step towards becoming a self discipline person is to have goals. If you don t have any goals you don t know where to go and you would be surprised maybe if you maybe not if you realized how many people out. There who don t have any go stay you know they just i don t know how they how they manage how they get up in the morning.

They re just drifting around in a way now the third step in my mind. The third step towards becoming a self disciplined person is to realize that it s not a sprint and it s not even a marathon. It s more like an ultra marathon and you do it every day. You need to accept that you have to in order to reach those goals you must work hard and you can just forget about any idea of talent.

I mean talent is it s very if you have talent wonderful it will help you no question about that the talent alone means nothing you need to get up in the morning and you need to accept the struggle because there you know it s a struggle and it s a struggle every day. It s not going to get easier you need to accept the struggle as part of your life. As an essential part of your life. And that struggle builds character as well by the way.

Which is important now those three steps will make you that a self discipline person that s that s the road that s that s the weight you need to go you can t get around it in my mind. That s you know those three steps and and very often these very i mean..

It s obvious isn t it and it s over overlooked by many people it s not talked about much now. I will add that there are things you can do that will help you for instance. I ll use my cell phone x. As an example here when i was a kid.

I did a lot of cross country skiing. We had a lot more snow back then and we could you know what you did was if you were a little bit ambitious as a child you you went and bought a little notebook and in the notebook. You would write down. You made a log essentially of every kilometer that you had done cross country skiing that season you had to be out almost every weekend cross country skiing to reach that level to reach that number of kilometers that you needed to get a little tiny badge that you could put on a jacket and you had the bronze ones.

Silver ones and the gold ones. So i believe that build character and it made me accept a struggle already as a child when i got older i got into i continued my sports career and i went into competitive powerlifting. Which is also you know it s a struggle and takes a lot of training hundreds no thousands maybe over hours of training. So sports helps a lot and i would say also hiking you know if you some people they collect hilltops or mountains so they will write down in a log when they ve climbed the mountain or climbed up a hill top.

Some people do trails like that very long appalachian trail. So things like that they say it builds character and that s very true..

But it also makes you a disciplined person self disciplined person. It s cool now i think we i would like to add this we we have here in the west. Sadly. We now have a culture where we blame other people so.

If you don t have success. It must be for some reason outside of yourself so we have people they they blame the system they blame the government they blame racism they blame women they blame men they you know and my attitude towards that is that first of all life is not fair the world is not fair. It has never been fair it will never be fair you can t do anything about that the only thing you can do is to realize that it s all about you you need to improve yourself you need to get get up in the morning. It s it s all up to you and so what if it s not fair so what if even if you can prove that what happened something bad happening honest.

It wasn t your fault. So what you still have to get up in the morning. You still have to accept the struggle because there is no alternative. So just wanted to add that myself i find that getting up very early in the morning.

It makes a world of difference to me not p. Not all people are like that but i feel that if you can get up at 4..

Or 5 am and start working. I work from homes and that that makes it easier. But even if you don t work from home you can get up four or five in the morning. You can go running you can go to the to the gym you know when this pandemic thing is over you can do some reading you can do something to improve yourself and build your character so i think it s very healthy.

Very wise to get up very early in the morning not everyone is like that but that s it works for me. There s a lot of wildlife around now i think. It s because we have less cars. Less yeah.

So i m i saw. I walked straight past a roe deer on the way up here. So yeah. It s not all bad is it yeah.

I think that s all have a ” ..

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