How to Change/Delete a Google Gmail Profile Pic — UPDATED ON 12-2-19

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“Everyone it s maria here how you doin it is december 2nd. 2019. Only how how many months april may june july august september october november december eight or nine since i said i was i was going to do an update to my previous video on how to revise change your gmail google profile picture. My apologies things are just crazy.

There have been lots of changes obviously between two years ago that i originally posted my video until today of course what gee google disappearing. I did get a rush of videos during that time period. But even since then there s been some changes and so it is a lot easier to update remove delete your gmail google profile picture. And i ll show you that.

But a couple of things up front. And this is just some responses that i had received from other users is that it doesn t work in safari you got to be in google chrome and f5 or refresh after you make your changes if you don t see those changes immediately then log out clear your history log back in if you don t see any changes at that then wait a couple of hours now why in some cases on some people. And it that is the case. I don t know.

But some people said after a couple hours. It did show up the changes that she made so now let me start with the easiest. One first always be logged into one up whatever gmail account if you have multiple doesn t matter because you ll have access to see your other gmail accounts. So be logged into your gmail account.


And this is one way just type in get google archive. So just type that in the first link you see at the top see album archive click on that and then you ll see your options for your accounts. Okay so i m going to go back into my maria s mosaic musings. It s going to show me my profile.

Pictures whatever i have in there and just like my previous video from the archive. You can click on your profile picture and then come up here and hit delete now if you don t click on it from here. The only option that s going to give you is download. And then just the regular settings on that which really does nothing so make sure if you want to delete any of them in this archive.

Area. You have to actually click on it then come back over here. And then the delete comes up ok. So that s the same as the original video.

So that s one option and then also here like i said you can choose whatever accounts you have alright and then i m gonna get back to this manage your account. So that will show you what s already there and you re different you re different albums that you have now here let me go back let me go back. If you just click on that now see there s the camera. No that s another way to do it so you can go in through this way you can go in through this way you know if we click on the camera.


We re at a different screen this way you can select you can upload from your computer. And then it also shows them there now from here you can t you can t choose from your different. Accounts. Ok.

So you can see the same thing. Only on the account that you re in ok at that time whereas the one before if we did album archive. You can actually choose between your different. Accounts.

Ok. So. There s a little camera. There now if we go down to manage your google account now we re getting back into a little bit of the same process that i had in video 1.

So from here you have the camera. So that s going to be the same thing as you had before a little limited is what you can do. But then if you go here to people and sharing and then what others say about me click on that now here on this little pop up screen. You re only going to see that once and so if you cancel out of it at a mistake.


You re gonna have to log out of the screen and come back in now here it does give you a little bit other options. This is the only place that you can go and use do not use your profile pic if you wanted to go back to the generic google initial and here it allows you to upload a new picture if you want it to okay. So this screen only comes up this little pop up screen. Only comes up when you re coming in from shoes.

What others say about me so if you say cancel then you get back over here. Then you see the little camera. And then the little camera takes you back into whatever profile pictures. You already have there.

And so here instead of it having that little pop up window. Where it says no photo. It looks like this and then you can get back to your original logo or excuse. Me initial as your logo.

So i don t know why it does that the little pop up window. It only came up a couple times. Whenever i got into my my privacy s this people in sharing and choose what others see about you now i go back in and that pop up window. Doesn t appear so again it only shows up maybe that one maybe two times that you come in otherwise.


You re gonna have to go back to this little camera and then see what s there alright or you can choose no photo. And again you have the option of going back to your album archive. It ll take you back to this area. Here.

And then you can choose whatever accounts you want and then let me see each one of those will give you the option of managing your google account and seeing what s there alright so i think that covers everything oh one thing. I did want to tell you though going back to you want you might want to look. Where am. I going let me just go back over here okay so and the people in sharing this whole area.

These are like defaulted like sharing and obviously you re gonna have to designate somebody to share stuff with. But it just kind of freaks. Me out that everything is just automatically your sharing everything. And i think it s sharing like a lot of this stuff gets shared to excuse me the cloud.

So anyway you might want to take a look at that alright people again. I think that s everything if you got any questions just shoot me a comment and to all my new subscribers. Thank you very much i ” ..


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