How To Cancel Sling TV In 2018 #Iamacreator

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“This is young byron. And i wanted to show y all. How to cancel sling sling tv. In a in a tv.

In easy. Steps. Using. Easy steps.

Y. all. Call. Me.

Byron or y. all. Can call..


Me. Young. Byron. Or.

Y. all. Could call. Me.

Barbara. And bitch. Whatever. Y all.

Want to call me. But just go to the sling health center. Then type in how to cancel battery s going low..


So yeah sorry about that cancel and then vs. Don t type that click on how do i cancel service. And it s gonna show you how to cancel ok. It says we hate to see you go.

But if you need to cancel your membership follow the steps below. Ok this is what you do you start by visiting sling tvcom. For a slice account and then you log in using your email address that you sign up for in your secure. Password and that s how you do it right there and once you do that it s just show you and click click vs cancel description link on your account page so y all can see right right over there with this counselor.

Description. So i m gonna show y all game really slowly. Y all go to yo yo go to this link right here. And then we shall go to link out log.

In. But your email address and your password. You know that you use the sign up with and then you click sign in and then you click when you go to that page you click the counselor description link on your account page..


So okay once you get to this page. It s gonna say your descriptions and did you click cancel the descriptions then once you click counselor. Descriptions it will prompt you by a dvr or a device offers stop messes to contain your own canceling your description. See.

And i guess. It will say it would give you that message right there don t counsel yet what else you know it will try to give you offers and then right there to your right you can decide you know if you change your mind you can say keep the disruption. Which if you keep their description after the seven day free trial they re gonna charge your credit card or your debit card and you cannot use that you really cannot use prepaid debit cards on sling tv on sling i think you use paypal not us the bitch can use prepaid debit card you used to be able to scan but you know some reason and then if you want to cancel just click that cancelled to your right right here. And it will let you council and then please let us know the reason.

Why you are leaving. Which you know of course they don t learn no and then you put your reason you know you put your reason. And then you can uh did you change your mind what you do is you uh. How likely are you to return you know you could just you know put whatever you want to put and then what you do is you say if you change your mind about keeping your keeping your service.

Just at the bottom or it says keep my description you could dad are you click continue to continue on the cancellation to confirm the cancellation to visit council canceling your description click confirm my cancellation and i say do it and then your strip chain has been cancelled and this is what it would say it says goodbye for right now hope to see you see you again soon and then it says at the bottom you can read strive anytime. Oh man i don t know why i did that i don t know why the day. I don t know why this..


But yeah you know you get the idea that you can always you know i m saying. If you had any questions hit me up down below you can kind of pause. The video and see you know what i m talking about if you confuse and you no because i had a viewer of mine that watches my sling tv review videos his name is a pan or something like that tae young pie look him up and support them i don t know if he has his channel or not. But if he does in y all.

Looking month being y all could support his channel. But yeah. That s how you cancel it i don t want to be out here too long cuz. I got other videos get other stuff to do so that s your that s how you cancel you know your sling tv in 2018.

I will talk. Y all. Later have good saturday try to be safe this ” ..


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