How to Change a Negative Memory to Positive in Sim PE – Sims 2 Tutorial

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“Guys in this video. I m gonna show you how to turn a negative memory memory that your sim had into a positive or vice versa. If you need to a positive into a negative memory. And this is something that i had to learn how to do recently because.

There was a glitch in my game. Where my sims were getting a negative memory for getting engaged even. Though it should have been positive. I found out after the fact that this was a glitch and there was a mod to fix it so i downloaded the mod.

But now i have to go back and fix one specific memory actually too but in this video. I m just gonna fix one so i m gonna use simpie to do this make sure that you back up your game. Before you start messing around in sin pe..


And if you don t have some pe. I will link to the download page in the description box. So the first thing you need to do is go to tools neighborhood neighborhood browser. And then click on the neighborhood you want to load and click open.

I m gonna open up pleasant view wait for the neighborhood have completely load you ll see this green bar at the bottom filling up and then your resource list will be populated. When it s done over on the side under the resource tree you re gonna click on neighborhood slash memory up here you re gonna double click where it says neighborhood slash memory in the resource list so double click that it s gonna populate down here below click this drop down box right here and choose the family for the sim whose memory you want to change i m gonna change angela pleasant so i m gonna choose the pleasant family i m gonna click on angela and then all of her memories are gonna be populated here so i m gonna scroll around until i find the memory that i m looking for and it s gonna be towards the end because it just had their it is it just happened got engaged to destin broke. So as you can see got engaged to subject. The subject is dustin broke.

It says memory family engagement fear. If i click this little drop down arrow right here. There s a fear and there s a success so..


The success is the positive and the fear is the negative engagement. So i m going to change this to success now that changes it to a positive. But now i want to change the little background of the icon to be green instead of red. This will not do that you re gonna have to go to raw data on raw data zero.

It says zero x. Zero. Zero zero four this means that the memory is going to be red. You need to change the four to a zero for it to be positive.

So zero. X. Zero..


Zero zero. Zero. Is going to be green zero. X.

Is zero zero zero. Four will be red. So change it to whichever one you want and then we re gonna commit put commit right here file and save and then i m gonna exit out of sim pe and i m gonna close this i m gonna exit and then i m gonna load up my game and make sure it worked. I ve loaded my game.

And i m looking at angela pleasance memories this used to be a red negative memory and now it s a green positive memory of her engagement to destin so this method will work for you whether you need to change a memory from negative to positive or positive to negative and that s all there is to it if you enjoyed this video. Please give me a thumbs up subscribe. If you haven t already and hit the notification bell..


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I have a tutorial section. There and please leave a comment and let me know if there are any other tutorials like this you d like to see i appreciate you watching and i ll see you ” ..

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