How to Bypass Protected and DRM iTunes & Any Protected Music Files

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“Everybody you ever had times. When you wanted to play music that you had on on itunes. But you couldn t play it in any other in any other music because of the copyright. That s on the songs well i m going to show you today.

How you can get away with getting these getting this music from itunes and remove the copyright from it so you can listen to it in any any player like foobar2000 or windows or whatever now there s kind of a roundabout way. But it s pretty much the only way you re going to be able to do it. But anyway. Let s get started the first thing you need to do is you need to download audacity.

Now. Audacity is free it s a music music and sound auditing program. So just download that and then what you need to do is i m using windows 7. I m turning windows 10 you can probably figure it out.

But you go to your control panel you go to your sound and under sound. You right click. This area here. Just right click.

It. And do show disabled devices and show disconnected devices alright now go over to recording and down. Here. You will see stereo.

Mix. Take this stereo. Mix and do enable. Alright.

And what you do unable just go back. Here go to audacity start up your audacity and then over here right here..

Where it says. Recording device go down to stereo mix right there alright make sure. This is to coordinates to stereo recording. This i have it on windows w.

Asp. Because it s got the better sound alright. Now make sure this is that forty eight thousand you don t want it any higher than forty eight thousand because players will have issues playing it as fall and if you wanted to burn it to a cd or whatever enlist your car. So your car stereo will have trouble playing anything above that alright after you ve got that done go to if you re using windows.

You ll probably have the realtek audio manager thing go to your stereo mix now that you have it enabled and make sure the default format here is at 16 bit 48. You can do 24 bit. But as i said you re gonna have some issues playing it in in some players. I know that 24 bit at forty eight thousand hertz won t play in my car.

Stereo. Don t touch the volume right here. That s a big a big thing because you re gonna run. You re gonna run into issues where when you hear it when you hear it it s gonna it s gonna kind of amplify.

The sound a little bit so it s going to sound kind of muddy in the background that you know the sounds are gonna sound muddy or it s gonna sound like it s being played on really bad speakers. That can t handle the amount of power that s going to them i ll show you know what i mean. But anyway make sure you don t have any equalizer or anything going because that will come through on your recording make sure the equalizer in itunes isn t on and then also make sure go to your preferences and make sure you have your crossfade off. I put my sound enhancer all the way up and then i put the audio as windows audio session which is the w asp.

Which is right here and then put it the highest duke that it will let you do it. And then you can do it 24 bits alright because this is going to record a 16 bit. But that will make sure that the music coming from itunes is going to be a higher. It s going to be a very high quality.

So that when you re recording you ll get high quality alright so i m gonna show you show you how to do this the easiest way what you want to do is with audacity you want to use instead of using your mouse to like click record and then go over here and hit play use your keyboard shortcut for audacity make sure you have it selected in this press r and it ll start recording and you know have your cursor over the play button on itunes. And so i ll just will do one and i ll show you how to do it how it s done okay right when it gets to one second..

I want to stop your recording. Because otherwise you ll get started getting the next song into your recording. Oh yeah. I was i forgot to say when you start the when you start the play of the song in order to record what you want to do is you want to you want to start it first like this one you want to start it first it s queued up push pause and then take the slider and slide.

It all the way to the beginning to the zero to the zero marks right. There that way you know you re at the beginning of the song and then when it gets yossi right here when it gets down to one second you want to push stop on audacity alright. Now that and now the next thing you do is you go to file you go to export audio. And then you put the name of the song or whatever.

Which this one is down and save as type. I always save everything of mine is flat because it is a lossless codec. If you don t know what the difference between lossless and lossy codecs is mp3 is a lossy codec and flac files are lossless that means that when something when an mp3 is played it cuts the highs and the lows off of this off of the music. Whereas in lossless like flac files.

It will not cut off the highs and lows. So you hear more of the music. You hear more of the sound. And it sounds way better.

But the problem is that and the reason why people use mp3 so often is because the size of a flat file is pretty substantial like this is twenty seven megabytes 427 megabytes for a flat file. And this is this song is like three minutes long i believe yeah three minutes 29 seconds so you come you see if i have i think i have some mp3 somewhere yeah like this i think is an mp3 so deciding the mp3 files five megabytes. So that s five megabytes compared to 27 megabytes for roughly the same size song. But it s well worth it anyway this when to come into format options down here go to level you do.

Eight. Which is the best you know and then bit 16. Bit you know cuz you want it to play in any if you re only gonna play it on your computer. Then you can have it 24 bits or have.

It is or have the hertz as high as you want although having the higher hertz might actually cause distortion alright. Then you save and then it s gonna ask you for the artist name..

This is this is the id3 tagging is what is what this is and this is how the this is how the music players read read the what the song title is and the and the artist and the album is the id3 tags. If you didn t do any of this then it would just save it and it would just have it reduced to be a blank file. And you wouldn t know what it is right title track down album title hide and seek track number is probably i believe go to song info it ll tell you all the song info everything right here alright track is to year is 2012. You can put in the john run everything.

And don t really matter. But anyway don t touch any of this stuff. That s all you need right there. And it s gonna do this that means.

It s creating the file and right there it is right here now you just push play and it ll play on any let s turn it down because i don t want it really loud it ll play on any music player you have that s the vlc player let s open it with foo bar. And there is playing with blue bar. So yeah. That s how it s done you can do with any song make a playlist or whatever if you have trouble with being able to stop it.

Before the song is over and you start getting that you bleed in the other the next song or whatever. Then just make a new playlist of that just that one song make sure you have the shuffle and the repeat off and then when it stops when the song stops it ll stop it it won t try to play any other song and it won t try to pre play the same song. If that s if you have those issues. But anyway.

That s how it s done and i hope you like it oh also when you re done when you re done recording the song or whatever you ll find out if you try to move this if you try to do anything with this it ll lock up audacity and you won t be able to turn it you won t be able to shut it down without restarting your computer. Because it is in the stereo mix because that right now this is inside of the audio car. This is not this is not an audio file. It is inside the audio card itself so if you try to change this you re not going to be able to it s going to lock everything up so do not absolutely do not touch any of this at all don t try to change it don t try to shorten it don t try to add stuff to it don t do anything because this is not an audio file.

It s not taking this from an audio file this is taking it directly from the sound card alright. I can t stress that enough all right also when you re recording don t touch anything up here. You don t have to touch anything you do you only think you have to worry about is what i told you the windows w. Asap.

The stereo mix and the to stand the stereo and make sure. This is that 48..

Thousand do not touch anything else all right because if you touched the stuff. And you messed things up don t complain to me about it all right. And just don t touch anything else all right and then go to file after you ve done the export whatever and do closed it s gonna ask you if you want to save and you don t and you say no cuz you ve already saved it and then it ll come up with a brand new one and then you can just start your next. Song.

You know. And you can do this you know cuz now itunes has where you can pretty much you d you buy into there you buy into their you know their program. Whatever and then you can get all the songs you want for free on your computer. You can download them whatever and you play them on your computer for free you don t even have to pay for any of them you just have to pay that like that yearly or whatever monthly cost of like five bucks.

I think is what it is whatever i can t remember. But anyway. I know it s kind of i know it s kind of you know you re not really supporting the you re not really supporting the artists by doing this you know. But the way i look at it is you know you re saying you to itunes and their drm.

But i actually purchased the cds and stuff you know i haven t purchased this one yet. But i i just this cd and i ve purchased quite a few of the cds. That s usually what i do i purchase the cd and then i ll rip them under my computer and aflac format. And then i have to in order to get into play in itunes.

I have to convert and convert them to m4a format. Anyway so i hope you like like it i will have i suppose i can put a link to audacity in the description or whatever. But you can find it yourself. It s not that hard i mean.

It s free it s a free free program. And it s used a lot so ” ..

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