How To Burn A Movie File To A DVD

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“Tube tanana show you guys how to burn a movie to a dvd using free free software. And it s hard to get free software. Because usually they don t s either they don t burn good or they re just bad quality okay so this application is pretty it s pretty good and it s free which is mostly important because we want a good application right. But you need two things the first thing you need is the file.

The movie file. Okay. I have transformers. If you have anything else that works that s great second thing.

You will need is a dvd burner. If you don t have a dvd burner you can t burn anything so. Make sure you have a good dvd burner that burns. A cd or dvd okay.

But okay now the second thing you need to download is something called dvd flick and dvd flick is going to be your burning software..

And it s free. Okay you want to go to dvd flick net. I m going to put on the video description and you want to hit the download tap right there okay so scroll down and you ll see download dvd flick okay you want to click on that and and you ll get this pop up you want to click save file. And you just want to wait for the installation once it s done downloading you want to just double click.

It run. It okay you just want to run through the installation and install you you want to hit next. And you want to run dvd. Flick and click finish alright.

So the application will start will come up alright you want to close that okay. Now what you want to do is on the right on the right side. It says add title click. That okay now you want to import your movie.

I have mine so there s transformers right there so make sure..

It has all your video has these formats okay in order to upload these you need all these formats. They only this application. Only accepts these formats nothing else so my videos avi and accepts avi. So click on that just wait for that okay now it s going to tell you how big the file is so 94.

That s not bad alright now what you want to do is you want to click edit title you want to name it so give it a name and that s it so just click accept alright. Now. Here. There s menu settings menu setting is every time you put a dvd inside your dvd player you re going to get a menu.

Saying clay or anything else and they have a few options you can select. I m just gonna select this one so select one and click accept. And oh yeah go back and make sure all these are checked ok. And click accept.

And you re done now go to project settings name your project..

So i m going to name. It. Transformers project. Ok.

Just encoder make sure. This is high. Yes. Ok um.

Go to video and leave that leave that like that to everything you just copy this alright make sure you create an iso image disc label transformers burn project to disk ok make sure you do that alright you want to do that so check that and check that so you want to check tray. When done so that this will come out when the burnings done ok and you want to click accept. And you re ready to go you can your project. Just in case.

If you want to do anything else once you re done you want to click create beauty right there..

And it s going to ask you that just click ok. And it s going to start encoding. So you just gotta wait for that until it finally finishes the dvd. And yeah alright guys so once it s finished.

It s going to look like that. And you your dvd should be ejected already so now all you got to do is just put in your dvd player. And it should start playing thank you guys for watching and please comment rate and subscribe. ” .


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